ANC calls for end to farm strike

2013-01-11 20:34

Cape Town - The ANC on Friday called on Western Cape farmworkers to suspend their strike.

"The ANC calls on Cosatu together with Fawu and Bawusa to facilitate the suspension and assist labourers to enter into talks in order to reach an amicable solution," Western Cape ANC chairperson Marius Fransman said in a statement.

He said criminals had used the strike and ensuing protests to "loot and perpetuate violence.

"The ANC respects the right of workers to organise, but in the light of more goodwill amongst some farmers and unruly elements hijacking the present strike, the ANC calls for cool off time and room for talks."

Fransman said farmers, under the auspices of Agri-SA, should use the possible suspension of the strike to hold talks with workers.

"This strike needs to end and a lasting solution found or the unintended consequences could mount on all sides."

Fransman's comments came after the Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) announced some farmers had agreed to settlement talks.

"The problem is not the minimum wage, but farmers who refuse to pay fair wages above the bare minimum. This has led to the untenable dispute."

Meanwhile police were continuing patrols on the N1 at De Doorns, following the violence on Wednesday and Thursday.

The national road, which remained closed to traffic, was quiet on Friday.

Rocks, glass and spent rubber bullet casings littered the road.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said at least 118 people had been arrested across the Western Cape so far.

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-11 20:44

    More cute soundbites. The unintended consequences of these unwanted tendencies is going to cost the country and the region big time. But ANC already know this - the people with the giant calculators have shown them the numbers. They've still not learnt that once the genie is out of the bottle, it's impossible to put it back. Platitudes along the lines of "let's all play nicely together" are not going to work here. Look in the Marikana Mirror and try, just once, to learn all the lessons

      charlesbronson.bronson - 2013-01-11 20:55

      The world know you the cANCer are lairs. You only fool the morons. The cANCer is start loosing many credibility by the way they start loosing the ratings. You can't steal a province bafoons!!

      surfing.sam.9 - 2013-01-11 21:31

      Call an end to what they started?????

      strikeback.strikeback - 2013-01-12 10:28

      One way to stop the destructive strikes is to remove the ones who lead the workers down the wrong path. Report them to Strikeback and ensure they are not employed again by anybody else.

      lownabester - 2013-01-12 10:56

      They bit of more than they could chew and we all know it was politics. Fransman and Tony are cowards, using the masses to do the dirty work and they just reap the rewards. Bloody idiots

      ANASKA - 2013-01-12 13:56

      Well said!! hopefully ur comment will be published by the editors of NEWS24 who i think is doing an excellent job!!

  • mark.a.fysh - 2013-01-11 20:54

    Marius Fransman is a snake in the grass. Farmers will know exactly how to treat his statement. Rabble-Rouser to Peacemaker in one easy step.

      Jaap - 2013-01-11 21:13

      Ja ssmanareng, this is not what he said when the trouble in the W C started. He is a two faced person that follow the wind. He is a coward that can only instigate the masses and then realize, if this is possible, that he is going to burn his fingers.

      cherri.pye.5 - 2013-01-11 22:37

      @ssmonareng - they have done nothing good in the WC, that's why they aren't in power there anymore.

      mabheshankone.zosuthu - 2013-01-11 23:15

      How ironic that some of these farm workers are DA voters. Izididi ezavotela iNational Party ngo 1994. Buka manje Isalukasi lesi sikandlebezikhanyilanga uZille siyabamba siyayeka asazi nokuthi senzani.

      Erna - 2013-01-12 06:33

      Yes monareng, very dirty indeed. Especially when the dirty anc becomes involved!

      arie.vdplaats - 2013-01-12 10:29

      re:ssmonareng(january 1, 2012 at 21:44. What good will the ANC and Fransman do in WC? History shows that everything economic the ANC put their hands on turns out to be a disaster. Refer the economic listing by amongst others Fischs and Standard & Poor's Economic outlook for RSA ratings. Declining every few months or so and they are not influenced by a legacy of Apartheid or ANC perception of "Democracy".

