300 cars handed to Gauteng police

2011-01-12 14:12

Johannesburg - Over 300 new cars were handed to Gauteng police on Wednesday by National Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele.

"These cars must be taken care of... these cars belong to the people of South Africa," Cele said at the handing over in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

"You have the resources... South Africa must get smaller for criminals everyday," he said, addressing police officers.

This was the third lot of vehicles to be handed to Gauteng, which Cele said contributed to half of South Africa's crime statistics.

  • Tshifhiwa - 2011-01-12 14:20

    Nice one General.

      Julius - 2011-01-12 15:25

      General ha ha, just another banana republic self promoted politician, qualified to do nothing except yab

      Brewster - 2011-01-12 15:54

      Great! Now there are 300 more cars for more policemen/women to go home with. The working conditions gets better!

  • Monde - 2011-01-12 14:24

    you have got to love General Cele, keep the streets clean sir, use your broom!

  • John Clark - 2011-01-12 14:32

    Now go get "Whinny"!

      SuperCal - 2011-01-12 15:18

      heheheh that was brilliant

  • threezero - 2011-01-12 14:39

    Jolly good show, Comrade General Cele! I must say that Lt. Gen. Petros's new approach, which focuses heavily on visible and sector policing, is making a positive diffenence in Pta East.

      Johann - 2011-01-12 15:03

      So visible that even Ministers (Read: Former presidential wives) can run them over a little easier

  • Ascendo Tuum - 2011-01-12 14:41

    .."smaller for criminals everyday.." Except those criminals, sorry I mean politicians who think the law doesn't apply to their ugly fat asses.

  • IceBlaster - 2011-01-12 14:41

    300 new cars and after finding a crimanal like whinny there bose (like a good anc dog) tells them to apologise.

  • Kevin - 2011-01-12 14:57

    Nice one, now there should be no excuse for them to come out when you have an emergency!

  • Pleb - 2011-01-12 14:59

    Wonder how long it will take before they look 3 years old !

      cancer1983 - 2011-01-12 16:00

      Um... 3 years :-)

      Melly30 - 2011-01-12 16:09

      Give them a week with the car!!! You won't even see what make it is after that!

      Monde - 2011-01-12 16:09

      LOL Cancer, Like RELI now....

  • Jack - 2011-01-12 15:11

    get more helicopters in the air, those fly boys make a massive difference in crime prevention.

  • cantona782 - 2011-01-12 15:12

    If these cars belong to us (South Africans) then surely we can drive them when needed......

      quack - 2011-01-12 15:17

      hope all the drivers were warned against trying to stop Winnie !

  • Gatvolverby - 2011-01-12 15:23

    And What did We see on our Motorcycle Trip in Deneysville, Yes you are right a police pick-up with two police officers in armed en dangerous, busy moving their furniture to one of these officers new house, or the friend on the backs house. Got to love SA, and then you need them urgently and then you get the "ENNGYES Sir but eish the vehcles we do not have now mabe in the next few days the veihcle willl be availble. Eish I am so sorry sir but just let the murderer hold on till we get there do not let him kill you. Eis hooo haa He sir it is so then but now infact espesially because we do not have any vehcle's.

  • alexander.lombard - 2011-01-12 15:35

    Contributes to half the statistics. Crimeteng is what we can call it now.

  • Will99 - 2011-01-12 15:37

    Shoot to thrill!

  • alousav - 2011-01-12 15:39

    They can now taxi more people around for cash.... good one!

  • vandervyver - 2011-01-12 16:01

    Does this mean the SAPS now have more swanky GOLF 6 GTI (R 3450K) to drive their girlfriends around with to shopping malls and spend bribery money they received?

      Monde - 2011-01-12 16:08

      is that what you day-dream about!

      vandervyver - 2011-01-12 16:13

      and buy nothing for the poor wife and Kids at home!! These blacks, you gota love them hey, the mistress must always look fabulous nad attarctive, whilst the mother of the kids, haai she is the wife mos, so what more does she want...

      Monde - 2011-01-13 08:08

      u need to have your head examined. from where do you get these false analogies!

  • Soothsayer - 2011-01-12 16:16

    Applaud you Comrade Bheki Cele and Mzwandile Petros.I have seen a serious improvement on crime prevention in Gauteng.Police vehicles are visible every 5 kilometres. I honestly feel safe than before.Big up for 3oo cars

  • Mart - 2011-01-12 16:47

    The vehicles will last as long and be as effective as the people that use them. Therefore management structures must have systems in place to police usage and possible abuse of these assets. As with most successful companies with 'tool of trade' vehicle fleets, there is a responsibility on the driver to ensure that the asset is cared for. With this responsibility also comes accountability and should a driver be involved in an accident deemed to be their fault or be guilty of abusing the asset, he/she must pay an excess out of their own pockets.

  • Zion - 2011-01-12 17:22

    Well done General Custer Cele, Just make sure they cannot exceed 150km/h in traffic or we would sit with embarrassed parliamentarians.

  • Cejewe - 2011-01-12 17:54

    Only 275 left on last count..

      mpanzame - 2011-01-12 19:56

      Cool, dont have to walk to the shops anymore. In mine the cigarette lighter is missing, but the cab forks off. 0- 11 in 7 seconds and a top speed of 189. Regards Vice General XXXXXX

  • Frank - 2012-02-01 07:44

    As one of the people of South Africa where can i collect my new car?

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