4 killed in Krugersdorp accident

2013-01-01 13:30

Johannesburg - Four people have been killed after a delivery van collided with a cyclist in Krugersdorp on Tuesday morning, paramedics said.

"It appears that the cyclist was hit by the light delivery vehicle, instantaneously killing the man," said Netcare 911 spokesperson Santi Steinmann.

She said the delivery van then overturned, killing three of its occupants.

Three other people from the van were injured.

One critically injured man was airlifted to hospital.

  • aroka.murombe - 2013-01-01 13:42

    Maybe my math is to ryt does a delivery vehicle carry 6 people if yes hw?

      BADSPIKE - 2013-01-01 15:43

      It was an illegal immigrant delivery vehicle.

  • Sechaba30 - 2013-01-01 13:43

    Lots of dangerous drivers on the roads, thanks to Government. But it looks like our ANC government always have excuses for their failure buy always blaming drinking and driving. People buy these drivers licences from Government employees, they can't drive. - 2013-01-01 13:50

      and the state of some of our roads, more potholes than tar

  • Kombisa - 2013-01-01 13:46

    I am very worried and extremely concerned about this frustrating carnage with absolutely no end on sight. We as citizens of this country need to be ambassadors of our responsibilities than we are currently obsessed with our rights. We need to up the drive for responsibility and accountability than rights. This day to day real statistics is killing me. These are lives we talking about, families are shattered, dreams broken and the list is endless. Even worse there are innocent lives in all this. May their soul rest in peace.

      Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 14:00

      Kombisa your are correct in saying that the time has come to start making some noise unfortunately whining does nothing,action does,the next election is coming and i hope an independant body who can count properly do their job with dignity and respect for us.I often wonder what the percentage ratio of good agains evil people in this country are,i would appreciate some feedback on this.

  • - 2013-01-01 13:50

    Oh man, what kind of speed where they doing! So sad for the families

      george.pito - 2013-01-01 16:22

      Good question the van probably 60 or 80 and the cycle probably 5 or 10 Thats exactly what cyclist must take in mind.

      gwilym.howes - 2013-01-01 20:59

      Oh Please!!!? How the heck do you know that speed was even a factor? Stick to what you know!

  • winellen.nienaber - 2013-01-01 13:55

    WTF? 6 people in a delivery van?? New form of public transport I suspect. And, what speed where they doing? People should wake up and look around them.

  • julian.laing.3 - 2013-01-01 13:56

    The cyclists ride like ass-holes in the cradle,actually that's an understatement!! it's not always about the driver.....never the less it's a sad loss ;(

      Michaelvk - 2013-01-01 14:01

      I'm in awe of your psychic forensic abilities to deduct what happened at the scene without even being there.

      george.pito - 2013-01-01 16:19

      Julian I cannot agree more cyclists are in the same class as taxis. When I see any article about a cyclist I cannot help to think of all the experiences I had with these people. This incident I can only imagine somebody on a cycle doing what they useally do and the driver of the delivery vehicle trying to compensate after hitting the cyclist overturned the vehicle. So many times I thought this can happen when I see cyclists plainly ignorant and arrogant. Sorry for all but my opinion is the delivery truck tried his best and in doing so this all happened. Roads are simply not safe for cyclists and the attitude they have.

      billy.bunter.779 - 2013-01-01 19:06

      George Pito-another f******g clairvoyant. What gives you ***holes the urge to spew forth with your brains in neutral? Unless you have inside info about the accident, SHUT UP!!

      ian.piguet - 2013-01-01 23:21

      So tell us exactly what happened then Julian? You were an eyewitness I take it???

  • lybon1 - 2013-01-01 14:17

    When is dis gonna end.....our roads have killed more people in the last 10 years, than the people killed by united states army in asia.....classic case of self distraction

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-01 14:30

      It will end as soon as your ANC government stops deploying its traffic officer cadres behind bushes to film speeding drivers and issue traffic fines in order to raise funds for the ANC government instead of visibly policing our roads and jailing or revoking the licences of those who violate traffic rules

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 14:36

      I'm at awe....of y ..u nt fond of a party that liberated u......un-grateful shuld be stamped on ur forehead

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-01 14:43

      That party has been hijacked by corrupt idiots and thieves. You see, unlike you, I refuse to be led by corrupt idiots and thieves.

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 15:04

      So ur lead by madam zille nw????......hw long will it tyk u jump out of dat mickey mouse party.....myb u r a born free

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-01 15:17

      lybon1, did your sangoma or tokoloshe tell you which party I vote for?

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 15:20

      After analysing ur so called smart comments..... I made a well educated guess.....

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-01 15:34

      How can you make an educated guess while your head is stuck so far up Zoom-zoom's behind? Please tell me :)

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 15:39

      U wont understand....its too complex for u.......u r cranium is very very very small

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 14:48

    Lybon you are contradicting yourself and actually embarring yourself,not that you care.I suppose you will carry on supporting your competent leaders as you called then in another post but you arnt happy with the carnage on the roads,eish.Do you know when this rot will end,when fools open their eyes.

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 15:00

      Embarring>hahaha......u'll b fine

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 14:59

    Go for him themba!

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 15:12

    I see you picked up on my typing fault i find it strange thats all you are capable of seeing as you must be a clever chap,i made that error on purpose to see what your reaction would be and concluded that you are easy to manipulate but you will be fine,i think!Scrappy nu ya 2 u,hehehe.

      lybon1 - 2013-01-01 15:23

      Is dat all u can i'm impressed.....u shuld work for the FBI

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2013-01-01 15:35

    Maybe i do but you,re sharp,what do you think.

  • scholesmj - 2013-01-01 15:46

    The madness on South African roads continues.

  • rob.tubbs.39 - 2013-01-01 16:50

    Six people in a delivery van - can not be controlled...

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