10 die in accident

2012-09-02 12:43

Port Elizabeth - Ten people were killed and 17 others injured when a taxi overturned in Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape.

Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) spokesperson Ashref Ismael said on Sunday that a Toyota Quantum was travelling from Stutterheim to King William's Town when the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled.

"It then collided with a Toyota Avanza which was travelling in the opposite direction. The Avanza then collided with a VW minibus," he said. The accident occurred 3km from Stutterheim at around 19:00 on Saturday.

Ismail said 10 people died in the collision and 17 were injured. Of the 17, nine were critically injured and eight sustained minor injuries. Five of the injured were later released from hospital.

The RTMC was investigating a case of culpable homicide.

  • anton.vonvielig - 2012-09-02 13:29

    When will the government start regulating the taxi industry? Thousands of people are killed by this industry, but not a whisper from them, but few miners are shot by cops defending themselves and the world is in a uproar. Is it maybe that the ANC cannot score cheap political points with the taxi industry?

      Barefoot - 2012-09-02 13:56

      not making excuses or anything just that Taxis are demonised you'd think they are the only one's causing accidents, but from my observation working medical field i think more people are injured and killed in private cars than taxis- i think taxis are reported because when an accident happens more deaths are involved. which one would you report 1 person dying in an overturned sedan or 10 in a taxi? wondering how many cars were involved in accidents yesterday alone.

      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-09-02 14:37

      Barefoot, are you dumb and blind?

      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-09-02 14:39

      ANC know they will lose votes, so can not do or say anything against this evil non-taxpaying industry. Mines are seen as white which of course is rubbish!

      anton.vonvielig - 2012-09-02 15:18

      Barefoot, I am comparing the taxi industry with the mining industry. One person dies in a mine and all hel break loose, but thousands die in the taxi industry yet nothing happens! Double standards on its best

      Barefoot - 2012-09-02 19:27

      @koos.meyer neither, i hate wasting my breath on people who just hurl insults without much constructive inputs so my response to you ends here.\r\n@anton unfortunately that's how our government operates they only think in terms of votes not caring about the population at large- the standard of taxis could really be improved if the government cared. i was just commenting on where the most number of casualties might come from it's not like i did a definite study/research.

  • Michael Kleber - 2012-09-02 13:55

    that is 27 people in a taxi ? must have been a bus or seriously overloaded

      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-09-02 14:41

      27 is normal, cops don't give a F. Here in Durban most Metro Cops own taxi's, hence zero law-enforcement in Durban for taxi's.

  • samgaf - 2012-09-02 14:25

    Still have not read of anyone dying from nicotine

  • hudayfah.newman - 2012-09-02 14:36

    With the fuel prices rising,more people are forced to use public transport. this is the result then. You are pushed to your death.

  • sharron.forsyth - 2012-09-02 16:09

    How many of the unfortunate dead and injured were in said taxi?

  • arthur.marks.754 - 2012-09-02 18:49

    I would estimate there were sixteen in the taxi, seven in the Avanza which is also used as a taxi and probably four family members in the VW mini bus.

  • adolph.joemat - 2012-09-02 20:48

    Hope that the road accident fund will cover the injured and respective bereaved family members.

  • tony.vanniekerk.35 - 2012-09-02 22:07

    ANCYL, COSATU, please march on these deaths as well, or is there no political benefit from that?

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