3 die in Johannesburg accident

2013-01-01 16:37

Johannesburg - Three people were killed on Tuesday, when a bakkie they were travelling in rolled numerous times on the M13 in Johannesburg, paramedics said.

ER 24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said the bakkie lost control and rolled numerous times before coming to a halt at 08:30 on Tuesday.

"Emergency personnel arrived on the scene and found the bakkie with the occupants strewn across the road," Banks said.

"Paramedics assessed the patients and found that three people had already succumbed to their injuries and were declared deceased on scene."

Another person sustained very serious and traumatic injuries and had to be airlifted to hospital.

One more person was rushed to hospital with suspected neck and back injuries, multiple cuts and abrasions, he added.

"It is unclear what caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle but the necessary authorities were on the scene and would investigate the accident further," said Banks.

  • melusi.myaluza - 2013-01-01 16:57

    The bakkie lost control and rolled numerous times before coming to a halt at 8:30 on Tuesday.Well it's a holiday and the interns at news 24 are having a field day! Rubbish reporting,RIP to the deceased.

  • Delene Labuschagne - 2013-01-01 16:57

    it looks like the bakkie came 2 a standstill at 8.30,,,how long was it rolling 4!!!! just saying....

  • Yandisa Rwaai - 2013-01-01 17:08

    looks like is the bakkie loving race ... so the less of them the better!!

      makarapakaplan - 2013-01-01 17:47

      What a stupid comment Yandisa, the less of ppl like you the better!! Troll!!

      DaWyqydLyzyrd - 2013-01-02 09:34

      Racism, in any manner, shape or form, is illegal in this country.

  • BulletProof. - 2013-01-01 17:36

    That bakkie might was rolling for few hours before come to a halt at 8.30 , that's why so many people died.

  • mart.botha - 2013-01-01 18:14

    Isn.t it illegal to transport passengers on the back of a bakkie?. If so, Will the driver be charged with murder if he survived? (as with recent cases involving 'MVAs'.

      nardus.jordaan - 2013-01-03 09:11

      How said their were any passangers on the back of the bakkie? Just saying....

  • comurray - 2013-01-01 18:16

    Was this a single or double cab bakkie? 5 people in a single cab is unreal.Quite likely the driver lost control due too much party prior to the new year or a front wheel blow out either of the two there must have been high speed involved as well.

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 18:22

    Yandisa just like the bakkie lovers in rural areas all over this country,be careful what you wish for i have seen it.

  • xolani.sulanimalghas - 2013-01-01 18:53

    I suggest that whoever reports the news on news24 should collect the facts,analyse them,scrutinise them and edit whatever is there to be edited before publishing them.In most instances the news that we read does not make sense,eg the story abt the 40year old who raped his 10year old grandaughter,the calculation there does not add up.and this current bakkie story,it seems as if the bakkie rolled,for example from 6 and came to a halt at 8:30.we want those breaking news but must be correct,accurate and must make sense

  • Desperate.Dan61 - 2013-01-01 19:15

    Where the hell is the M13 News 24??? Give us a clue

      vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2013-01-01 20:23

      i cant find it too...i know one in Durban

      khehle - 2013-01-03 06:45

      There is no M13 in Johannesburg, unless they wanted to say Pretoria or some other Metropolitan I don't know.

  • livin.daylights.3 - 2013-01-03 10:14

    Maybe the bakkie rolled from the night before til it came to stop @ 08h30. Guys in the bakkie was saying #: Picture me Rolling

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