Smile awhile instead of shedding tears

2018-11-01 06:01

Dear Madam,

Recent deaths of a few activists have been commemorated for their achievement of freedom.

Freedom can be equated with safety, protection and the adherence to laws. Lately, our freedom of movement has been restricted. No safety is guaranteed.

Rapes are on the increase, attacks on teachers, destruction of universities, looting, increased road deaths, cash heists (and now even heists within the bank) and kidnapping (once a capital crime).

I recall performing police duty during early 90s — boring, driving around for hours and doing nothing. In one incident, unable to notify the Control Room of Protection Services of a taxi driver’s dangerous and reckless driving, I contacted the police.

Within 15 minutes, when I encountered the vehicle again, I parked my vehicle across his at a garage exit, preventing him from leaving. When I informed the taxi driver that I was contacting the police he grinned, from ear to ear, with amusement.

No police vehicle bothered to respond. Consequently, I sent an SMS, notifying Telkom that 039 682 5555, the Protection Service Control was not functioning. The reply? “Invalid number.”

A Telkom employee on Faults informed me that the number did not exist. A traffic officer explained that probably Protection Services had not paid their telephone account and had been disconnected. Also bankrupt?

Ramsgate owners are compelled to pay a monthly levy, imposed on their rates, to support the policing forum. A rates employee told me that every owner received a registered letter. No one in our building received such a “mystery” letter and neither did any friend residing in the suburb.

Why must pensioners, subsisting on paltry, static pensions, with nothing of value in their homes, contribute to the affluent, to protect the latter’s wealth! The rich can afford to employ the services of a private security company.

Another ploy is to provide both the wealthy and poor pensioners with the same rebate. This increased tax depletes one’s food affordability and consequently, one’s health.

Recently a senior citizen was invoiced for rates of a property he does not own!

How safe is money invested in the bank? According to a financier, the bank cannot guarantee the return of one’s money. Is stuffing it under a mattress safer? — provided one is not a victim of a house-break.

During a house-break, the perpetrator was bitten by the dog. The magistrate claimed that the dog was “doing its work”; yet the head of a household is prohibited the use a fire-arm to protect his family and is charged with attempted murder!

When a house-breaker fell through a loft, he sued the owner for injuries!

After an intruder was arrested in a house for breaking and entering, the house-breaker claimed he was taking short cut to reach another road.

When the driver of a dog unit vehicle was surrounded by an attacking mob, he ordered me to release his dog. The dog promptly bit and dispersed the rowdy crowd. During the court case of injury, lodged against the dog by the attackers, both the dog and I were required to testify in court!


Dr L.J. Peltz


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