100s invade land in Eastern Cape - report

2011-11-01 22:48

Johannesburg - Hundreds of people have invaded land belonging to the Uniting Reformed Church outside Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, SABC news reported on Tuesday.

Church representatives said the invaders formed a committee which had divided the 57ha of land and were selling it for R7 000 per site, the broadcaster said.

The church has already applied for an eviction order which was served on some of the invaders last Friday.

Some people still remained on the land by Tuesday, erecting buildings on the plots.

A member of the invaders' committee, Jonas Ntsabile, claimed right to the land dating back 150 years.

He disputed selling the land, saying the community was taking back what was taken from them years ago by the Dutch Reformed Church and white farmers.

"It was taken by force and grabbed by missionaries. People have taken the decision to go back and occupy their forefathers' land as beneficiaries.

"There is no selling of land whatsoever."

On Monday, another group of people invaded private land in Hilton outside Pietermaritzburg, claiming it belonged to ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

One of the leaders was allegedly selling off plots, claiming he was entitled to do so because "the land belonged to the Zulu people".

The KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg has since interdicted the respondent, Philani Bha Ndlovu, or anyone acting for him, from entering the property until finalisation of the matter on November 21.

  • John - 2011-11-01 23:13

    The Lump of Lard's legacy to SA ....chaos, stupidity and dumb as mud followers. Come land invaders, Mr. Glock is waiting!

      Thandiwe - 2011-11-02 03:37

      These illegal acts will be the final nail in Malema's coffin. He will be out of ANC and in prison.

      Dmitri - 2011-11-02 05:32

      Mr S. Sauer is a very good friend of mine :)

      Sinjoku - 2011-11-02 07:20

      Seriously 150 years ago claim..... I bet their fore fathers sold the land if it truely was theirs for a few shiney things. Either way this beyond the means of rational thinking and the Laws of South Africa. This is becomming a big problem. Isolated incident no longer 2 differnet happenings back 2 back.

      Merven - 2011-11-02 07:21

      I don't know Thandiwe, I get the idea the ANC fight with Malema in public and congratulate him behind closed doors.

      Christo - 2011-11-02 08:16

      @Sganja everyone wishes that. He is a useless waste of skin that's causing more racial problems than fixing it. He should not be allowed to speak on behalf of any "democratic" party...

      jody.beggs - 2011-11-02 08:53

      @Sganja are you really an idiot or are you still just practicing ?

      Bonokwakhe - 2011-11-02 11:54

      These are the results of that stupid march. Real Leaders are always careful about their utterances. J Malema, you are such a disgrace, I will only be happy when they shut his big mouth permanently.

      eric.vanvuuren - 2011-11-02 13:04

      Malema jy is a redte poephol!!! en nou is jy bang om te K.@.K

      SNG62 - 2011-11-02 13:12

      ... Mr Glock & his two friends, Messrs Smith & Wesson. :)

      Thandiwe - 2011-11-02 14:52

      @Sganja. I hate anyone who promotes chaos and wants to encourage economic policies that promote poverty.

      Bob - 2011-11-02 15:15

      Thandiwe, it is intelligent black people like yourself, the coloured, Indian and the white population that will oust this corrupt government, if not at the next election then the following one, only then will we ALL prosper under the DA, if we don't then we will vote in another political party until they do get it right.

      Robert - 2011-11-02 21:40

      Invade my ass. We are not Zim. Time will come where international investors whom our gov creep ass with to raise the interim budget will withdraw and our reliant gov will sway. Zim was differant what did they have to offer copper and now maybe diamonds. Still land locked. Dot underestimate the western influence with China my China

  • miyo27 - 2011-11-01 23:15

    just like in zim. I knew it would happen

      richard.hipkin - 2011-11-02 12:29

      @Kolobehaha, who killed who idiot? This land was paid for by the church.. Besides it wasn't theirs in the first place, how did they obtain the land 150 years ago? Hmmmm?

      Moi1980 - 2011-11-02 12:33

      @Kolobehaha - it's only rightfully yours if you have the necessary paperwork to prove it

      Nitesh - 2011-11-02 13:06

      @ kolobodoos, u mean the same way u stole it from the koi-san...dream on u mampara, 1st go and study ur history properly....then talk

      SNG62 - 2011-11-02 13:19

      But unlike what happened in Zim, there are enough gatvol Mlungus here to hit back, hard.

