5 dead in horror Durban crash

2013-01-26 20:05

Johannesburg -Five people died and 13 others were injured when a taxi rolled on the M4 south in Durban on Saturday afternoon.

Chris Botha of Netcare Limited said that reports from the scene indicate that the driver lost control and the taxi veered off the road and slammed into the barriers before the coming to rest on its roof.

The passengers were ejected from the vehicle and were found scattered over a large area of the road, he said.

Five people died on the scene, one person was in a critical condition and twelve others sustained serious injuries.

The injured were taken to various hospitals in the area for further treatment.

  • mike.mcwatts - 2013-01-26 20:15

    18 in a taxi, probably not including the driver. And the taxi was called Grim Reaper. How appropriate is that? And when will the cops act?

      grant.hide - 2013-01-26 20:19

      Anyone notice the Grim Reaper sticker on front?

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2013-01-26 22:02

      Maybe 3 or 4 days ago I was driving down the freeway (here in Durban) when a fully loaded taxi passed me. Nothing unusual I hear you say... except that I was doing 130km/h & he passed me as if I was standing still.

      Mabhesha'nkone ZoSuthu - 2013-01-26 22:17

      Warren, I'm sorry that your failure to obey road rules was not enough to beat the taxi driver at the criminal behaviour both of you were participating in. Better luck next time. Drive even more recklessly and taxis won't pass you. Sorry, ou boet. - 2013-01-26 23:47

      Warren, you really must have a turbo fitted to that junker you drive

      CliveK - 2013-01-27 08:05

      Are you for real, Mabesha? Apart from the fact that Warren clearly wasn't trying to race the taxi, a taxi is restricted to 100 (not 120) and a taxi driver should feel some responsiblity for his fare-paying passengers. Unfortunately, however, the words "taxi driver" and "responsiblity" are poles apart in SA.

      grant.hide - 2013-01-27 09:33

      I'm sorry Mailie, the phrase if you speed you are murderer actually is down right stupid, it makes the countries name poor as it makes out as if murdering is as common as speeding.

      grant.hide - 2013-01-27 09:34

      The economic freedom you all been promised is of your hard earned money, ye shall have none if this downward spiral is not stopped.

      koos.meyer.52 - 2013-01-27 09:45

      Another day, another tragic taxi accident, and yet Govt, Metro Police still can't join the dots... beyond unbelievable. The govt is more concerned about walking dogs or TV adverts. The ANC care so little for the poor in this country. Blindly loyal voting fodder that they abuse to the end. ANC doing a good job at keeping the voting fodder ill-educated with their worse than bantu education system.

  • Dotmatrix - 2013-01-26 20:18

    Shame, Rip. Hope the injured make a full recovery.

      Dotmatrix - 2013-01-26 20:18

      Oh and condolences to the family's who lost loved one's.

  • mulis.muli - 2013-01-26 20:29

    13 injured 5 dead driver = 19 in a taxi,gys lets pray 4 taxi drivers and other road users as wel,loosing lyfs each day.

      melusi.myaluza - 2013-01-26 22:03

      Please write in English so we make sense of what u tryin to say

      johan.vandermerwe.33 - 2013-01-27 01:43

      @melusi,please write in english so that we can understand what you are trying to say....

      allison.steedman - 2013-01-27 12:50

      13 + 5 = 18

  • suerita.fortuin - 2013-01-26 20:30

    tragic..this has truely been a horrible the families of the deceast, i am terribly sorry for your loss.

  • Ayanda Daniel - 2013-01-26 20:30

    A taxi in a car accident? is this article an error? must be some kinda joke.... Seriously cant say im shocked, idiots shouldnt be driving!!! RIP to the vic's.

      rizwana.essop.3 - 2013-01-26 21:04

      Stupid taxi drivers its because of them innocent ppl,have 2 loose they life,nw I think police should b hard on them

  • bartletm - 2013-01-26 20:47

    It looks like our roads are deathtraps.Each n everyday people die not a person die on our roads,maybe we need to pray.

  • karl.vanrooyen - 2013-01-26 21:05

    A mini bus taxi? Noways u lie !!

  • raymond.lloyd.73 - 2013-01-26 21:31

    Condolences to the families of the deceased . IIRC a Quantum was caught doing 179 km/h in KZN about a year ago . The regime cannot control these fools who race around and break all traffic rules . Until the regime improves public transport and roads these coffins on wheels will be with us .The taxi industry is a cut throat industry, more trips means more money .

      Mabhesha'nkone ZoSuthu - 2013-01-26 21:39

      And a motor cyclist was caught doing 220 km per hour. South African fools cannot control themselves.

      michael.parsley.752 - 2013-01-28 03:26

      @ Mabhesha - A motorcyclist will most probably just kill himself, not a taxi full of people

  • stefan.vosloo.33 - 2013-01-26 21:35

    Well nothing new I guess, I feel sorry for the people that put their lives in these incompetend drivers' hands. Something needs to be done.

      ebrahim.jafarie.5 - 2013-01-27 21:44

      Condolence to the families that lost their loved ones but its high time commuters learn not to board taxi's that are already fully seated and the taxi speeds should be governed to 100km

