ANC MP rape charges dropped

2012-07-31 11:19

Johannesburg - Rape charges against ANC MP Sikhumbuzo Eric Kholwane were withdrawn in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court, the SABC reported on Tuesday.

"The charges have been withdrawn because the prosecution, after consultation with the NPA, came to a conclusion that they have no case against me," Kholwane told the national broadcaster.

He said he felt vindicated.

Kholwane, who is the chairperson of Parliament's communications portfolio committee, was accused of raping a 26-year-old woman in his Grassy Park home in Cape Town.

  • stanley.marries - 2012-07-31 11:30

    Oooh...I'm so supprised!!...NOT!!,as if we were expecting justice to prevail!!

      msendi - 2012-07-31 11:43

      So sad if allegations were true… But if you saw him raping, why you didn't testify?

      bongani.mtsweni.35 - 2012-07-31 12:29

      msendi,you are spot on. I am sick and tired of these people if its an African he or she must have bribed someone but if its a white,indian or a coloured they say justice has prevailed

      neil.vanheerden.39 - 2012-07-31 12:40

      @Msendi: Would be nice to meet one or even all of these ANC rapist getting away with it thanks to their positions etc.. Alone....on a long winding road. They will literally scrape these African clowns up with a shovel. Cowards.

      neil.vanheerden.39 - 2012-07-31 12:42

      No Bongani: They would blame it on apartheid .. Period.

      neil.vanheerden.39 - 2012-07-31 12:45

      Can we please get political figures that has more than a d#ck for a brain?? Why the hell are we stuck with these illiterate imbeciles?

      msendi - 2012-07-31 15:19

      I am not fighting, good people. Was just asking a question because only an eyewitness can be 100% sure that somebody committed a crime. If you are sure, it means that you were there… Go and testify in court, not in this site…

      sanda.mnyazi - 2012-07-31 15:27

      Same thing you said when that DA guy was accused of rape?!? Thought not!!!

  • peter.ndamase - 2012-07-31 11:33

    I just knew he would walk a free man. The woman contradicted herself on several occassions. She must now work for her money and stop milking politicians.

      gary.guy.507 - 2012-07-31 11:38

      i hope he had a shower afterwards and gave her taxi money!

      msendi - 2012-07-31 11:44

      If she is really milking politicians…

      judith.taylor.56 - 2012-07-31 15:15

      How much support did she receive in presenting her case?

  • Ishaad - 2012-07-31 11:37

    eish eish eish

  • Mark G.R. Paxton - 2012-07-31 11:48

    He used government money to pay the NPA off to drop the charges. Quite simple.

  • gregory.jurgens - 2012-07-31 12:22

    That should go well on his CV , got all the qualifications for president.

  • hannes.bez.3 - 2012-07-31 12:25

    Elementary my dear - MP or cader or family member or friend of same equals aquital from any transgression of the law.

  • erich.goosen - 2012-07-31 13:02

    Must have cost him a pretty penny to persuade the complainant to let go.

  • carolyn.myburgh - 2012-07-31 13:36

    There has been so much swept under the carpet with this government that the carpet looks very lumpy!!!

  • Ian - 2012-07-31 13:42

    Even if found guilty it would have suddenly become terminally ill and qualified for medical parole, just another piece of anc corrupt rubbish

  • talana.basson - 2012-07-31 15:10


  • talana.basson - 2012-07-31 15:10


      sanda.mnyazi - 2012-07-31 15:29

      of a dumb ass like you hey? i agree

  • flynn.govender - 2012-08-01 13:41

    How is it possible for a case to be opened against somebody and thereafter state that the charges are dropped because they didn't have a case. This story is very shady. Money can make a lot of people silent - that is what I think happened

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