7 arrested in Tembisa protests

2011-08-19 14:12

Johannesburg - Seven people were arrested during protests in Tembisa, near Kempton Park, on Friday, Ekurhuleni metro police said.

They faced charges of public violence and malicious damage to property, said Inspector Mveli Nhlapo.

Earlier, metro police fired rubber bullets at protesters who were stoning their vehicles.

"We asked them nicely to stop, but they didn't so we had no further option but to shoot them with rubber bullets," Nhlapo said.

The seven people arrested had been involved in the stoning.

The situation had since quietened down and protesters were starting to disperse, he said.

Residents were apparently protesting about the high cost of electricity.

They had burnt tyres and blocked roads in the area and were intimidating people into staying away from work, said Nhlapo.

Four schools had been closed as a result of the protest. "Children were told not to go school and the residents did not want the schools opened," he said.

  • wisegirl - 2011-08-19 14:35

    Don't complain and toi toi now, you voted this government in, there are better ways than stoning and burning to get results. read my lips: vote them out!

      remnant - 2011-08-19 14:49

      lol speechless..

  • Chief Belebe - 2011-08-19 14:53

    This ANC Government is like another apartheid but this time just targeting the poor black majority. Corruption, bad governance, back stabbing, selfishness, pompous is all what our beloved ANC is associated with leaving poor and helpless majority starving of all the basic needs in life. Mr Zuma's led Government has failed millions of South Africans and its worsening by the day. Needless to say there're giving a blind eye to all the people's concerns.

  • aarchaic - 2011-08-19 15:05

    only 7... where is the rest? i'm sure it should be more like 70 or 700 that needed to be arested atleast...

  • Lungi Mhlapo - 2011-08-19 15:28

    Seriously?? "We asked them nicely to stop, but they didn't so we had no further option but to shoot them with rubber bullets," Nhlapo said. Thats like a kid being asked why he punched another kid?? "i told him to stop teasing me, but he didnt! So...i punched his lights out!" WTF??? Trigger-happy! thats what the police are! And to really play devils advocate burning things, hurting people, damaging your own infrastructure....thats gonna again?? We all agree that our governement is rubbish, but why would you damage the little that you DO have?

  • chris.khanye - 2011-08-19 20:27

    Yes, electricity is expensive but calling for Eskom supplied electricity in Tembisa will result in Tembisa becoming Ivory Park. Ivory Park electricity is useless and residents suffer outages at any given time. Those with other agendas are calling for Eishkom electricity not to benefit Tembisa residents, but political agenda and certain landlords. This winter is severe, but Tembisa suffered NO or few known outages. Because in Tembisa we consume what we can afford, but in Ivory Park - free for ALL which results in outages for weeks on end and as a result those who pay suffer. Ekurhuleni municipality must just teach residents in Tembisa about saving electricity and this must be ongoing. But then landlords who charge tenants R1000 per room multiply by 10 rooms, yet aren't prepared to pay for electricity themselves should be exposed and shamed. We'll always have those with political agendas, but because of unemployment and poverty - many are easily swayed by the hyenas. Yes, electricity is expensive, but NO to free for all Eishkom electricity in Tembisa. I grew up in Tembisa and know the electricity struggles and troubles of electricity outages of the 80's in Tembisa. If you don't agree - wait for the next elections. But for now - Prepaid OK!!!

  • Phumzile - 2011-10-21 12:45

    i appreciate the Asa electricity .the only thing that masppal must do is to sell us with the same price that he bought it from eskom

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