  • Marion - 2011-11-01 23:26

    Well, if it is starting to happen perhaps it is time that those of us who are going to be affected either directly or indirectly because of who we are should band together and have some marches of our own and have a united front as we protest against land invasions / nationalisation instead of waiting like sitting ducks for the slaughter. Marches would focus the world's attention on the fact that people do indeed feel threatened by certain elements in SA. When it takes hold properly it could be too late. Just a thought.

      Phil - 2011-11-02 00:56

      Marion , "the world" did nothing about the terrible situation in Zim ...and will do nothing to help you in SA when the Paw-Paw hits the fan. You need to take your future into your OWN hands. Do whatever you can regardless of cost to ensure that you either get out now .......or you are able to get out when the inevitable happens. Good luck.

      Vishay - 2011-11-02 05:58

      let me know when we can march ... i will be at the fore front

      alan.erwin1 - 2011-11-02 08:25

      Well said - All tax payers (sorry mostly white) should stop paying their tax and within just a few months the country will be on its knees. All we hear is we want - we demand - it all belongs to us. Just take a good look at their townships which looks like a dump - soon to be the whole of SA

      Mpho - 2011-11-02 15:00

      As much as land grabs are not the way to go,it's important to acknowledge the inequality of the minority owning the majority of land in our country. And if we ourselves & no one is going come up with a constructive solution to address the issue, we should not be surprised when people resort to extreme measures. I do no support land grabs but I symphathise with the impoverished people in our country... no matter what colour they are. I would support a march that strives to find a solution not one that wants to support the status quo.

      Bob - 2011-11-02 15:49

      Mpho, unfortunately that is the way of just about every country in the world, the minority own the majority of the wealth and land, the problem is not a shortage of land the problem is getting a truly strong opposition party, one that can have a chance to rule this country and stop the corruption and waste, if they don't then at least they will be voted out until we do have a decent government that can get this country and it's people back on track.

  • Warren - 2011-11-01 23:28

    Shouldn't be too long before a R1 000 000 000.00 note won't buy a newspaper

      Robert - 2011-11-02 21:48

      no no no R1 for US$ 1000000000000. Thats the mentality. Everything for free. Did you not realise this through AFRICA the LAST KINGDOMS. That is what is owed to us blacks. Did you nit realise we were surpressed and has no way of progressive thinking and development and we still maintain that with "a" grade compatency. WE know what we do when we sit and think while you waiting to be served. We are the the smartest race in the world because we gat a lot of time to think. Tea breaks is to rest our complex cultural brains - how are our rual folk hearding the cows, chickens and goats - It is a tough job.

  • Chris - 2011-11-01 23:46

    The thin edge of the wedge!

      Alva - 2011-11-03 21:35

      Fueled by poo-stirrer JM himself. This is going to bite him in the ass! Bring on the day!

  • Mantsho - 2011-11-01 23:57

    It has already began,some black people in SA are becoming crazy everyday.

      Merven - 2011-11-02 07:23

      Chikukwa, stealing is not the same as empowering, but you ANCYL idiots probably won't know the difference.

      phillip.havenga - 2011-11-02 07:26

      Chikukwa we'll see how empowered South African are when the economy collapses and people are starving.

      Deon - 2011-11-02 08:43

      Affirmative shopping is still theft. We should start building more jails.

      Robert - 2011-11-02 21:51

      Oppertunity - Not Stupid ignorant

  • Atholl - 2011-11-02 00:24

    150 years ago there was no 'apartheid' The Constitution makes provision for 'land issues' to be corrected from 19 June 1913 ... so this is also unconstitutional. There is certainly a [hidden force] that has planned, co-ordinated and executed the 'Master Plan' ... The Master('s) plan includes: ... remove (unfit) adv. Vusi Pikoli ... scrap scorpions .... use the (legitimate) 'courts' to execute (illegitimate) procedures to: ..... elevate, advocate and advertise chaos and unconventional bills ...... spawn the Bill of Rights with hate speech ....... with the ultimate objective to: scrap the constitution and replace it with one that is more 'popular'. The only problem is that the useful beneficiaries (puppets) won't realize that they are [only useful until the're not needed anymore] ... by that time the 'Masters' would be in complete control .... ... race, religion, ethnicity and gender is the deviant means to: ....... Power ... Control ... and Money ....

      werner.smidt - 2011-11-02 09:10

      Indeed. Race is an awesome political tool. . .