  • amanda.matthews.14811 - 2013-01-11 21:08

    ANC/COSATU Fransman cannot have it both ways. The damage is done and the writing is on the wall. Farmers if you bow down now you are doomed to further blackmail next year and the following year. Stand your ground now or lose all credibility in the future. ANC/COSATU are nothing but terrorists. Do not employ contractors in the future. Find other solutions. Be inventive.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-11 21:32

      It's not about them bowing-down any more, it's about taking the whole country with them. So, once enough stuff has been burnt and things destroyed a solution will be found (unless they're all completely mad) and a new plan put in place. Pity they cou;dn't have done all this from the outset. So much stress, angst and damage just to make sure they come out the heroes in a situation they created.

      gary.guy.507 - 2013-01-12 08:21

      Less workers - more mechanisation.

  • weldon.broughton - 2013-01-11 21:34

    Replace them with machines

  • trevor.pietersen.3 - 2013-01-11 21:39 this means..THE ANC Was behind it ALL the time?

      Erna - 2013-01-12 06:28

      Was there ever any doubt about that?

  • calvin.eighteeseex - 2013-01-11 21:44

    The ANC has no right whatsover to make such calls in the Western Cape,Madam got everything under control,let us continue watching drama unfolds,I enjoyed a tractor being drove around the bushes carrying strikers and some helping themselves from shops,unfortunate non of them seem to speek english,they opt for for homelanguage (Afrikaans) hence I understood not a single word.

      mabheshankone.zosuthu - 2013-01-11 23:20

      Ja - Ucabanga ukuthi kusiniswa amahleza uZille. Izwe leli akudlalwa la. Angisho yena ufuna ukuphatha? Abaphathe-ke. The very presidential Hellen Zille always runs to the incompetent ANC when she's in trouble. When it's "plain sailing", she is all too happy to do and boast about things that the National Government should be doing. Umzenzisi lo. Umfarisi.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:35

      Mabhesnakone.zosuthu. If you want a forum in your own language, start one. Here we show good manners and write in a language the MAJORITY can understand. Leave politics to the grownups while you are learning.

      lownabester - 2013-01-12 13:01

      calvin catch a wake-up, your comment is as dumb as you,

  • amanda.matthews.14811 - 2013-01-11 21:58

    @ lacrimosewolf Thank you, I always appreciate your input. Now if only we could try and explain this to our erstwhile Government..... Where oh where are our Economists???

  • kyle.white.39750 - 2013-01-11 22:08

    The anc decides on wages you twat

  • ntandazo.ntlokwana - 2013-01-11 22:18

    This is a good idea because this strike also affect the economy at large.. Employers nd workers have to talk and have a fair agreement with employees...

      Doorboot - 2013-01-11 22:58


  • vumanie.gabhisa - 2013-01-11 22:23

    So the ANC has enjoyed the show finally! -We can similarly ask why the minimum wage wasn't set to 'fair' in the first place as much as we ask y the farmers don't pay fair above the bare minimum. It seems the ANC would enjoy seeing the DA fail above anything else-so they mustn't act as if they have concerns for the workers.

  • jeffrey.d.walker.9 - 2013-01-11 23:22


      arthur.watts.14 - 2013-01-12 06:44

      I agree

      arie.vdplaats - 2013-01-12 10:36

      sTony Eiergereg's incitement is equivalent to economic sabotage and he should be charged accordingly. During other times in different counties this would have been his foreland

  • jannie.visagie.35 - 2013-01-11 23:38

    What a lot of idiots the ANC leaders are!

      Brian Dorning - 2013-01-12 06:29

      @Zakes, I think what the man is trying to say that the ANC leaders are idiots because the strikes hasn't been stopped...they have the power to do it but they haven't done anything. Why are you bringing race into it? Stop with your racism Zakes! People like you cause racial divide! Have a good day 'comrade'

      gary.guy.507 - 2013-01-12 08:25

      @Zakes...I (and others on this forum) equate ANC with incompetence and corruption. YOU are drawing the parallel between ANC and race.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:39

      Zakes.Masondo. The ANC people talked about here is not black. Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Calling people AGENT is so uneducated. it really is. Grow up.

