50 Putco buses impounded in Mpumalanga

2012-07-03 22:23

Johannesburg - Fifty Putco buses were impounded on Moloto Road by the Mpumalanga Public Transport Inspectorate on Tuesday, the Road Traffic Management Corporation said.

"We are beginning to see a trend that many of the big operators are flouting the law by operating defective vehicles or vehicles without a permit," acting chief executive Collins Letsoalo said in a statement.

"They are playing with the lives of our people and it is unacceptable."

Last Monday, 19 people were killed when a Putco bus driver lost control of the vehicle on the R59 outside Meyerton, in the Vaal Triangle. It crashed through a bridge railing and fell 10m to the ground, landing on its side.

Fifty-five people were injured, three of them critically.

The bus was reportedly among eight Putco buses taken off the road after it failed a June 12 roadworthy test at the Meyerton testing station.

Eighteen of the 50 Putco buses impounded on Tuesday did not have necessary permits, while the other 32 were found to be defective.

Another 19 luxury buses and minibuses were removed from KwaZulu-Natal roads because they had defective brakes.

Of these, three buses belonged to SA Roadlink, two to Eldo Coaches, three to Intercape, one to Intercity and one to City-to-City.

Letsoalo said: "We have communicated with all our provincial and metropolitan traffic authorities to ensure that they [defective bus operators] are detected, prosecuted and exposed."

  • Johan Enever - 2012-07-04 02:46

    driving an unroadworthy vehicle is attempted murder. illegal vehicles involved in any accident is attempted murder and manslaughter. just find the responsible parties who allowed these vehicles on the road, handcuff them, tie a boulder to their ankles securely and feed them to the sharks. also close down the relevant companies involved. once a criminal always a criminal

  • FANNYDNA - 2012-07-04 08:05

    Tshwane municipality bus we need you @ mpumalanga...pucto has no service its only looking for our money...MLILO TAKE ALL THE FLY BY NIGHT BUSES...

  • zimbobwe.mugabe - 2012-07-04 08:15

    Intercape... I am very much surprised. Should tell my people to try the train when coming back from Durban. - 2013-03-21 09:02

      that my favourite liner man, im also dissapointed. but it's only one bus so i hope it was one of those times...

  • riette.mckenzie - 2012-07-04 08:28

    impound their busses and sell it for scrap - use that money to pay the families who lost loved ones - it is a shame that big companies can get away with killing people and then just say o well we will pay the officials or the cops but what about the families who lost their Moms, Dads and children. I live in MEYERTON and I have already lodged my first 2 complaints about Putco on Morris road it is a accident waiting to happen every day they stop in the road, when they do pull off they just come back into the road without keeping a proper lookout, you coming from the back has to slam on brakes to avoid a accident and if you are in front of them you need wings or they might just ride over you - PUNISH THEM APPROPRIATELY HIT THEM HARD TAKE THEIR INCOMPETENT DRIVERS OFF THE ROAD WITH THE BUSSES - RIĆ«TTE McKenzie - MEYERTON

  • Piet Cronje - 2013-04-04 13:28

    You will only solve the problem if the Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer of the Company concerned is duly charged, when a Public Transport Vehicle is found to be unroadworthy.

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