ANC MP withdraws Marikana remark

2012-09-18 21:07

Johannesburg - ANC MP Rose Sonto has withdrawn a remark that Parliament's portfolio committee on mineral resources did not dare visit the troubled Lonmin platinum mine in North West.

He apologised on Tuesday for saying last week: "We can't go and talk to a crowd with suicidal tendencies."

Sonto is a member of the portfolio committee.

He said his statement was taken out of context and opportunistically used by the detractors of the African National Congress.

"I have since carefully reflected on this statement and have realised that it was unfortunate, and stands contrary to the well-documented position of the ANC on the Marikana situation."

On 16 August 34 workers were killed when police opened fire on them, and 78 were wounded. Afterwards, 270 workers were arrested.

Another man was found dead last week, bringing the number of people killed since the beginning of the strike to 45.

Sonto said he agreed with the ANC in Parliament's stance on Marikana.

"I therefore unconditionally withdraw my statement and apologise for the embarrassment the statement may have caused to the movement."

  • nkadimeng - 2012-09-18 21:24

    O boletse, o boletse!

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-09-18 21:46

    How many times do we hear these words? 'statement was taken out of context' then please put your mouth into gear before you speak.. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, words and deeds. One day the damage could have dire consequences! In plain words, THINK before you SPEAK!

  • Sechaba30 - 2012-09-18 21:52

    Idiot woman , we had a very nice discussion with my friends who voted for ANC in 2009. We used to love ANC but after last month Marikana massacre we are scared of it. I never experienced the violent behavior of Apartheid Boers , but I have experienced the violent behavior of ANC. I have seen how violent the boers were but only on TV, I have personally experienced the violent behaviour of ANC which is busy dancing with solidarity now trying to arrest former ANC leaders like Malema. I hate ANC

  • gneralle.edon - 2012-09-18 21:58

    Stupid ass simply he has forgotten that is the crowd that voted for his stupid ass

  • charnelle.bester - 2012-09-18 22:07

    Conveniently after the the offer has been accepted. Cowards.

  • irvin.mkhari - 2012-09-18 22:11

    as i expected and is a good practice to admit when you are wrong,is healthy and normal.

  • antsho - 2012-09-18 22:22

    This is not true. The statement was not taken out of context, I mean why withdraw it? You don't withdraw on basis of misquotation but on realising that uye washiywa yimilebe! Must hire the big Mac to spin it as he did with the President's genuine belief that majority has more rights than minorities. He meant it like and its nonsense that it was misquoted!

  • Sylvester.Mohloli - 2012-09-18 22:44

    Well his name is Rose.........

  • william.machaka - 2012-09-19 13:28

    Rose, is he/she for real?

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