5 arrested for robbery in Duduza

2011-12-06 18:48

Johannesburg - Five suspected robbers were arrested in Duduza, east of Johannesburg, on Tuesday after allegedly robbing a private women's club of their savings, police said.

"The five suspects, in their early to middle 30s, pulled off a robbery in Duduza where they targeted a club of women that had been saving monies for the festive season," said Warrant Officer Yakub Rasool.

They had targeted a woman on Tuesday between 11:00 and noon as she got out of a taxi after withdrawing the money.

"The suspects made off with R81 000 in cash - collected by the group of about 35 women throughout the year so they can share the money amongst them," he said.

Shortly afterwards, Duduza police saw the getaway vehicle and gave chase.

"The suspects then crashed when they attempted to enter the Vlakfontein Cemetery. Speedy and precise actions led to the arrest and detention of the five suspects," said Rasool.

Police recovered some of the money and seized two handguns, he said.

Investigations were continuing.

  • Thozi - 2011-12-06 19:22

    No robber killed? Are our police losing it? Two or three should have been filled with lead... now they'll be in the streets again in this feastive seasons, back to their old dirty tricks.

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