4 arrested for Pretoria cop's murder

2010-11-23 11:27

Pretoria - Four men were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning in connection with the fatal shooting of a police officer earlier this month, police said.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Llifi Ramatlo said five men were alleged to have arrived at the police officer's home in Winterveld, north of Pretoria, last Thursday and demanded to speak to the officer. Before he could stand up he was shot dead and a friend who was visiting was also shot.

Ramatlo said the friend was seriously wounded and is still in hospital recovering from his injuries.

One of the five attackers took the officer's service pistol before all five fled.

Ramatlo said the four men were arrested at various locations in Temba and Winterveld. A firearm was recovered and police are still searching for the fifth man and the service pistol.

The name of the dead police officer has not been released.

The men will appear in court soon.

  • scott - 2010-11-23 11:46

    we need to start somewhere.Killers of police officers should be hanged from a noose.

  • Facts - 2010-11-23 11:48

    Implement the death penalty immediately and broadcast it live on national television. Nothing else will stop them (white, non-white or black).

      Michael - 2010-11-23 14:42

      I agree

  • louis.kriel - 2010-11-23 12:47

    Unfortunately this corrupt guvmunt will misuse the death penalty to kill innocent people.

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 13:28

      THE anc will never. never never EVER use the death penalty! The bottom line is they do want to be seen as killing black people. Irrespective that white criminals would also hang, The African National Corruption does not want to associate itself with the image of an african man hanging as 98% of their voting base are indeed africans and a negative image would be portrayed. I SAY HANG ALL MURDERERS

  • Levy - 2010-11-23 12:56

    This is indeed not gud, why should thugs shoot police officers? Is it related to a docket or they were involved in some sort of dodge deals and the poor police wanted to pull out? Police officer never befriend yourself with thugs in turn they will kill u. A thug is your friend in sight on your absence you are his enemy.

  • Tshifhiwa - 2010-11-23 13:36

    @louis.kriel your Apartheid goverment used to hang innocent black people for no apparent reason, rather come up with solutions than this baseless statement.

      h3fty1 - 2010-11-23 15:52

      Well, OUR (since you referred to it that way) government were at least able to control most situations. Unfortunately lots of innocent people got hanged, and I'm certain that the ones responsible will have to pay for that one day, having us as taxpayers keep these filthy people alive by simply putting them in prison for a few years: THAT is useless! Yes, no human should die by the hand of another one - but jeez, what else could be done? Maybe cut of their hands? Feet? lots of inhumane options available..pick and choose

  • Banned - 2010-11-23 16:12

    The only thing a criminal is afraid of is hard work. Prison is too easy for them as they consider it a form of education. Best thing to do is sentence them to hard labour, make them clean the streets or dig for coal and you'll see how quick they avoid crime with a proper punishment.

      Sizwe - 2010-11-23 21:44

      For once a clear and sober suggestion! Hear hear banned....

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