2.4 million travellers cross SA borders

2011-12-25 15:53

Johannesburg - The home affairs department has facilitated the movement of over 2.4 million incoming and outgoing travellers since the beginning of December, it said on Sunday.

The travelling processes covered flights, sea ports and road transportation.

"We are on course to ensure that South Africans and foreign nationals enjoy a smooth, expeditious experience through our ports of entry," Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said. The number of the facilitated movements was recorded on Saturday.

Dlamini-Zuma expressed satisfaction for the improving levels of efficiency in immigration services at OR Tambo International Airport, since the deployment of 350 former SANDF members last week.

The soldiers were trained in immigration operations.

The department said the deployment came within the context of its commitment to re-engineer itself as a security structure while ensuring the efficient delivery of services.

  • Comrade - 2011-12-25 16:03

    If they are by land - "EVERYONE ....PROTECT YOU BELONGINGS"!!!!. If by Air and Sea...WELCOME!!!

      Ian - 2011-12-25 16:12


      ubhejane - 2011-12-25 16:27

      I totally disagree with you! It is the ones flying in that pose the biggest threat. Actually we should just shut our borders completely!!!!!

  • Agusto - 2011-12-25 16:48

    Your women like us to. (black or white) Thank you for the "hospitality"

  • Carla - 2011-12-25 17:59

    And I was one of them

  • Sarah - 2011-12-25 19:02

    If that's true figures given by Home Affairs, than I wonder what's going to happen to the other people who slipped in our country when we were 350 border patrol officials 'short'??...

  • Jarryd - 2011-12-25 21:31

    Isnt that number of people similar to the # during the world cup?

  • Bianca-Anne - 2011-12-26 14:59

    My Family and me visited yesterday a beautiful destination in South Africa. We were surrounding by tourists that had no regard towards their follow tourists, to the employee's of the National Park or to anyone in their path...And even though I support tourism in South Africa I just felt sick in my stomach to see them behaving in such a manner that makes it unpleasant for us, South Africans, to be in our homeland. It was sad. But again there are many others that are friendly and kind and really make up for the rudeness. So when we as South Africa visit oversea's country's we will show them what is true manners and behave respectfull towards everyone.

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