12 protesters held for school arson

2012-07-14 18:15

Johannesburg - Eight women and four men were arrested for allegedly setting classrooms on fire and damaging 15 computers during service delivery protests in Bona-Bona, North West police said on Saturday.

Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said the 12 people faced charges of arson, public violence and malicious damage to property.

They allegedly placed two gas cylinders in two separate class rooms on Wednesday.

"They opened them and set the classrooms alight... the staff room caught fire from the two classes and 15 computers which were in the room were badly burnt," said Ngubane.

They also set alight three water tanks.

The residents were protesting over poor service deliver in the area.

The 12 were expected to appear in the Ganyesa Magistrate's Court on Monday.

  • Nicorien Le Roux - 2012-07-14 18:27

    Can anyone explain to me why people would do something like this?

      Lacrimose - 2012-07-14 19:37

      Not even they can explain it themselves. They'll get a fine and be released

      samgaf - 2012-07-14 19:50

      Some ^&***) just wanna remain illeterate and stupid,so let them be

      neil.vanheerden.39 - 2012-07-15 14:07

      Well Well, wish you morons would rather go and burn the parliament buildings to the ground. Leave the schools, hopefully we can get an educated president next time round.

      thato.loeto.3 - 2012-07-15 22:07

      I was there and I saw the state of District gravel roads in those areas- even a Toyota brakkie could not withstand them and the front suspension broke down to a standstill. After many-many years of false promises on proper tar roads/ maintenance of gravel roads, improved basic health care and access to clean household water the communities have went beyond frustration and their anger was fuled more when they learnt allegations that the national government had issued budget for roads and health care services a ages ago and not a single stoke of improvement on those areas of services- and after many-many meetings with municipality and submitting 10s of memorandums there is no clear indication as to when the services they were promised will be delivered. Now the community wants to get attention of government and RSA to share in their frustration and hopefully& possibly someone will come to their rescue. Burning schools and barricading roads seems to be the only method of getting attention from government- they need these services to be able to live well and contribute to the economy of RSA- what purpose is your business if your customers and suppliers cannot get proper access to your facilities or you to them- those people rely mainly on subsistence farming and they cannot sell their stock and produce at reasonable prices as no one wants’ to do gravel with their vehicle. Government should stop incompetent cardre deployment, corruption and making false promises

      thato.loeto.3 - 2012-07-15 22:32

      and just to put it right News24- there was a peaceful protest for services after communities were promised a response on their memorandum of December 2011, the police were called in by the community policing forum and SAPS told protestors, who were waiting for a government representative to arrive, to disperse in 5 minutes; the protestors refused and only a few went home. Police began shooting rubber bullets and arrested people who have began to move away from the crowd as they were easier to catch since they were not in a crowd- this included a woman carrying a baby. The police left with the 12 people they had arrested and no government representative came to address them- that is when the community became angry barricading roads and a school was burnt down. The 12 people arrested had nothing to do with the burnt school as they were in police cells when the school was burnt*

      Pter Young - 2013-10-18 21:38

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  • michael.i.wright - 2012-07-14 18:28

    Because when you feel that you require more services, it is appropriate to destroy what you already have. Watch this space to see the complaint that the local school is inadequate.

  • Themba - 2012-07-14 18:45

    The ANC issued a call to make SA ungovernable during the late 80s and early 90s. This meant destroying everything as people did not feel any sense of ownership. The government was white. However, when the ANC took over, they failed to instil a sense of ownership amongst the people. due to lack of or poor education, the culture of destruction during service delivery protests persists even today, which is a shame.

      Klaus - 2012-07-14 19:00

      Must be third , forth, fifth or whatever force ( educated by communists )

      tobydt - 2012-07-14 20:02

      themba - Yeah, you nailed it.

      rob.baggaley - 2012-07-15 09:46

      It's like some destructive instinctive force just kicks in. No thought, just mob mentality taking over and the satisfaction of destroying property takes hold. No wonder they have never amounted to much as far as contributing to earths progress goes, by way of creativity !

  • Zahir - 2012-07-14 18:52

    And next week they will be protesting that they have no schools Stupid as there problems have increased

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-07-14 19:28

    These are the same ppl who vote ANC...

