16x life for serial child killer

2009-08-18 22:06

Johannesburg - A 45-year-old serial child rapist and murderer was sentenced to multiple life terms by the Modimolle Circuit Court in Limpopo on Tuesday, national police said.

"David Randitsheni was sentenced to 16 life sentences plus 220 years imprisonment for a series of murders, rapes and kidnappings he committed between 2004 and 2008," Director Sally de Beer said.

Randitsheni was convicted on 10 counts of murder, 17 counts of rape, one count of indecent assault and 18 counts of kidnapping.

"There was only one count of rape for an adult female," De Beer said.

He was arrested on May 16 2008 after an intensive police investigation during which over 550 DNA samples were tested before a police forensic expert identified the suspect.

"All 19 victims were kidnapped and raped and 10 were murdered in a crime spree which devastated the community of Modimolle," she said.

Judge Roger Claassen, in handing down the sentence, stipulated that Randitsheni could not be considered for parole for the next 35 years.

By that time, he would be 80-years-old.

The SABC reported that in delivering judgement, Claassen said the crimes were committed in a horrific manner, and as Randitsheni made admissions but chose to remain silent, showed that he had no reasons to prove his innocence.

Claassen said the State had proven beyond a reasonable doubt he committed the offences.