  • Phil - 2011-11-02 00:51

    Get ready for more and more of this until the courts find it unstoppable. The constitution is only as good as the will to uphold it. The sad facts of the matter are that the masses WILL invade the land ...ALA Zimbabwe.

      Gail - 2011-11-02 16:16

      You may be right Phil, however when they have no food because of climate change never mind no clue of how to produce enough for the starving people who are all around them they will become the next targets. Its kind of like when there are too many wildebeests and they migrate and the weak follow the predators take out the weakest first and then the strongest next. The survivors will have to turn around and run North because Africa ends at the Indian and Atlantic Ocean and the oceans are all fished out too. This is the true Realty Show of survivor where there isn't a million bucks at the end and it is happening all over the world. Keep this in perspective. SA is not the only place this is happening and the winners will have to outwit, outlast and outplay the remnants and the elements.

  • Ronald - 2011-11-02 00:58

    Amazing that the first thing they do is to start selling off pieces of their "legacy". It is a micro example of what the government is doing on a larger scale. Take something that is not yet yours and sell it to make a quick buck with no thought of the future.

      Atholl - 2011-11-02 01:39

      The Master's theory - is equivalent to the 'nothing to lose' mentality which is : Take something of material value that has been built up by someone else, and of which you have no claim to .. Then infiltrate, by subversion, another man's belongings, ownership .... Cause chaos within the the other's system with unconventional but co-ordinated tirades ... until ... His belongings are tarnished and devalued .... at which point he either hands over his possessions or you seize control, manage, produce and sell for your own profit from his capital. The Masters never get their hands dirty and try not to descend into the battlefield, they need carefully positioned "USEful's" to do the dirty work. The "USEful's" cannot be convinced otherwise - they have nothing to lose and the Masters will (secretly) protect them when danger lurks. The initial reasons for the chaos keep shifting .... by the time the 'target' has developed a means to defend the initial reasons, fresh reasons would have evolved . Who knows?, maybe in a short while, land or business will be seized because: 'i've worked in this business for x-years, now i can claim all the shares ?' ... nothing to lose .... that's what's advertised and headlined ... 'Philani Bha Ndlovu, interdicted until finalisation of the matter on November 21' ---- who's paying for the 'defence ?' who will represent Philani ? and at what cost? to be 'represented' and accompanied by a 'march' ??

      AndreC27 - 2011-11-02 10:15

      Yes Ronald - this is just as bad as they claim the "whites" to be when we bought the land from their fore fathers. They alledge that our fore fathers were criminals but now they do exactly the same!! Now someone who is not event remotely the owner of the land, benefits financially from this land.

  • Aggrey - 2011-11-02 01:15

    The invaders must not only occupy their Land. They must demand payment from the DRC for unlawfull use of their ancestors land by erecting a Church.No sane Court can interdict these souls and be respected. We need to help these poor citizens to bring in Zim war Vets for prompt action to settle the dispute.

      Ian - 2011-11-02 06:48

      bring them retard, we are waiting

      John - 2011-11-02 07:19

      The natives are getting restless .......

      phillip.havenga - 2011-11-02 07:31

      Aggrey your level of stupidity is astounding! No sane court would let these thieving twats carry on. People like YOU are the reason this country will collapse and then what will you do?

      John - 2011-11-02 07:33

      Aggrey - November 2, 2011 at 01:15 Nogal Zim war vets? Does this mean you are admitting to the fact that SA "war vets" are still a bunch of useless cretins to lazy to tie their own shoelaces? Typical of you lot to always sit and stir for someone else to do the work for you! What a chop!!!

      channing.froom - 2011-11-02 09:50

      remember that south africa has ALOT of well trained, educated, white old school military veterans. if a war come we already know where the weapons are, we have the ability to reach a higher level of training and organisation than you will ever with your ZIM friends. South Africa is not ZIM !! the out come will be completely different. the ground will be stained with blood for generations if this doesnt stop now. us whites might be forced to leave our area, but we will gather in another.... when we gather we will be the most dangerous force on earth. the UN will not come to help the whites, they will have to come help the black and save them from the whites. when u tease the devil he unleashes hell. we dont want war but remember we are more than prepared.

