3 arrested with R500 000 worth of perlemoen

2012-04-03 18:27

Cape Town - Three people were arrested in Nyanga, Cape Town, on Tuesday for possession of perlemoen (abalone) with a street value of R500 000, Western Cape police said.

Captain Frederick van Wyk said the three were arrested at 8:30 in White City after police received a tip-off.

He said 2011 shucked perlemoen were found in black refuse bags under the seat of a minibus taxi.

The three would appear in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court, in Cape Town, on Thursday.

It was reported earlier on Tuesday that three men had been arrested near Robben Island, in Cape Town, with perlemoen with a street value of about R45 000.

The Cape Times reported that the men, from Hout Bay, were caught in a stake-out by the police and the fisheries department early on Monday.

They saw a rubber dinghy with its lights off near the island.

As they approached it, the men apparently started dumping bags into the sea.

Police found four perlemoen on the boat and a bag of 42 perlemoen in the water.

Van Wyk told the newspaper the men, aged 20 to 33, were arrested on eight charges, including possession of perlemoen, destroying evidence under the Marine Living Resources Act, and possession of prohibited gear in a listed area.

Their boat was also confiscated. It had no safety and skipper certificates, navigational lights or safety equipment.

  • binarycape - 2012-04-03 20:04

    I want to know where all the confiscated perlemoen goes? I love perlemoen, but you cannot buy it here now, not fresh, not frozen, not in tins - yet the far east dines on it with impunity after it is poached and processed and smuggled out of our country. When poachers are caught with so much of the stuff, when places are raided where it is dried, when container loads of tins are confiscated - what happens to the perlemoen. I really want to know.

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-03 20:30

    Next time sink their boat with the perlemoen, at least the perlemoen can swim to safety to the bottom of the sea where they belong! As for those who can't swim...... oh what the heck, they should have had safety gear etc anyhow..... !! I am certain that if you would give an Asian a placebo they would still getbthe same effect! When will they stop creating a market for all their weird and wonderful pathetic superstitions!? Don't they know of Pfizer??? By the way, very good job you guys are doing in trying to protect our coastline, one of the best in the world! :-)

      mariusa.vanheerden - 2012-04-03 21:13

      Sink their boat, drown the son's of a b.....s Marius van Heerden.

  • Gavin - 2012-04-04 07:21

    Its no use bragging about catching people with perlemoen after they have raped our coast. We want to hear they caught them in the act before killing our heritage. Its like saying the rhino is extinct but weve got 3000kg of horn.....WTF

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