Why you should use a transdermal time-release patch

2018-11-21 06:02

UNTIL the introduction of our new patch, the most common way to supplement with BPC-157 (stable gastric pentadecapeptide) has been via injection or sublingual pills or liquid.

These methods are problematical in that getting the correct daily dosage is difficult, and that BPC-157 is highly unstable in liquid form. Now with our new BPC-157 time-release transdermal patch, both of those issues are non-issues.

The patch delivers the correct daily dosage over the eight-hour time-release function of the patch and our “formula-in-adhesive” patches insure 100% stability.

Here’s where unique patch technology comes in. Having been developed to transport much larger peptides across the skin barrier, the new BPC-157 patches will progressively release your daily dose of BPC-157 into the circulation.

By placing the patch on or next to an injured muscle, tendon, or other damaged tissues, the patches also have a certain tissue-specificity that would otherwise be seen only with injectable peptides.

BPC-157 is small peptide (only 15 amino acids) that occurs naturally in our gastric juice, where its main function seems to be to kickstart and accelerate the renewal and repair of the constantly assaulted lining of our intestinal tract. BPC-157 works by promoting key growth factors and modulating the nitric oxide pathway – it is thus not the simply vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) analogue it is often misrepresented as.

Rather than acting like VEGF it will promote the complex physiological processes that occur during wound healing and tissue regeneration and repair – both inside and outside of the gastrointestinal tract, where VEGF and related growth factors as they are promoted by BPC-157 has been shown to:

* Promote the regeneration of the cells of the intestinal wall (intestinal health)

* Promote and accelerate muscle, tendon and bone healing (sports and other tissue and bone injuries)

* Trigger the repair and replacement of atherosclerotic endothelial cells (cardiovascular health)

* Promote, optimise and accelerate wound healing (skin health and organ damage)

* Prevent and reverse lesions of the intestinal tract, liver, and even brain as they can occur in response to the (ab-)use of certain pain medications.

* Heal (stress-induced) ulcers and fistulas as they are increasingly common due to our stressful (this refers to “stress” as general oxidative stress)

* Serve as a remedy for a plethora of central nervous system disorders that originate in the gut by (a) the local repair of the intestinal lining and (b) direct neuroprotective effects in the brain.

It’s no wonder researchers decided to call this protein “Body Protecting Compound”.

For people with Crohn’s disease, IBS and other intestinal pathologies, for example, BPC-157 could literally be a life-saver – for everyone else a potentially health-promoting health-insurance, which acts on signalling pathways that have been implicated in heart and vascular health and seems to play a role in the aetiology of vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s. BPC-157 has also generated significant attention in the athletic community because of its ability to battle muscular or tendon injuries.

Patch application can be general or site specific:

Depending on where you place the patch you can thus focus on either the systemic or the local effects of BPC-157.

When placed directly on or close to an injury such as a torn hamstring, the injured tissue will benefit particularly from the regenerative capacity of the patch.

If you place the patch on the upper arm, the shoulders or other common areas where the skin is relatively thin and the patch’s full 1mg of BCP-157 will predominantly pass into the bloodstream, BPC-157 will exert its organ-protective, pro-regenerative effects throughout the body. Being dosed at 1mg/patch our new BPC-157 patch already contains a significantly higher amount of the potent tissue regenerator than you’d need to initiate the repair processes.

In that, it is important to note that the unique time-release technology allows the BPC-157 level in your blood and tissue to remain stable over a 24-hour period thus reducing the risk of side effects due to acute overdosing while optimising all the physiological processes that critically depend on VEGF and related growth factors; from general organ and vascular health to muscle recovery and bone, tendon and ligament healing. In other words, with our patch you will get the benefits of injectable BPC-157 without the hassle of having to inject it – all by applying a single small patch to your skin.

This patch is awesome for men and women at any age. If you have not already placed an order, give it a try. The patch is available at Duzi Advanced Cosmetic Laser Clinic.


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