6 arrested in Cape Town shootout

2012-04-12 21:37

Cape Town - Six men were arrested in Parow in Cape Town on Thursday after a shootout with police.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer November Filander said a policeman was wounded, but was in a satisfactory condition in hospital.

Police were on patrol on Modderdam Road in Belhar when a bakkie attracted their attention near the local cemetery.

They approached the bakkie at about 10:00, and were checking its registration when it sped away. The vehicle was later found to have been stolen in Bellville.

At 10:30 the bakkie was spotted in the Parow industrial area, after three of the men robbed a businessman of cash at gunpoint.

A shootout ensued when police tried to pull the bakkie over.

The men then jumped out of the bakkie and tried to run away. The six were arrested shortly afterwards with the public's help. Three illegal firearms were recovered.

The men were expected to appear in the Parow Magistrate's Court on Monday.

  • Raymond - 2012-04-12 21:52

    Just another every day story.It is a normal event that happens in South Africa.THE LAW IS WEAK.

      chris.hitchcock1 - 2012-04-12 21:57

      The law caught them. The glass is half full from my side.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-12 22:05

    Arrest them,receive a bribe then set them free,what law.

  • Willem - 2012-04-12 22:07

    "Three killed with police shootout" will be a more than enough appropriate headline?

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-12 23:06

      A shootout with police and not qne of the six was criminals was hit. Very scary

  • Jamie - 2012-04-12 22:16

    Actually drove past the incident all the guys were lying face down with loads of people standing around them after that they closed the roads in the area off,they were spotted in parow industria but it looks like they got arrested in Ravensmead

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-13 08:19

      Its a shame you missed them... I would have mowed them down while lying in a row face down.

  • Turdy - 2012-04-12 22:43

    @ Azanian : Judging by your past comments, you are mentally retarded and it is a miracle that you can type. You are the one who loves living in the past, because you can't get your head above water. Let me guess. You are sitting on your ass and waiting for handouts, because the past regime ,as you've mentioned, is an easy scape goat. you are incapable of anything and I'm very sorry for you. Now please stop commenting, because everybody can see through your insecure make-up. "Last dynasty" haha seriously, go get an education. But honestly I don't think you can even understand what I'm saying.

      Newsmonger - 2012-04-13 08:16

      wish I could read her commentd - know news24 for people that are crying about freedom of speech in the media you really do like to sensor your readers. Hhhhhmph Ironic?.......rumble, answer = hypocrites!

  • rvbrink - 2012-04-12 23:12

    Chris, is your glass half full or half empty??

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-12 23:36

    Like they say, just another day in sunny South Africa, but well done to the cops and thank you for you guys who are the honest/caring for the community type that we need in this country!

      Blessing - 2012-04-13 10:19

      Thank you cops and the members of the public for assisting in the arrest. But we need more information about the bakkie so that many people who have victim of the gang can come up with more information about their unethical activities!

  • Koos - 2012-04-13 07:52

    Asylum seekers?

  • Rob - 2012-04-13 08:47

    Refugees from the EC no doubt.

  • Mart - 2012-04-13 10:38

    These and future transgressors of the law (mutants) must be made to understand that their actions have repercussions for the rest of society. To help them understand this they need to hurt because this is all they seem to be willing to understand. I would really like the immediate families of the guilty to 'also pay for the sins of the father'. Knowing he is putting his family at risk may just be a deterrant to many criminals......or am I wrong ?

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