3 appear after Eastern Cape dagga bust

2013-02-14 19:55

Johannesburg - Three men arrested for possession of 30 bags of dagga in Ramatsiliso appeared in the Maluti Magistrate's Court on Thursday, the Eastern Cape police said.

They would be back in court next Thursday for a formal bail application, said Major Ernest Sigobe.

"They were remanded in custody," said Sigobe.

The men, aged 23, 29, and 43, were allegedly found with 30 bags of dagga weighing 1 243kg near a border post on Wednesday.

It had an estimated street value of over R1m.

The men were believed to be on their way to the Western Cape.

  • dan.neville - 2013-02-19 08:55

    Well done on destroying the lively hoods of poor South Africans over a plant - All these men were trying to do was make a living to support their families and now they are criminals. The South African government and police force should be ashamed at the way they are behaving.

  • Michael Hawthorne - 2013-02-19 12:41

    We rely on normal people to supply us with cannabis because there is no alternative. These people who have no alternative income risk their lives for us everyday are seen as criminal are jailed with real criminals without a thought. Cannabis dealers are as much criminals as vegetable and fruit vendors on every other street corner. We are human too.

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