64% of World Cup rooms secured

2009-04-08 10:49

Johannesburg - Sixty-four percent of the rooms FIFA needs for 2010 Soccer World Cup visitors have so far been secured, Beeld reported on Wednesday.

Match, the company handling accommodation for FIFA, has so far signed contracts for 31 926 out of the 50 000 rooms needed, a seminar in Cape Town heard on Tuesday.

A concession is in place that not all the rooms have to be in hotels. A total of 23 817 of the rooms secured so far were in hotels, the rest in other places.

Senior Match official Vivienne Bervoets was quoted as saying that the search for accommodation in Brazil, which would host the 2014 World Cup, was going well. Match had already signed contracts for 50 000 rooms in that country.

Bervoets encouraged owners of local accommodation to sign contracts and offer lower rates.

During last year's Olympic Games, four-star hotels in Beijing, China, were only 44% full because of unreasonable tariffs, Beeld reported.

"Remember, people do not have to come here [if it's too expensive]. They can watch the tournament on television," she was quoted as saying.