15 die in Rustenburg crash

2013-06-30 19:35

Johannesburg - Fifteen people were killed when a bakkie and bus collided on the R510 on Sunday, the North West public safety department said.

Department spokesperson Simon Mmope said paramedics confirmed that 10 men, two women and three children, aged between 8  and 12 were killed in the crash, which occurred between Northem and Rustenburg.

"According to traffic authorities the bakkie was overtaking when it collided head on with a bus. All people in the bakkie died on the scene," said Mmope.

A number of the bus passengers were injured. They were transported to a local hospital.

The road linking the North West to Limpopo was closed for several hours after the crash but it had since been re-opened.

  • AfricanWolf - 2013-06-30 19:57


      Dennies Pterrance - 2013-06-30 20:54

      May their soul rest in peace.

      Maartins Siphiso - 2013-07-01 05:37

      Driver bought his licence at a spaza shop, no 15 people are dead. RIP to the innocent.

  • Mario Nsayi - 2013-06-30 20:04

    We need more traffic officer visibility in SA

      Martin Jansen Van Vuuren - 2013-06-30 20:14

      No Mario, we need drivers to adhere to the road traffic rules and regulations!

      YagAvaryu - 2013-06-30 22:05

      Agreed, but we need to pay them enough, to be able to demand higher standards of competence. Otherwise we're throwing money in a hole.

      Conrad Fra - 2013-07-01 05:34

      No, we need much better drivers

  • Frans Mosia - 2013-06-30 20:05

    Silly mistakes waste people lives.RIP to the deceased.

  • Rocky Bell - 2013-06-30 20:06

    ....licenced driver?? ...roadworthy vehicle? ....... substance free?? doubt it!!

  • Odi Ncube - 2013-06-30 20:31

    May their souls RIP n those in hospital speedy recovery!

  • david.dzawara - 2013-06-30 20:34

    Lets stop the road carnage by obying the road rules.

  • Enock Matlwa - 2013-06-30 20:35

    so sad......whts wrong with our roads!!!

      Rocky Bell - 2013-06-30 21:08


      Pietieman Piet - 2013-06-30 21:28

      The drivers!

  • Mcool McKwanazi - 2013-06-30 20:52

    14 families are going to receive bad news just because 1 person failed to obey the rules of the road. This is not an accident but murder. May their souls rest in peace.

  • Samuel Sanga - 2013-06-30 21:05

    Drivers need to be careful with reckless driving, this has been a source of these carnages, traffic authorities are just human being can't look everywhere at the same time are not so much to be blamed on these events!!!

  • Abudie Nkwandah - 2013-06-30 21:18

    all my rest in peaces

  • Charles Kuhn - 2013-06-30 21:21

    So when are we going to have proper driving tests again that cannot be "bought". The people are dying in numbers never thought possible 20 years ago! Many Many people behind the wheel these days are simply incompetent, and their innocent passengers and the other road users pay the price!

  • YagAvaryu - 2013-06-30 22:01

    Terrible! I am always shocked by the children's deaths particularly. Poor kiddies, I hope they never knew what hit them.

  • Mphoentle Mphozian Tau - 2013-07-01 02:47

    May Their Souls Rest In Peace.....May The God Lord Comfort The Families Of The Deceased......This Is Sad One Stupid Thought Claims 14 Innocent Lives *sad*

  • Jan Ramoshaba - 2013-07-01 03:16

    Scriptures says"let your heart not be troubled as I will come and take you so as you be with me.A very tragedic accident may their soul RIP and I wish speedy recovery to the hospitalized GOD have mercy AMEN

  • Patrick Gumunyu - 2013-07-01 03:40

    Another carnage...overloaded bakkie with 15 passengers? - we see this everyday on our roads but traffic officers "pass a blind eye on offenders" N2, N4, N6, N12 and indeed many other SA roads are littered with unroadworthy / overloaded vehicles.

      Maartins Siphiso - 2013-07-01 07:57

      Patrick Gumunyu - The lazy traffic cops would rather sit under a bridge with a speed camera & watch the offenders go by or sit under a tree & solicit bribes from the offenders & let them go than to do their jobs properly. Sad but true - that's how it is in the new south africa.

  • Arthur Salvado - 2013-07-01 07:50

    Sad day and condolences to the families. Sitting on the back of bakkies is a way of life in SA. There must be an alternative but it will be a costly exercise . I see these poor guys sitting on the back of bakkies everyday. Scary

  • Tamlin Van Heerver - 2013-07-01 09:20


  • Chreamz George - 2013-07-01 10:24

    The acts of Yahweh. Exodus 6:19, says God is a “man of war”. 2nd Corintians. 13:11, says He is the God of “love and peace”. Proverbs 16:4 - The LORD hath made all [things] for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil. 136 Bible Contradictions. The bible which is regarded as a MORRAL COMPASS.

  • Oarabile Vovo Rams - 2013-07-01 12:41

    It saddens me to see how people lost their lives due to someone who chose not to obey the rules... May their soul rest in peace.

      Tendai Nzara - 2013-07-01 19:56

      l am so sorry its a lost for the hall world. Most compunies they still using bakkies to trsprt wks ,l think this must stop to rejuice lost of lives

  • Rodger Dunwa - 2013-07-06 17:14

    May their dearest and innocent sauls rest in eternal peace till we meet* this may not be good time for ill talking and witch hunting than to help and console affected families*

  • Mind Chikonyongwa - 2013-07-07 00:11

    zororai murugare vana vamwari

  • Lawrence Tich Mqetu - 2013-07-07 02:06

    R510 is small,gvt must see what they can do to extent this road

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