Don’t ignore your emotional health

2018-11-07 06:01

MANY people place more emphasis on their physical health but neglect their inner emotional state and well being.

Research has shown that over 80% of physical illnesses have an emotional root cause.

We need to be proactive in taking care of our health on all levels before we are overwhelmed by a vicious cycle of illnesses.

We can get to the core of our health issues simply through working on the emotional problems linked to it. We can certainly break free from this vicious cycle by understanding our emotions and empowering ourselves with positive tools to diffuse strong emotions like anger, rage, fear, betrayal and hatred.

Freedom from such emotions is the portal to good vital health and well being.

Educate yourself about the science behind your emotions and how they impact negatively on your mind and body.

Peptides are released in the brain when an emotion is felt. At the peak of the emotion, if the emotion is suppressed, you turn your back on it or sweep it under the carpet. These peptides find their way into the bloodstream where they encounter open cell receptors and literally shut the cell receptor down (like a key into a lock) rendering that cell receptor incapable of communicating with the rest of the body.

The cell receptor cannot take in any proteins to remain a healthy cell.

The body then instinctively reprograms itself, putting a protective mechanism in place to protect us from feeling that emotion again, hence unhealthy behaviour starts forming (new preferred neurological pathways).

The consciousness then gets passed on from one cell generation to the next and stays with us, affecting us subconsciously, until we die or until we are lucky enough to get access to it in order to release and clear it from its source.

If one can gain access to these cell memories that are stored in the body, the cell receptor then stays open and the body can go back to its natural state.

This natural type of cellular healing allows for new neurological pathways to be built, which frees the old consciousness. The mind and body can then heal and progress healthily.

Farah Manjoo assists women and children in releasing negative emotions naturally through the techniques of the Journey and Brain Gym. She also empowers her clients with self help tools in their sessions, to maintain a calm state of mind and inner well being.

Visit the Journey and Brain Gym website to find out more details on the benefits of these phenomenal therapies. Book your personalised session with Farah at the nearest BARAAQA branch.






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