2 drown during family outing

2012-01-30 12:28

Durban - Two men drowned during a family get-together at North Beach in Durban over the weekend, according to a report on Monday.

It was understood that one of the men got into difficulty while swimming on Sunday morning and his friend swam out to help him, East Coast Radio reported.

The body of one of the men was found a short while later by a surfer.

Police and rescue personnel continued the search and found the second body, Troy Allison of search and rescue reportedly told the station.

"This was a tragic event that ideally could have been avoided," he said.

  • Jan - 2012-01-30 12:48

    SAD.... May their souls rest in peace

      Gareth - 2012-01-30 13:10

      Who the f&*^ would thumbs down that comment...

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-30 13:10

    Condolences to the families of the deceased. We cannot afford to lose many more people on drowning related accidents. Don't go close to water if you cannot swim. You better swim with kids where water is shallow and always put your life jacket on.

  • Martin - 2012-01-30 13:11

    3 deaths in 2 years at North Beach now. What is happening ?

      Gungets - 2012-01-30 17:15

      1. The surf was absolutely on it's head this weekend due to a cyclone in the Moz channel. 2. The pro-lifeguards employed by the council were on duty. The real lifeguards, the volunteers, were at the Central Natal Champs at Battery and Addington. 3. 3 deaths in 2 years. Thats a great stat. I am amazed that we do not lose 20 at a time on Christmas and New Year. But then, the volunteers are on duty those days.

      Gungets - 2012-01-30 17:18

      Of course, if it was at 5:00am (don't know where that info came from) it is quite likely that they were on less of a family outing and more of a bit of a jol and decided to cool off. 5am (if it was), almost 100% chance of alcohol being involved. This weekend the ocean was huge, with a massive shorebreak and a big wash in the channel. All a weak swimmer had to do was slip and they would be gone. Sad.

  • Jacqueline - 2012-01-30 13:33

    Where were the lifeguards? Condolences to the family.

      Michelle - 2012-01-30 15:03

      Jacqueline, according to report in Daily News it was 5:30am so no lifeguards were on duty - two off duty lifeguards tried to recue them.

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