400 fines after music festival

2011-12-06 08:49

Johannesburg - Over 400 traffic fines were issued during a sixties music festival held at Monare farm outside Mahikeng over the weekend, the North West department of public safety said on Tuesday.

The zero tolerance operation issued 173 speeding fines, the worst offence being a car travelling at 188km per hour in a 120km zone, said spokesperson Lesiba Kgwele in a statement.

Another vehicle was caught driving at 124km per hour in a 60km zone.

Eighty-five people were also arrested for driving without licenses.

"Twenty-two drivers were issued with fines for not wearing their seat belts while 15 were for passenger overload and another 15 for ignoring road traffic signs," Kgwele said.

One VW Polo reported hijacked was recovered and a state vehicle was impounded for suspected abuse.

North West MEC for public safety Desbo Mohono commended the officers of road traffic management and the local municipality for their successes.

“The operation is a precursor of intensified zero tolerance operations motorists can expect across roads in the province throughout the festive season," she said.

  • Shadoz66 - 2011-12-06 08:59

    wow so you drive without your licence these days and you get arrested. Sounds i little harsh.

      aarchaic - 2011-12-06 09:43

      actually no i agree a licence is there to show you are capable to drive the vehicle and many people arent if you are caught with no licence you must prove you have one and get a fine, if not you should be punish in a same way as having an unlicenced firearm.

      IJust - 2011-12-06 10:07

      I'm sorry, but if you left your wallet at home and its in there. All they need to do is contact the traffic department, give your ID number and verify you have a valid licence. If so, fine, if not, arrest. You think they actually did this?

      ErnaJacobs - 2011-12-06 13:02

      @ijust. You get a fine when you dont have your license with you. end of story. It is the law to carry it with you when you are behind the wheel of a car. If caught, you have to go to the municipal offices, show your license and pay a R100 admission of guilt.

      SeeVeeDeeEl - 2011-12-06 13:45

      Arrested and fined are two different things, Erna.

      Shadoz66 - 2011-12-06 14:15

      I hope that each and everyone that gave me a thumbs down one day forget to take your drivers with you. Be it that you help drive a drunk friend home or you just forget your wallet. That you all get thrown in the back of a van and get treated like a criminal cause that is what is happening here. You all act like you so perfect and you will never forget. Get off your high horses and wake the hell up. It is not right to be treated like a criminal for something so stupid.

      Claren - 2011-12-06 14:54

      not harsh at all until he/she kills someone in your family

      justin.schonegevel - 2011-12-06 16:04

      Agreed if the driver is caught with out a licence and can't prove s/he is a valid driver, then arrest him or her. They are risk to all valid drivers and pedestrians. I wish Traffic officers made more stings like these at regular concerts and matches. Ensure you have Driver that is responsible, or phone a cab. call your parents or take public transport.

      Spyker - 2011-12-06 17:16

      All the while, SA sits with the highest murder and rape rate in the world - instead the most ineffective police.., I almost said 'force', but that would be laughable.., ...the most ineffective mamparas on the planet (the SAcan police has been officially measured to be the most ineffective in the world) hunt down soft targets that yield more easy money to feed the biggest crime syndicate in SA, viz the ANC... @justin.schonegevel – what is the purpose of arresting people without a drivers’ licence on them, when 80% of drivers’ licences issued in SA, is done so corruptly. The most worthless “document” on the planet, is a SAcan drivers’ licence – the most incompetent drivers on the planet, all carry a SAcan drivers’ licence on them – what is the purpose, other than easy extortion of money and feeding more corruption...

  • Thabo - 2011-12-06 09:04

    wow, people still go to the sixties parties? lol

  • Steve - 2011-12-06 09:04

    soft targets! a 60's music festival! why not try your local taxi rank?

      TheRealWarrenB - 2011-12-06 09:12

      Because they were all at the party!

      sbonelo - 2011-12-06 09:38

      Good point Steve

      Peter - 2011-12-06 10:15

      @Steve and Sbonelo Good point indeed. However, this is a good thing insofar as the rule of law starts at the basics, and this is exactly where RSA Metro has lost it. No drivers licence at hand, seat belts etc are all a R50 - R100.00 bribe. If law-breaking drivers realise that bribery is over then the general abiding of basic laws will improve. We will all benifit if can get this right. Well done to the Mahikeng team and the NWP. Gauteng could benifit with law enforcement like this.

      Dorothea - 2011-12-06 10:41

      steve, the scariest thing about your comment is that 70 people like it, and only 5 dont. how very south african to drone on about the unlawful taxis. of course they are idiots. no one can dispute this. but how very irresponsible of you and the 70 fools that like your comment to not consider the danger of 85 drunk people on the roads? i find you and your kind absolutely fascinating. as long as there are idiots driving taxis, you and many other 'law abiding' citizens think that you have the right to drive drunk, speed and generally be menaces on the roads. as long as we have the highest rape/murder and crime stats in the world, 'law abiding' citizens think that they can take liberties when they are on the roads, bribe officials and cops etc. steve - please try to remember that you are also responsible for upholding and respecting the laws. stop using taxis and criminals as permission to do as you please.