  • akaRags - 2013-01-26 22:25

    RIP. Yet another tragic crash. Last weekend six people died in Pietermaritzburg, apparently in drag racing, and there is the recent headline of three children being killed in drag racing..... Not to forget to mention all those who died over the festive season, those who have previously been killed in such tragic crashes, and those whose will continue to die (on average around 30 a day). To all of us reading and commenting, - it could be you or me next...... Scarey, but what do we do, we have no choice but to venture out on our roads and we can only hope or pray that our life will be spared. "..... but there for the Grace of God go I...." Not that I am much of a churchgoer, but it is rather appropriate for life in SA, more so than many other countries. Wake up ANC, instead of whinging about petty FNB and Nando ads (despite the truth they tell) get off your jet setting asses, or get out of your chauffeur driven blue light brigade envoys, set an example to the public that you are there to SERVE, regardless of who elected you, and enforce the laws that are there, to supposedly protect us. Unless the ANC does so, innocent people will continue to die on our roads, and ultimately, it will be the ANC who (do) and will still have blood on their hands, when looking back on this unacceptably high mortality rate on South African roads.

  • Michael Hawthorne - 2013-01-26 22:28

    The writer made a typo and the editor missed it.

  • prakash.singh.169 - 2013-01-26 23:18

    Unlicensed drivers and unroadworthy taxis.

  • chris.buchner.12 - 2013-01-26 23:31

    Lekker wil mos ek love dit!

  • bruce.westoby.9 - 2013-01-26 23:50

    Square wheels on all Mini Bus taxi's should be mandatory.

  • shaun.dragt - 2013-01-27 00:53

    5 + 13 = 18...That's overloading no matter how you put it. Now combine that with an unroadworthy taxi and possibly an unlicensed driver, the results are always bad. What really pisses me of is that one of my family members could have been hurt as well. Get these death traps off our roads!

      anneline.padayachee1 - 2013-01-28 03:14

      You're angry that one of your family members could have been hurt. Imagine my anger. My Aunt is one of the 5 dead on the scene. Angry at the taxi drive for being an incompetant morbid sick moron (who names their car "Grim Reaper?" & clearly doesnt maintain his vehicle). Angry at the South African government, policy makers, Metro Police and local council. It's one thing to create legislation on speed limits for these mobile coffins, it's another thing to enforce it. South Africa is the world leader in murder and road fatalities, a statistic no one else wants to compete in. Life's so cheap. My Aunt is now just another "number", a mere "statistic" to the already long list. She leaves behind 2 young adult children, her husband, her elderly mother (who is struggling to believe she has to bury her daughter) and 3 brothers + extended family.

  • ian.robertreid - 2013-01-27 06:09

    Sounds like this taxi was overloaded and top heavy?? taxi drivers have no regard 4 safey or rules of the road?? c it every day??

  • rude.awakning - 2013-01-27 06:32

    weapon of mass destruction! Sorry for the sad loss of lives and the injured! Its high time that the RTI limit the speed these unguided missles! Limit their speed and vehicles to a max 80km/hr. It would more than half their contribution to the road fatalities! Furthermore some time back the taxi industry introduced a driving skills and education campaign/training programe, where taxi drivers would be trained to deal with different situations on road with the aim to reduce accidents and fatalities by these potential leathal weapons.

  • - 2013-01-27 08:11

    Survival has become the foremost matter when commuting on our roads.

      Toni Krige McQuillen - 2013-01-27 11:28

      that is so true, how sad that yet more people die on our roads. I pity people forced to use this kind of transport, they are so reckless and have their lives and the lives of other road users in their hands, yet it is a race to get to your next pick up for more money all the time, with complete and utter disregard for other road users. Now these people have been taken from their families, RIP for those that lost their lives, and a speedy recovery to those injured

  • Joe FS ZA - 2013-01-27 08:30

    Bet u the traffic officer hiding behind bushes did not c that coming. Get your buts out there and do law inforcement. It is high time that they start taking action against these taxi drivers. They should be banned from our roads and a decent afordable transport system implemented.

      anneline.padayachee1 - 2013-01-28 03:16

      my blood is boiling. my aunt's dead because a bunch of morons have been permitting illegal life threatening behaviour.

  • alananthonygreen - 2013-01-27 11:55

    not another taxi...

  • Vusumuzi Masuku - 2013-01-27 13:32

    taxi drivers like taking chances and their concern is on making money forgetting that life of a passenger is vital , put him behind bars

  • selva.chetty.1 - 2013-01-27 13:50

    the taxi association runners should be partially responsible of road fatalies for not having systems check on all their drivers and veheciles, if a blood test is done for this driver surely substance abuse would be found.bring back the buses , band all taxis they think they are road sympthy to those 5 families and i pray a speed recovery to the others.

  • claressa.nagiah - 2013-01-27 20:39

    I know someone that was in that taxi coming from work and pass away. She was a mother, wife and daughter to her family. The loss and pain that family is going thru just because of the driver negligence incense lifes were lost. Pray God strenght and peace will be with them.

  • elspeth.hassall - 2013-01-27 22:20

    When will this slaughter end? Do the govt;cops etc care nothing for the people of this country?

  • paulet.nel - 2013-01-30 14:34

    End the carnage on SA Roads - Petition Please take a moment to sign our petition for harsher punishments to those guilty of reckless driving. Petition Link:

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