100s of vehicles removed from the roads

2012-04-06 14:32

Johannesburg - Authorities have taken 250 unsafe public passenger vehicles off the road so far, as holiday traffic volumes peak on major routes around the country, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Friday.

"Two hundred and fifty public passenger transport vehicles have been discontinued over the last 70 hours," said RTMC spokesperson Ashref Ismail.

"Some vehicles are extremely defective, especially as regards steering, brakes and tyres," he said.

In some areas, vehicles were seriously overloaded, he said.

The busiest roads on Friday were: The N1 north through Pretoria, Polokwane and Beitbridge, the N3 south toward Durban, the N4 from Pretoria to Nelspruit and Komatipoort and the N1 from Mangaung to the Western Cape.

Serious accidents

The Beaufort West/Aberdeen route was also carrying much heavier traffic than expected.

With 1 400 vehicles an hour passing through Kranskop toll plaza on the N1 toward Limpopo and Zimbabwe, and over 1 300 an hour on the N3 to Durban by 11:00, Ismail urged motorists to be extremely cautious, particularly when overtaking.

Ismail thanked motorists who were observing road safety and said it was a "very small number" who were just pushing forward "no matter what".

Two serious accidents had been reported so far in Polokwane, one involving a bus, in which 27 people were injured.

Spokesperson Joshua Kwapa said the touring bus was on its way to Zimbabwe when the accident happened.

"The bus driver had fallen asleep and the bus hit the cement barrier and overturned. There were no fatalities and injured people were treated on the scene."

Kwapa said over 7 000 cars entered Limpopo through the Kranzkop Plaza toll gate from 00:00 to 06:00 on Friday.

"People are impatient because of the congestion and try to make up for lost time, but we ask people to exercise patience and change their behaviour on the road," said Kwapa.

"Everything is under control. Road traffic management is doing very well and traffic officers are busy," said Tebatso Mabitsela, spokesperson for the Limpopo government.

Mabitsela said the province's executive committee (Exco) sent a message of appreciation to tourists who chose Limpopo as their holiday destination, as it boosted their economy.

"Members of religious formations such as the Zion Christian Church and others embarking on their respective pilgrimages to Limpopo have been wished safe and blessed journeys," he said.

  • Jacque - 2012-04-06 14:56

    these checks should be done everyday, not just on selected holidays ... pathetic and corrupt traffic department, they are beyound useless.

  • vmeiring1 - 2012-04-06 15:11

    Shame, howcome suddenly they only realise it now. It's been like this since 94 when all law and order collapsed for them comrades.

      Judith - 2012-04-06 17:02

      It's been like this forever

      Stormkaap - 2012-04-06 18:14

      Meiring you are a 'sood' unroadworthy vehicles since '94 only.. You must have been born in 94. Idiote never cease to amaze

  • Cassandra Olivier - 2012-04-06 16:10

    I hope some of those vehicles removed where taxis

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-06 17:01

      Only some?

  • BobM6389 - 2012-04-06 16:15

    Jacque you are so right. The fact that they were able to remove 250 vehicles in that timeframe is from my point of view an indictment that they are not doing a good job. If we had law enforcement in SA holiday periods should be like any other day of the year. Law enforcement officials in SA think that if the work 5% of the time they are doing a good job. Let’s have the same effort 365 days of a year then we will maybe have less death of our roads and a motoring public that is more law abiding.

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-06 17:02

      You took the words right from my mouth Bob ... :-)

  • Judith - 2012-04-06 17:02

    Hundreds? If it was 500 I might swallow the headline but 250 is hardly hundreds and I agree with Jacques. Was behind a really dirty SUV today spewing oil

  • Graham - 2012-04-06 17:08

    Lets use the public transport , when the ETOLL GOES UP .... OOOOPPPPPS THEY HAVE ALL BEEN IMPOUNDED

  • scnzama - 2012-04-06 17:14

    im happy to see that so far no major fatalaties have been clearly shows that god is with us during these holidays and traffic police are working hard. Siyabonga.nkulunkulu.

  • Brent - 2012-04-06 18:03

    Yes, drivers must be patient, but what I can't understand is why, when waiting an hour and a half in a queue at a toll plaza on the N1 north of Pretoria there are no traffic officers to stop taxis using the yellow lines to get to the front of the queue and and then when you eventually get to the front, three of the toll windows are closed. Both the traffic departments and SANRAL really do need to get their act together on the N1 North to Polokwane route.

  • lavida.locca - 2012-04-06 18:43


  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-06 19:32

    propaganda at its best

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-06 19:33

    sbu who

      luytster - 2012-04-06 22:45

      Sbu who when he was minister of transport in KZN and was filmed by a motorist in his blue light brigade doing 180 on the freeway threw the whole justice system behind his effort to prosecute said motorist for using a mobile phone whilst driving to film other motorists speeding and not being in proper control of his own vechile. S'tru Bru.

  • Buti - 2012-04-06 19:43

    How many drivers trying to bribe them do they reject their money?

  • Abdul - 2012-04-09 16:28

    Well done....these mobile coffins are a menace. Also take a look at the website fatalmoves dot com

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