      M.P. - 2011-12-06 15:57

      Dorothea quickly point out to me where in this article do you see people were arrested for drunk driving?? Am I blind!!

  • Ian - 2011-12-06 09:42

    60's festival, no rap crap there, doubt the local masses would be interested

  • ryanwiblin - 2011-12-06 09:49

    you're telling me, that there was not a single case of driving under the influence of alcohol?

      Adam - 2011-12-06 17:24

      @Ryan: It was a 60's party bro. Its about splif and shrooms, not booze. That stuff slows ur ass right down. How do I know? I got pulled over in the 80's for doing 70 in a 120 zone after a similar kind of jol. Luckily, hiding behind sunglasses, I managed to convince the cop that my Mini could not gooi more than 70 kmph.

  • Vivian - 2011-12-06 09:50

    I think this is great, more of these types of road blocks need to be set up in order to keep our roads safer. Every year especially during the festive season way too many innocent people die on the roads and actions like this from the police will bring those numbers down

  • Jaco - 2011-12-06 09:51

    just working for the xmas bonuses, eish....

      Felix - 2011-12-06 10:12

      100%. Just another way to steal the middle classes money under the guise of making the roads safer. Where is Winnie's fine?

      Dorothea - 2011-12-06 10:47

      why dont you comprehend that this road block could have saved innocent lives? people like you probably have a freak out at people like jub jub, yet you take this moment to be sarcastic and juvenile. imagine if jib jub had been caught in a road block? just imagine.....5 soweto families would be celebrating christmas with their familes instead of sitting in a court room. you guys must decide if you want law enforcement..... or not. you cannot have it both ways. you are such a south african. bitch about crime, bitch about measures taken to obliterate crime.

      satanslord - 2011-12-06 13:01

      @Dorothea,if,if and buts were candy and nuts,we all will be having a wonderful christmas.

      Felix - 2011-12-06 14:45

      Dorothea, I have a problem with different laws for different people. If Jub jub had been stopped the cop would have probably asked for a signature.

  • Tigerorchid - 2011-12-06 10:33

    living in Mahikeng, the 60's party is a nightmare, the riff raff come from all over SA, camp out and get drunk at the shopping centers, this year it was calmer, safer and the road a pleasure to be on, I was stopped at one of the road blocks and the number of people already being fined and arrested at 4pm on a saturday (before the party) was sad. PS its not a 60's music festival, its a major house / rap / Hip hop international dj party for the masses

  • Morokoma - 2011-12-06 12:15

    WTF! The rule of law only happens in December and Easter holidays because officers are angry that they are on duty whilst others are partying. Come January, this won't happen.

  • tumelosl - 2011-12-06 12:22

    Had fun sixties rocked and in any case, all over the world you'll find people behaving like hulligans and worse when they are attending a festival. The best thing is to mitigate it like the police and trafic officers did, simple because you can't stop more than 5000 people with the same mission to paint the town green by having fun, so stop complaining and think this only happens in SA. You guys like to be modest and over judge over people as if we are the worst case in mother earth..

      Dorothea - 2011-12-06 12:28

      there are parties and festivals all over the world. you are correct when you state that this is not unique. however many other nations contains citizens who are responsible enough to arrange for safe transportation and show a basic respect for life. we have the highest road death toll in the world. this is unique. stop being so defensive and consider some realism.

  • Gwen - 2011-12-06 12:45

    @ Dorothea - - where in the report do they mention anything about drunk driving arrests?? @ Steve - agree 100 % (now presently on 112 likes :) :)

  • Warrick - 2011-12-06 14:49

    typical, only time i ever see the police working is at events handing out tickets. im sure they have REAL work to be doing...

  • barry.mcbride - 2011-12-06 15:36

    “the worst offence being a car travelling at 188km per hour in a 120km zone” Wouldn’t the most serious offence be the driver who was caught doing 124 km/h in a 60 km[/h] zone, because that’s like over double the speed limit?

  • justin.schonegevel - 2011-12-06 16:08

    I Think our traffic officers are good, but they lack respect because they rather trap now and then sit in the bush instead of driving along with the traffic, stopping people from BBming, doing makeup, unbuckled children and passangers while driving. If the traffic officer would rather try be at different places everytime and patrol interesections, check cars for number plates and licences etc.. Please be more visable!

  • Blanche - 2011-12-06 16:22

    hectic, WTF is wrong with people.. is it really that hard to not speed like a crazy tik-kop.. especially with all the horrible road deaths

  • Faizie - 2011-12-06 16:45

    Whats the problem here. A dufus is a dufus even after a music festival

  • Enlightened - 2011-12-16 19:25

    Arrested for not having your license on you? Anywhere else in the civilized world you have 24 hours to produce it at a police station. Suppose we're not geared up for that. We are definitely not a civilized country....anymore. Look at murder, rape, fraud in this country. And they arrest you for not having your drivers on you? worse part is they write it in the news and are proud of it?? The speeding is a different issue.

  • jrmaleoskop - 2011-12-16 20:10


  • nikki.bodenstein - 2011-12-17 07:29

    Xmas bonus time

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