      Themba - 2012-07-14 19:31

      Yes. There's a lot of work for the opposition.

  • Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-07-14 19:32

    Selfish bastards! Where do think those children must go to school. Don't they realize there's nothing more important than getting an education

      Lacrimose - 2012-07-14 20:50

      Apparently classrooms and computers are not good enough. It's the scorched earth mentality all over again; if we don't have jobs or houses, children do not deserve classrooms or computers.

  • Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-07-14 19:39

    isnt this exactly what happened during apartheid? Burn the books break the school down and blame the whites because they have No education. this all stems from the useless ANC not making sure they have their books on time! Thats right, keep voting ANC - skrew yourself for another 20 years!

  • jo.vankatwijk - 2012-07-14 19:45

    I wonder what the children of those 12 people have to say about it, if they have any.

  • samgaf - 2012-07-14 19:49

    Real cool guys,burn more schools,you got my support,who needs education when we really need cheap illeterate labour!

      Lacrimose - 2012-07-14 21:07

      Um have you noticed the unemployment figures lately? There's no work for cheap, illiterate labour and there will be even less as the world moves on whilst we write policies

  • nicolaas.baker - 2012-07-14 20:54

    @Nicorien, easy, they never paid for anything and once you get stuff for free, you do not appreciate it. These stupids thinks, it was they are heroes when they set schools etc on fire, but they are so stupid to realise that they are a disgrace to the community because at the end of the day it is their own children that suffer. Afterwards you must hear the complains that schools are only build in white and colored areas and that they are discriminated against. The real question is, how stupid can adults be by burning down places like schools that is put there for them to at least get an education that will help them excel in life. I guess there we want for free mentality overule any logical thinking. Now the poor kids must go sit under the trees again, in this cold and wet winter!

  • keith.ngobeni - 2012-07-14 20:55

    Viva ANC viva, the same people who burnt the school come 2014 they'll be voting the ANC to frustrate them again, little knowledge can be very dangerous, I wonder what south Africa would be like in 10yrs time if the ANC is still in power, democratic alliance you're the only shining light in the darkness please save our country because my parents are too old to be economic refugees in other countries.

  • johann.vanryneveld - 2012-07-14 21:08

    No stupidly just dum fn people that's got no idea how to word protest thats the fn problem in our country people don't know how to speak lost the ability ,been indoctrinated by other dumb f that can't speak either ,justmake you sick when dumb mtf can't string two sentences twogether poor arsholes.

      themba.thwala.98 - 2012-07-15 09:06

      I'm sick of those morons who burnt the school. I get sicker when I consider that they'll fall for the lies of the ANC all over again and vote in the same way that they've been doing only to burn public property again when they discover the lies. I'm sickest though when a foul~mouthed uncouth person who can't even punctuate comes swearing at others for their inability to speak a language that is not theirs. How many sentences can you string together in any black language when you cannot even string a sentence properly in your own? Pathetic!

  • marakalla.sarah1 - 2012-07-14 22:09

    Bagaetsho tlogelang go senya.i andastnd yr anger bt dat's too bad jaanong didiriswa dat u've jst damage laare baithuti ba dire jang foo?hw a dey going 2learn n where?plse thnk of ada means of solving da prblm .\vandalising property\ does nt solve anything

  • theo.joubert.37 - 2012-08-01 07:27

    Once again schools gets burned to the ground because of a lack in service delivery. As if the education system is not already in total shambles. Did these same people that burned down the classrooms not have a vote in the previous elections? They knew that if they voted the same people they will get the same bad service as before, or did they think that things will be different. What we need in SA is propper voter education. These people should be told that they they are responsable for voting the people into power. And once they voted someone into power they have to live with the consequinces. Instead of distroying property vote compatent people in to power. I am also of the opinion that if a person is found guilty of an offence where he/she/they damaged property they should get a centance where they have to pay for the damage they caused, or comunity service where they have to rebuild the property they distroyed. Ma be then they will think twice before doing the same again.

  • Dorcas Wish Dlamini - 2013-10-18 20:28

    no wonder people from other countries come and occupy the highest position in our country's biggest companies...........resorting to burning our only source of education is not the solution

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