  • customdesign - 2013-01-11 23:51

    I actually agree with him- if the farm workers can do this it would diffuse the situation. I don't know what his intentions are though- only time will tell. I would love to know his position on this situation, especially since he was shot in the face by security for the farmers. It seems thought that he came off lightly. It's difficult to assess the situation if you are no0t on the ground. I hope he has onour and is not part of the problem- that would make a huge difference.

  • Vishen - 2013-01-12 00:32

    "The problem is not the minimum wage, but farmers who refuse to pay fair wages above the bare minimum. This has led to the untenable dispute."...Does this mean that the minimum wage set by government is not fair?

      Erna - 2013-01-12 06:15

      We all know it isn't fair. If you think about it, none of the minimum wages are fair but setting them higher will probably lead to unemployment. So what to do? The unions in this country don't realise that it is better to be employed at a low wage than not be employed at all. That is why China has a winning economy - they employ millions of people very cheaply. Why do you think all our clothing, toys, appliances are made in China. Imagine if we could make it all in this country? What it would mean for unemployment in this country? But who wants to have the problem of the unions and strikes to contend with? Not worth effort.

  • musa.p.nzimande - 2013-01-12 01:00

    I am so disappointed by the actions of the ANC of allowing poor people to hurt by police and letting them destroy their infrastructure. Why didn't the ANC stop this strike before it start because they knew that they have power to call for an end to farm strike

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:42

      Musa.p.nzimande. They called the strike because they want to get rid of the DA in the W.P.. They don't give a damn about the farm workers, because if they did, they would have done something about the situation long ago. Devious party, the ANC.

  • willie.olivier.144 - 2013-01-12 05:21

    Sell all the farms to the chinees, then they can bring their own labours in from China. It will be the end of our labour problems

      Erna - 2013-01-12 06:20

      And if any of our people are employed by the Chinese, they'll get even less money!

      arthur.watts.14 - 2013-01-12 06:49

      Erna certainly is a breath of fresh air in all this crap

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:43

      Willie.olivier.144. Under the Chinese there won't be a COSATU either. Almost wishful thinking.

  • tlotlo.phele - 2013-01-12 06:03

    Farmers must pay , this is exactly the selfish attitude that's not taking us forward , if the farmer owners where black the comments where gonna be different, sies

      Erna - 2013-01-12 06:18

      If the farmer owners were black there probably wouldn't be farms.

      Brian Dorning - 2013-01-12 06:23

      How would the comments be different if the farmers were black? Would you not have said that the farmers 'must pay'? Its not about race, its about sustain ability for the economy and job security for people of all races. Seems to me that its racism like your your not taking us forward

      MJS1234 - 2013-01-12 07:18

      How do you know that some of the farmers aren't black? WC has the most successful land transformation program with an 80% success rate so, my dear, there are most likely black farm owners being affected!

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:46

      Tlotlo.phele. Really and who had set the wages in the first place?. The government did. So obviously they thought the wages good enough for black people. That also answers your sies remark. You have brains you know, now try and use them..

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:48

      Brian Dorning. There is a coloured farmer near Ceres, if I am right. He breeds horses. They burned down all his feed for his animals. Maybe he isn't black enough for the likes of Tlotlo.

  • liezl.haramis.7 - 2013-01-12 06:11

    Zakes...take yourself and your buddy farmworkers some place where youll find morons willing to pay uneducated idiots like yourself. The whites, AND many blacks are all fed up!! Were not building bridges...were planning strike backs!!