      Zebedi - 2011-11-02 10:43

      The natives are revolting.

      Chris - 2011-11-02 13:25

      I hope civil war breaks out in this country so we can get rid of f@%king pr!cks such as yourself Aggrey! I cannot wait for that day to come! I am ready, and have been preparing for it for quite some time now... Hahahahaha!

  • grant.hide - 2011-11-02 01:48


  • Juan - 2011-11-02 02:23

    What these idiots don't understand is that if they feel that they have a legitimate claim to land, there are legal processes to follow through the Land Claims court etc. Julius and his followers will very soon discover that they are not above the law. Viva our constitution, viva rule of law! Viva sanity!

  • bernard.ingram - 2011-11-02 02:42

    Zim II

      werner.smidt - 2011-11-02 13:10

      Yep . . and you know how sequels suck.

  • Wally - 2011-11-02 04:10

    Ppl, the whole story is not told. Limited space and info I presume. In Mthatha, this thug has appointed himself as a headman-cum-leader. He did the same in 2005. Even back then the church had to obtain an Interdict to stop this nonsense. Worst is, the church had to secure a 2nd Interdict against THE POLICE to enforce the first! Now he does the same. Their is a denial of land being sold, but the proof is there that the plots were SOLD @ R7000-00 a piece IN CASH - NO-NO NOT A BANK ACCOUNT! - and policemen were in on the deal buying land and staking their plots. We are not referring to people without land or property, they want to stay on the outskirts of Mthatha, build nice houses, have free water and electricity without having to pay a cent towards these services. The white community of SA are made out to be thieves, but the country is being robbed of valuable resources continuously by ppl who are not entitled to these so-called free services. Ppl have land given them by the Headmen in these areas, then they work in the cities or major towns and don't want to pay rent in formal structures/perhaps initially unable to afford and end up in a squatter camp. Even when they can afford, they continue to stay there. One just have to look at some ppl's lifestyles to see this, and then watch the migration over weekends, see the vehicles, the clothes, the splurge of money. I do not envy, it is good to see, but plz don't be blinded or presume we're all blind and ignorant.

      Atholl - 2011-11-02 11:09

      There is a crime called 'contempt of court' If this process is in contravention of an existing court interdict then the 'ringleaders' should be prosecuted for contempt of court.

  • michel.pieterse - 2011-11-02 04:23

    I guess my concern more than anything at this instant is the fact that Malema does in actuality have very loyal and dedicated factions and what’s more they are obedient to him. One has only to glance at Zim and recognize that the likelihood for such pandemonium is very very real, I don’t want to advocate terror of any sorts, but I actually think this is the time to evaluate up all possible options. We know we will have no assistance from the current government should this situation escalate over time, I also don’t think anything will happen in the very near future, but the reality is that there is very poor uneducated people out there that is looking for a leader, a liberator and they see that in Malema, they listen and they follow. Even if Malema is convicted and with a bit of wishful thinking imprisoned, we should not under any circumstance think that he will lose his influence with his current supporters. I love my country and have several businesses and interest here, but I am sorry to say that I think my kids deserves better, I ponder.

      Fran - 2011-11-02 10:52

      @michel.pieterse I have to agree with you. We are farmers and our livelihoods are tied up in land and equipment, take that away and we leave with the clothes on our backs, if we are lucky. It's all too disturbing and I feel like I've heard this all before, and I have, in stories from other African countries. Ppl, never forget where we are, and that is in Africa. You think the rest of the world will be there for us? Only the paid mercenaries. We are the evil ppl who introduced the word Apartheid to the world...they think we are getting our just desserts, they won't come. The UN? They are wonderful at commemorating a genocide after it has happened, think Rwanda. I am surrounded by such wonderful people here, our staff are lovely people who have helped us time and time again and gone the extra mile when we have called on them. They are not impressed with Malema, but then again they are employed and have food to feed their families, not like the masses who would come to take our land. My kids are still small but are already living with fear, they need a childhood. I pray that they will never have to see what so many children in this country have already seen.

      Tony - 2011-11-02 11:46

      you are wise, i have returned from Australia recently and can tell you that it is an excellent option, decent governance from properly qualified people and everything works. this government is supine and ignorant and so are the people that follow, there will be no economy soon and only a handful of hiearchy that will have the money and dare i say it .... many starving people.

  • Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-02 04:44

    @Thandiwe I doubt having Malema in prison will change much, because people and leaders are now thinking that there is opportunity to score free land. Thanks to Malema he has no put the idea into the minds of South Africans. Trust some nutter to show up and carry his legacy.

  • Wally - 2011-11-02 05:03

    Again the Chrch had to obtain no less than two orders - one against the illegal occupation and the other against the police as according to the Cluster Commander the police cannot do anything!! How am I to secure my property when the law ays I must take immediate steps to have the illegal occupants removed, I may not use force, and the Police shruggs their shoulders and find excuses? If somebody tresspasses on my property he/she is committing a crime and the police are bound to act. The PIE and ESTA Acts are different in its application. We are talking immediate action upon tresspassing!There were incidents of intimidation, outright threats and damage to property in that at least one lock was deliberately cut to continue the allocation and influx of ppl - with no shortage of money must I add. Steps to stop this lunicy were met with aggrssion. This has nothing to do with a land claim. The history and the way the church was allocated this land is documented - like it or not. We do not hv 2 fight each other as is propagated. Get the facts straight, especially u Aggrey, read it properly, read what constitutional authors and sociologists alike hv said for yrs about land restitution. Plz get informed and stop running after or spreading this false doctrine to encourage ppl to act illegally.

  • Fred - 2011-11-02 05:45

    They are stealing land used for the glory of god. I am going to be interested to see what god does about it. Seems the church members know he will do nothing so they are applying for an eviction order.

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2011-11-02 05:49

    This "culture" has been taught by the leaders of the current regime. It is going to be very difficult to reverse this mindset of entitlement with such weak self serving leaders the ANC currently has. The behaviour od people is still exactly the way it was during apartheid, they still protest violently and destructively - only change is now they also do anything they want with impunity. Anarchy is quickly taking grip in our country, it proves that weak people cannot govern.

  • Ian - 2011-11-02 06:20

    and what are these uneducated clowns going to do with the land besides squat and crap on it, when fat jelli tots followers still dont have a pot to piss in will they march again, now if these morons went to the legal owners of the land and requested help. eg teach us how to farm, different story but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we would rather bak ballas in die son die hele dag

  • robert.krumm - 2011-11-02 07:13

    I think given the results of Mr Malema's march, we must all now admit one very important fact. When you incite people, it is not the historical meaning of the words you sing, it is not the academic meaning of what you are saying. It is the meaning that your supporters have taken from your incitement and that you knowingly propagated. I write this from Rwanda, a place where such incitement was also once propagated with such flimsy excuses by the leadership of the country.

      Marion - 2011-11-02 09:03

      ... and we all know about the genocide that happened in Rwanda. Approximately 800 000 people murdered! SA is at level 6 on Genocide Watch. Level 7 is full scale genocide.

  • Malcolm - 2011-11-02 07:14

    I dont understand why there is such a huge push for blacks to own land. Here in Natal, specifically Inanda area, there are millions of hectares of land, and a relatively sparce population. The people who occupy the land, do absolutely nothing with it. They may grow a few mielies,perhaps enough to last them a month of the year. The land is fertile,yet they do little with it. If it was my land, I would cultivate as much of it as possible, and profit from the land. What is the point of owning all this land if you are only going to look at it.

      jomardl - 2011-11-02 07:33

      It's just another political tool to mobilize the the masses into helpinp politicians enrich themselves. Those peasants in Zim are worse off than they were and they don't own the invaded land. It belongs to Zanu PF and its cronies. All over Africa, people who have little to lose seem prone to hand absolute power over to ruthless leaders and call it liberation. As soon as they attain any kind of personal success, in business or education, and want to exercise their new found "freedom", they realize that they are living in a prison. Then they leave their basket case banana republic behind and go live and work somewhere where democracy and human rights are enforced. Zim lost most of its black professionals years ago and Zanu doesn't mind one bit because the educated voted for the opposition. Anyway, who needs doctors and engineers? When Mugabe needs medical treatment he just flies to Singapore and when he needs something built, he simply trades mineral rights or land for services with China. Liberation indeed.

  • Gareth - 2011-11-02 07:20

    It just shows you put a idiot in charge and this is what you get.

  • rhys.vetner - 2011-11-02 07:21

    And people will still continue to go one with their lives , as if it never happened...

