5 dead in Gauteng head-on crash

2011-12-16 22:04

Johannesburg - Five people, including a 3-year-old girl, were killed when two cars collided head-on in Heidelberg, Gauteng on Friday evening, paramedics said.

The VW Polo and BMW collided on the R42 to Nigel "at speed", ER24 spokesperson Andre Visser said in a statement.

All three occupants of the Polo - a mother and daughter and a 3-year-old girl - were killed.

A married couple in their 60s travelling in the BMW were killed. The 13-year-old boy who was with them sustained several broken bones and a severe head injury.

The cause of the accident was being investigated.

The Roads Traffic Management Corporation said on Friday that traffic operations along the country's major highways have been beefed up ahead of the festive season.

"There will be visible patrols along highways with heavy traffic, as well as a joint operation with the department of transport to clamp down on passenger transport," spokesperson Ashraf Ismail said.

He said the main focus would be on the N1 and N4 highways as well as on the N3 between Johannesburg and Durban.

  • Pawel - 2011-12-16 22:57

    This is what happens when you buy a driving license...

      Diane Michelle De Bruyn - 2011-12-17 13:49

      let me tell you something, the couple in their 60s was my grandparents and the boy is also family my grandfather has been driving way longer than what ever age you are... Have some respect...

      Diane Michelle De Bruyn - 2011-12-17 13:49

      let me tell you something, the couple in their 60s was my grandparents and the boy is also family my grandfather has been driving way longer than what ever age you are... Have some respect...

      Squeegee - 2011-12-17 15:02

      This is what happens when an idiot gets a keyboard for Christmas... Pawel you twit.

      Nicola Erasmus - 2011-12-17 17:23

      Sorry, squeegee. The comment was actualy meant for Pawel. *banging head against wall* Trolls like these just freaking upset me. Diane, again, my thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Pawel - 2011-12-17 04:41

    idiots on the roads, who cant drive... .... R1500 special license...

      Diane Michelle De Bruyn - 2011-12-17 13:54

      Yet another crap response... What if it wad your family in one of the vehicles... We have lost someone dear and you think it is a joke... Grow up idiot...

      DanielDennett - 2011-12-17 14:07

      Diane sorry about your horrible tragedy I wish you and your family my condolences. Some of these comments are just too awful...then again that's what some miserable people do, always attacking victims of tragedy.

      Nicola Erasmus - 2011-12-17 17:38

      Seeing that rejected my previous comment (thankfully for your sake) I'll try again. The victims of this carnage like any other had faces, they had friends, family, loved ones. Bluntly assuming they were incompetent drivers with bought licenses is tactless and idiotic. With this in mind I guess it's safe to assume that you've never been in any accident (except for you conception maybe) and that you probably don't have loved ones for whose life you might fear this Christmas. In that instance, you have my sympathy, you poor, poor, person.

  • mdebruyn1 - 2011-12-17 10:06

    Its would be nice if the traffic department would be of more support on the alternative routes, especially the ones the trucks take, on the road between Joburg and Volksrust this is a huge problem, a lot of holiday people travel on these roads, sometimes you get stuck behind a truck in a line of 50 to 60 cars at a time, people take rediculous chances to pass each other and the truck,isn't it possible for the traffic department to maybe have certain points where they pull of some of these trucks so that the cars can pass and then let the truck back on the road. This is a huge problem, with major accidents, we are talking about single lane roads and some trucks driving less than 60 km/h.

  • donny8155 - 2011-12-17 14:35

    The mother was my aunt and the daughter was my cousin and her baby. We wish we knew more details. Someone is at fault because accidents are caused they do not just happen. But my cousin mite not be the best driver. I give my condolances to the other family.

      Squeegee - 2011-12-17 15:05

      Donny. Not everything is someone's fault. That is why its called an 'accident'. Otherwise we would call it an "on purpose". My condolences to all involved. Avoid bitterness and blame and allow yourself the time to heal.

      Rachel Roets - 2011-12-17 17:07

      Yes and the other 2 people that died was my grandparents and the 13 year old is my cousins son. They were in there 70's. They WILL be dearly missed by our family and friends!!!!!!!!!!! No need to insinuate who you think is at fault for the deaths!!!!!!!

  • Tobie - 2011-12-17 21:31

    Why must speed always get the blame, bull, you can drive at 40km per hour and overtake another vehicle on double barrier lines to cause a head-on collusion, but you can drive 180km per hour and obey all warning signs and do not cause an accident. We have much to learn from Germany where there is no speed limits on their major highways, purely because the drivers obey all traffic warning signs, contrary to South Africa where traffic laws are made to be broken.

  • pjcbs - 2011-12-17 23:11

    It really is a wonder that there are not more similar accidents like this on this specific road. People tend to overtake on solid lines, and drift into oncoming traffic because they are looking at the lights of the new petrol refinery. I can not remember when last I saw a cop actually doing something on this road. Really sad, and condolences to both families.

  • Gail - 2011-12-18 12:27

    Condolences to all the families who lost loved ones. Yes there is always a cause and this will be established by the authorities and I suggest both sides stay on top of this by ensuring evidence isn't lost, getting photos of marks on the road and distances etc. as well as witness evidence. I keep myself a prisoner in my own town because the moment I get on the open road I have a tendency to fall asleep so in order to prevent taking any6one with me I just don't go out of town. Regardless of blame here I can only counsel the families that sadly this was the time for your loved ones to leave you. Knowing why and who does not take away the pain nad neither does compensation for those injured survivors. See a trauma counsellor, you have no idea how much that helped me even 13 years later. It is okay to be angry and to cry and you can't set a limit to the time healing will take. I finally consider myself healed only 13 years after losing my husband and surviving what should have been a fatal injury myself. With time day by day comes serenity and peace for what happens and understanding that from that tragic event one learned how valuable life is.

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