15 held over Sassa fraud in W Cape

2013-02-02 14:53

Cape Town - Fifteen people were arrested on Saturday morning over fraud involving the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) in the Western Cape, the agency said.

Six money lenders were arrested in George and 320 Sassa cards were found in their possession, spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi said in a statement.

They also had R19 000 cash in their possession.

Nine people were arrested in Oudtshoorn.

A total of 422 Sassa cards, 42 bank cards and 85 ID documents were found in their possession as well as R22 810 in cash.

Letsatsi said they were arrested after it was found that Sassa grants were misused. They contravened laws governing social grants.

"The usage of the Sassa card as a guarantee for a loan, is in contravention of the Social Assistance Act as well as the National Credit Act for money lenders to enter into money lending transactions with social grant beneficiaries."

He said card owners would be traced and be issued with warnings.

"They will all be issued with warning letters stating that they illegally used their Sassa cards to partake in money lending schemes, and that should the card be found in the possession of money lenders or any other third party again, the social grant will be cancelled," said Letsatsi.

Eight people were arrested in December 2012 in George and Uniondale.

  • Khetha Hlophe - 2013-02-02 15:00

    They must be named and shamed.

  • thipe.kholofelo.9 - 2013-02-02 15:04

    thnks keep on arresting those who make corruption and make south africa a better place.

      JamesMWood - 2013-02-02 17:23

      Who would give this a thumbs down? Damn I D 10 T

      tersia.louw.12 - 2013-02-03 08:26

      Agreed, thipe; let's start at the top.

  • mzwandile.dlamanzi - 2013-02-02 15:06

    Mr Editor, did you find the provincee right in your article? Is this not Eastern Cape perhaps, because the last time i checked, things like that only occurs in ANC run province. Just double check your province again..

      phae.rayden - 2013-02-02 15:15

      Own goal mzwandile.dlamanzi! The fact they have been caught shows the system is working. Where did you get the idiotic notion that everyone who lives in the Western Cape is a law abiding citizen? If you think this isn't happening in the rest of SA you are a fool, it's just nobody is bothering to enforce the rules in other provinces.

      abdul.cassiem.9 - 2013-02-02 15:23

      No no MZ thy come from the eastern province

      sbulele.b.mnyaka - 2013-02-02 15:33

      in all the provinces, this sh*t is hapening. Yeah eastern cape is hapening bt this this mzwandile the wrong doerz ar caught in ur province if u realy from that province, id**t

      Bingo - 2013-02-02 16:58

      Arrests like these must continue to happen everywhere in SA. I am sure this practice happens in all provinces. This is a good news story, don't cloud the issue with what I assume is a sarcastic comment

      elvinhenry.coulter - 2013-02-03 13:51

      No they happen all over the country. However, in the Western Cape they get caught and end up in jail, not promoted to a better position in the ANC.

  • john.dough.5836711 - 2013-02-02 15:21

    Cancel the grants immediately...end of story. Why pussyfoot around with warnings?

      nettie.potgieter.5 - 2013-02-02 16:10

      The people lending the money don't know it is wrong it is the loan sharkes that take their cards and ID books and bank cards. People need to be informed . We as educated persons must do our part by telling our workers about these misuse.

  • mantsho.tlali - 2013-02-02 15:31

    Very Good news indeed.

      martin.kaschula - 2013-02-02 16:51

      Agreed , but come to Greatbrak River, it's done all the time at Standard Bank ATM.Seen it personally.

  • John - 2013-02-02 15:39

    Predators feeding on the ignorant and helpless! Hunt the predators! Protect your weak.

  • ianthe.exall - 2013-02-02 15:47

    Why am I not surprised!

  • teboho.thatho - 2013-02-02 16:20

    well done thats a great job to arrest beast who want to distroy other ppl life

  • strikeback.strikeback - 2013-02-02 16:20

    The new age criminal element in all walks of life has no moral values. They would literally steal an old person's walking aid. People should teach children moral values from a tender age as well as respect for senior citizens. Keep in mind that criminals should also not be employed and kept out of our workers pool. Report known criminals to Strikeback at

  • Bingo - 2013-02-02 17:00

    A good news story, but those lending the money and using the card as security must also accept some responsibility

  • wayne.abroue - 2013-02-02 17:21

    JOHN KOOPMAN from Kranshoek,,, Lock up this piece of trash. People get R20 out of their monthly pay.

  • mulis.muli - 2013-02-02 18:07

    arrest poisa

  • ian.robertreid - 2013-02-02 19:25

    We bend our arse's 2make a living~ just lock these M.F,s up 4ever??

  • gail.hayesbean - 2013-02-03 08:10

    I have read this article and while on the surface it may seem like a good news story there is a much deeper and more tragic side to this story. I happen to know that these social grants are barely enough to sustain one person and in many cases this one person is the only person in a whole household of unemployed adults receiving this pittance and is sharing it with unemployed or fatherless infants and assorted family connections. This is why the govt is being urged to assist the millions> of unemployed to start their own business by opposition parties. These moneylenders may well be funding these poor unfortunate pensioners, disabled and unemployed as well as infants using fraudulent means but the people who should really be arrested are the people in government who have their hands in the till and are living the life of Rielly while their own people are starving. The rot starts right at the top so how on earth can we resolve the very real problems of starvation, education, crime etc if those who are stealing the taxpayers money to build places like Nkandla are allowed to carry on stealing with impunity despite the fact that the whole country knows what is going on. These are acts of desperation by desperate people at a desperate time. The ripple effect of enormous wage demands and petrol prices while unacceptable is understandable since we are all consumers. Some of us are just consuming way more than others and wage demands will ultimately starve all but the very rich.

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