5 killed as truck hits car on N2

2011-10-04 07:53

Durban - Five people were killed on Monday evening when a truck collided with a Nissan Sentra near Pongola in Zululand, the KwaZulu-Natal road traffic inspectorate said.

The vehicles collided head-on on the N2 freeway around 18:00, spokesperson Zinhle Mngomezulu said.

All the five occupants of the car died on the scene. The truck driver was not injured.

Mngomezulu said the cause of the accident was not immediately clear, and it would be investigated.

A case of culpable homicide was opened.

  • Peter James Erasmus - 2011-10-04 08:06

    How is a case of Culpable homicide opened if the cause of the accident was unknown??? "and it would be investigated."

      mynah - 2011-10-04 08:17

      It is done automatically when someone is killed in an accident. After the investigation it will be decided if the case will be brought to court.

  • Kev - 2011-10-04 08:10

    Every second day is a "head-on". WTF. Overtaking on a blind rise? This is not a speed issue but a stupidity issue.

      Craig Ronnenbergh - 2011-10-04 08:17

      True Story, but speed on our roads is also a stupidity issue, because people don't have coordination at normal speeds never mind anything above 60 km/h

      BigD - 2011-10-04 08:27

      I drove on that road not long ago. The speed of the vehicles and overtaking on double white lines was scary, if a car suddenly appears from opposite direction I will be involved in accident as the vehicle overtaking would push me off the road. I will not travel that rout again.

      Mlu - 2011-10-04 09:20

      Let all those driving blind/stupid perish in graves or in jail.

      IsThatAFact - 2011-10-04 09:27

      Not too long ago I was driving on the road from Standerton Vrede to the N3 this road in not in a very good condition and narrow. On a strait section of the road I came across 2 articulated trucks ahead of me the rear truck was trying to overtake, the truck on the left was going full speed and they were driving next to each other. As they came to a blind rise in the road instead of the truck on the right dropping back and pulling behind they both continued over the blind rise at full speed. I managed to get the company's name and phone number from the side of the truck and when I got home I phoned the owner and all. The response I got was I don't know what my drivers are doing (so Im not responsible) I said that's why I'm phoning you Response I cant get SA drivers so Im using Zimbob drivers (cheap rate)end of story. He did not seem very interested. Need I say more................

  • opinionater - 2011-10-04 08:20

    God damnit! don't these people learn?! DON'T OVERTAKE ON A SOLID LINE!! USE YOUR HEAD!!

      Cheekiechops - 2011-10-04 08:34

      I find your blasphemy and your shouting (caps) very offensive!

      SPONGEBOB - 2011-10-04 09:21

      Cheekiechops thanks for the computer leason!!

      nosiphom - 2011-10-04 09:40

      They do not know why they should not, as long as they see you driving slower than them, sticking to the speeed limit, they thnk you are wasting their time and overtake. Just this morning I was intimited by someone in an Audi Q7, who pakced his/her car on my bumber, at around 100km/h in an 80 km/h zone, and he almost drove into my bumber when I slowed down on seeing the 80 sign !!

      Cheekiechops - 2011-10-04 09:49

      @spongebob, you are most welcome, btw did you mean lesson?

  • Bill - 2011-10-04 08:21

    I wonder if the authorities bother to investigate after these type of accidents how many of the drivers actually had a valid or counterfeit drivers license...! Because something is wrong on our roads….It’s not speed that is the main culprit. But it I blatantly obvious that we have a new culture of idiots on our roads, that are driving weapons of mass destruction…!

      IsThatAFact - 2011-10-04 09:33

      Bill they have Valid Counterfeit Licenses issued by the licensing Department for R300 or less.

      DW - 2011-10-04 09:51

      It is extremely difficult to prove that a license was not properly issued. If it was counterfeit, that can be proven, but it is so easy to go to a licensing department, pay the test instructor a bribe and get a perfectly "legal" license. The fact that you cant drive doesnt bother him. He just wants the bucks. And you just want your license. I challenge you to ask around and find out how many people you know who have got their license like this. I know of at least 2 in my department at work - and these are only those who were honest enough to admit it. If we are willing to pay bribes to make our lives easier, then we must live with the consequences. There is a reason why you are supposed to pass a skills test before being issued with a license. If you cant pass it, you should not be on our roads putting other lives at risk.

  • THEMBELANI63 - 2011-10-04 08:34

    you right Peter...these police likes making foolish statements...A case opened? for who?

  • berni.venter - 2011-10-04 08:36

    Road markings are just there to make the black tar look pretty, speed limits are suggestions and traffic lights are optional just like indicators. Don't know about y'all but that's what I learnt when I obtained my licence ...

  • MTRJ - 2011-10-04 09:05

    I drove that road this weekend and although I did not notice any offences, a lady got knocked over by a truck in the rural area just before the Mtubatuba turn off. We need to change the mindset of the drivers. Reducing the speed limit will not help because even if some motorists drive at 80km/h, they will still overtake in the wrong areas and drive recklessly.

  • parkavenue - 2011-10-04 09:06

    In a head on situation, one vehicle is normally on the wrong side of the road.Surely this should be clear enough to make a deduction?

  • Janine - 2011-10-04 09:08

    Once again - someone driving on the wrong side of the road!

  • nosiphom - 2011-10-04 09:32

    The acting CEO of RTMC said on E-TV this morning, it is ok for people to drive recklessly, all they are worried about is that people should not be killed, hence the moves to reduce the speed limit. They are not focussed on ensuring that accidents do not happen in the first place, but that they do not result in death. Hence they continue allowing non-roadworthy cars to drive on our roads, incometent drivers to be on our roads, and reckelss driving. I would like to see the day where a person is fined for not adhering to the following distance, driving without lights and general wreckless driving using the cameras on our highways !!! They want to reduce the speed limit because the signrighting company where they have shares will have some work to do for a long time !

  • Wends - 2011-10-04 09:43

    Hey Planetboy. Have some respect. You obviously don't have a god. Shame! Catch a wake

  • ewan.burger - 2011-10-04 12:23

    The whole reasoning behind the speed limit being dropped is rediculous. Rather get rid of all the sh*tty unroadworthy cars and taxis on the roads. Becuase of a car whose battery died on the N1 highway and stopped right in front of us in the middle lane while driving +-100km we had to suddenly swerve out and ended up in a ditch. Thank God no one ran into us or our car rolled. But the f*cker who STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE of the road just drove off as if nothing happened - after they got out and push started the piece of crap mind you!!!!

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