2 boys drown in Johannesburg drain

2012-01-15 23:02

Johannesburg - The bodies of two boys who drowned while swimming in a drainage system were recovered in Lawley, south of Johannesburg on Sunday, Johannesburg emergency services said.

Spokesperson Nana Radebe said the bodies of the 10-year-old boy and another aged between 10 and 14 were pulled out of the drain on Sunday afternoon.

She said four boys had gained access to the Pikitup site without being seen by the security guards.

After they entered the water they realised it was too deep, Radebe said.

Radebe said when two of the boys got out of the drain they saw one of their friends struggling.

They called to the security guards for help, but the two boys had already drowned.

  • nikkiduku - 2012-01-16 09:53

    OMG, what were they doing in a drainage system???

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