  • swavka - 2011-11-02 07:28

    Nothing like good old Malema to incite the people - first it was "kill the boer" and now he is promoting land invasion. But remember his words were taken out of context and misunderstood once again. He really is a rabble rouser and warmonger. He really needs to shut his big fat mouth. He knows that the poor disadvantaged take his words literally, and then he sits back and watches. Clever tactics, but could lead to big trouble.

  • david.roets - 2011-11-02 07:42

    Zim, here we come!

  • Sharon - 2011-11-02 08:06

    Just a way of the ANC to do what they want by using an idiot. This is not going to stop. Its only the beginning. It started the same in Zim and every other African country.

  • Neil - 2011-11-02 08:24

    Stop going on about the ANC and Malema cos there isnt anything you can do about it now. The whites and smart blacks need to get together and come up with a solution to getting rid of the plague that is poisoning SA. I cant understand how all the whites are not doing anything about this !!! For gods sake get off your asses and do something ! If Malema can do it so can everyone else !

      Marion - 2011-11-02 09:11

      Amen to that. Even if we organise non-partisan multi racial protest marches (or even just human chains where we don't have to go further than our own streets/places of work) how many whites will actually join in?

  • werrettcolby - 2011-11-02 08:30

    I have Mr Beretta stay at my house..

      Mike - 2011-11-02 12:28

      I have Mr Rossi...

      Phil - 2011-11-03 12:11

      Well good luck Werret I just hope to gosh you never have need to use it in your home.

  • Helen - 2011-11-02 10:12

    Sganga you again been SMOKING too much GANGA?It's just a saying(final nail in his coffin)but many black & white do wish it was a reality.I for one would not even bother with a coffin wrap him in news paper before you bury him,

  • modgomo - 2011-11-02 10:32

    You can only delay this. Invasion is not the way,but something has to be done. Just remember it's driven by the masses. The massess here does mean you guys seating in the offices and front of computers. The mass is the majority - those guys out there who are probably not educated enough to seat in front of a computer! Once they are in numbers - you will not stop them!Watch the space!

      Phil - 2011-11-03 12:01

      Modgomo , I am a white oke and I hate the picture that you are painting. However there is no point killing the messenger.....what you are saying is 100% CORRECT. Right and wrong have nothing to do with it ....the masses and those who manipulate them (like Malema) are in the driving seat. What is wrong in the heads of the people who give modgomos honest post the thumbs down? Are you just putting your head up your rear end and refusing to see reality?

      Oneant - 2011-11-03 21:21

      seems you have forgotten what whites are capable of modgomo.

  • Jacqui - 2011-11-02 11:00

    I marched for democracy in this country. Tell me where to start and I will march again for democracy in this country, because what we have now is a far cry from what we had in mind.

      Phil - 2011-11-03 12:05

      March all you like you silly thing ........the forces that are shaping current day SA will not be countered by a few palefaces "marching" I don't think you have an idea what you are up against.

  • Clive - 2011-11-02 11:55

    Arrest all who enrich themselfs as it is fraud, some poor person buying land is getting conned if SAP have the balls to do there job.

  • glnel - 2011-11-02 13:33

    Zimbabwe no2, get ready to loose more.

  • errolsnr.oake - 2011-11-02 15:00

    Hello Zimbabwe number 2.

  • Cindy - 2011-11-02 15:18

    Wasnt it Malema, when defending his singing of "Kill the...." who said that words would not lead to people committing illegal acts like murder? Words are way mightier than swords and these land invasions are as a result of your rhetoric! June 18 2011 Malema at ANCYL Conference: "The alternative from the youth league is that we take the land without paying. That is what we are proposing," he said.

  • e.jordaa - 2011-11-02 15:39

    I wonder whether to laugh or cry.

  • Samantha - 2011-11-03 10:19

    what i don't understand is why they think that all land that is owned by the farmers or church or whoever belongs to them, if the owner has PAID for the land surely its not stolen from the blacks, do all the land in South Africa belong to the blacks? if thats the case then what about all our homes that we are paying for? -

  • Nikki Bodenstein - 2011-11-03 16:48

    These people are beyond retarded. What would the British or Dutch say if I just waltzed into their country wanting to claim my land that was once occupied by my ancestors? Wtf! It's history! You taking that land now is theft you lazy self righteous morons!

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