2 die in PMB truck accident

2013-12-17 09:18

Johannesburg - Two people died when a truck overturned on the N3 between the Midmar and Tweedie off-ramps in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, on Tuesday, paramedics said.

"The truck veered off road into the centre median and then came back onto the northbound carriageway before overturning," Netcare 911 Chris Botha said.

The truck driver and a passenger died on the scene.

  • Takalan Solomon Dzhombere - 2013-12-17 09:28

    Other accident happened at pongola road by sunday where truck collided with white golf ad driver ad passager of that private car died at the scene#this is too bad 4 december time..........let's inspect our vehicle b4 we depart and drive safe plz.......RIP guys

  • Jeanine Fonseca - 2013-12-17 10:00

    we just managed to clear that route last night. its extremely dangerous how the trucks drive on that road. the slowest overtakes the slowest, some are speeding with heavy loads, its just insane. you have to be so vigilant. one truck veered from extreme left to extreme right... had we all not been alert, there would have been a 5car pile up. PLEASE BE CAREFUL drivers. I wish some of these truck companies can CLOSE over this festive. They turn the roads into HORROR stories!

      Alasdair Morton - 2013-12-17 12:14

      Jeanine, are you for real ??? No trucks delivering over the festive period ? you would the first to b1tch about no fuel, no fresh food etc. Maybe you should learn about other road users including truck drivers, and not blame them for everything. How many car drivers have no understanding of road rules?? The majority of them

  • Carryn Leigh Smith - 2013-12-18 12:33

    I have to be a nitpick - that area is NOT in Pietermaritzburg! It is in Howick. And no, we are not a suburb of PMB, but are our own municipality! I am so sick of hearing Howick being called Pitermaritzburg!

  • Alasdair Morton - 2013-12-18 14:17

    @MC do light vehicle driver like yourself never do anything wrong on the road ? Do you have any understanding of the transport industry? I some how don't think so. Spend a week in a truck with a professional driver and that might change your view, if it's possible for you to drag your head out your b@m for that length of time .What about Jeanine's irrational view of closing the industry over Christmas ?????

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