  • Thobile Lugwadu - 2013-01-12 06:32

    This strike action has been carefully planned by the rulling party senior technocrats. It may bear a semblance of labour issues,but its ultimate goal is to show the working class on farms,who are predominantly colourds,and likely DA voters,about employer/employee relations. A new cadre is in the making. If I were maddam Zille i would approach my constituency and try and mitigate the effects of this revolution.

      kholekile.dyala - 2013-01-12 10:18

      Amandla com

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:52

      Thobile. Lugwadu.Farm workers don't vote and most don't belong to a union either. I don't think you have to worry about Zille. She's seen it all before. It isn't revolution, it's a common strike instigated by power hungry individuals out to further their own careers.

      Thobile Lugwadu - 2013-01-12 14:54

      @jacqui, i thought farm workers well over 18,and therefore eligible to cast their votes...unless their are all foreigner. Actually u r fishing on dwindling waters,and soon you will be exposed.

  • Gert van Coller - 2013-01-12 06:37

    Huh?? I thought Ehrenreich was all in favor of the strike? What's different now? Not enough personal gain to be found anymore?

      arthur.watts.14 - 2013-01-12 06:55

      Ehrenreich should be criminally charged for excitement.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-12 07:26

      Arthur, "incitement" bud :) But with the ANC cadres in charge of the public prosecutions everywhere, that is not likely to happen

      amanda.strydom.5 - 2013-01-13 13:24

      Smokiness E a screen of lies and deceit maybe the strikers started demanding his closet and delicious meals and lifestyle....

  • alananthonygreen - 2013-01-12 06:48

    Oh Ja. Meant to add. Drop dead Frenchmen (fransman).

  • lbrandcarstens - 2013-01-12 07:01

    Why is it only Western Cape labourers that are striking? Are the labourers in other provinces receiving a better wage?

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-01-12 07:24

      Methinks this is part of the ANC's "render the WC ungovernable" strategy

      lacrimose.wolf - 2013-01-12 11:55

      Nope but in most other parts of the country they don't have labour living on their land any more and it's not harvest season.

  • MJS1234 - 2013-01-12 07:22

    Oh dear, and you thought making the WC ungovernable would be a fun game Fransman. Not so fun when the world watches and our economy is downgraded. ANC, destroying economies for 101 years, happy fricking birthday. Enjoy the Durban celebrations while the people that feed us watch their farms burn!

      kholekile.dyala - 2013-01-12 10:09


      heibrin.venter - 2013-01-12 11:09

      Kholekile: please explain to me how she's a coward?

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:54

      Heibrin.venter. Don't ask Kholekile.dyala difficult questions. He is all flustered now.

  • faslie.miller - 2013-01-12 08:07

    Demanding a minimum wage of R150 per day? Isn't that a bit too much???

      TSR01 - 2013-01-12 11:40

      More than double, a ±215% increase, eeyup, I think you're right.

  • cathy.vanvollenstee - 2013-01-12 08:16

    Get rid of the corrupt unions and stop them from bussing in "striking farm workers" from other areas. Arrest and prosecute the lawless and then maybe we will be able to start building this country up instead of breaking it down!

      kholekile.dyala - 2013-01-12 10:03

      You don't have a clue about poverty or building a country,your views are based on white supremacy,you don't care about the workers who are paid R69 .how do u build a country were africans are still paid slave wages in their own country.

      heibrin.venter - 2013-01-12 11:13

      @Kholekile: do you deny that non-farm workers are bussed in from other parts of the country to participate in the strikes? Do you deny that the unions are the ones calling for violent strikes, destruction of property?? Why not protest in front of parliament, after all, it was government who determined the minimum wage, not the farmers. If the government had determined the wage to be R100pd the farmers would have paid. This is the problem with people like you: you would rather wrongly blame the whites than rightfully blame your fellow blacks.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 11:58

      Kholekile. dyala. As a matter of fact we do know what povery is. We also know there is a way to escape it. It is called WORK. we do care about the workers being paid R69 a day. we also wonder why your government thought that wage was good enough for them. Seem there are more people in this country that don't care and guess what, they have the same colour as you.

  • godfrey.thwala - 2013-01-12 08:31

    Apart from calling farm workers to exhaust the strike.what is the ANC doing?was these matter discussed in their recent congress?as long as the labour Act that stipulate that farm workers must be paid R1500 farm workers will continue to encounter pure workers will continue to sell their ability to farmers and get wine inreturn.i feel that the ANC-led govt is contributing to the exploitation.let there be justice!farmers are making huge chunk whilst the ppl who sustain their progress are getting poverty and detoriarate because the wage(wine)thy are getting there.

      arie.vdplaats - 2013-01-12 10:44

      godfrey.thwala. Do you have ANY IDEA what you are writing about? I sincery doubt this

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-01-12 12:06

      GOdfrey.thwala. The ANC government set the wages. The ANC and COSATU are responsible for the strike. For the rest, go figure.

  • leo.strelley - 2013-01-12 09:34

    Why not start by subsidising farmers as they do in first world countries instead of subsidising taxis. I wouldn't even put a foot out of bed for R69 a day and don't support the strike against the farmers but I would fully support a strike against the cANCer who is living a lavish lifestyle while the poor suffer

  • leo.strelley - 2013-01-12 09:38

    Why not start by subsidising farmers as they do in first world countries instead of subsidising taxis. I wouldn't even put a foot out of bed for R69 a day and don't support the strike against the farmers but I would fully support a strike against the cANCer who is living a lavish lifestyle while the poor suffer

  • jaco.vaneck.3 - 2013-01-12 09:57

    Why the sudden change in mind set mr Fransman? Seems the lightbulb finaly came on in your head so you are starting to see the bigger picture. The unions are painting the picture that the farmers are all wealthy and rich. The question is if the farmer is rich, why does so many or all up coming farming projects started by goverment failing? Because the mere fact that you own a piece of land does not make you rich. It is exspensive to farm, each time desel goes up the running cost of te farmer goes up. But the same cannot be said of the selling price of the produce delivered by these farmers. So mr Fransman and all those clever union people go do the maths and you wpuld find it is not possible to give workers such salary's.

  • moshe.mogola - 2013-01-12 10:23

    No i dont think is fair because farmers they earn low salaries and they work hard under the sun.i think is time now for us as nation to took them serious,bcuz realy without them..we are nothing,they deserve more

  • Vincent Bowes - 2013-01-12 11:18

    why suspend, it was suspended once for Negotiations what happened? now they must suspend it again for more negotiations, what is there to negotiate, let those farmers who stole our land live off R69 and see what life they can give to their children.

      attie.stone.3 - 2013-01-13 06:56

      Sies Vincent. Now you want matters to be worse. If the farmers live off R69 what will the workers end up with....You're evil.

  • jill.coppin.77 - 2013-01-12 11:44

    Did'nt the ANCYL say they were going to make the WC "Ungovernable"? they have got good partners, ANC & COSATU.. let me think, oh yes 2014 on the horizon. Was watching the stike on TV .. please, some of those that were striking were no ways workers more than likely ANCYL et al "rent a crowd"

  • aubrey.christie - 2013-01-12 14:34


  • wonderboy.ngubeni - 2013-01-12 18:28

    Yeah news24 is a site for mediocre journalism fueling racial tension and also a favorite pass time for bored fat internet trolls looking for a cheap thrill by insulting government and African people. It is pathetic that in 2013 we still hAve this stone age rotten outdated mentality. Stupid racists give my comment a thumbs down, put your thumb print mark of stupidity, I dare you.

  • sakkie.prinsloo.35 - 2013-01-12 20:52

    We do`nt experience this kind of anarchie in Namibia, why, ??? I believe my Government would deploy the Army with a shoot to kill policy. We Namibians had enough of War, if any one would try to de-stabilze this tiny country with it`s young democracy i believe my Leaders would snub it pronto. We do "strike" once every 4 to 5 years but do create havoc and cause damage , it simply is not a Namibian mindset.!! p.s. My people does not dance in anger (toi-toi) we engage in talks/discussions.What a weird lot of "strikers" you have in S.A. Not a single toi-toi-ing lean woman on T.V., all of them over weight but dancing while be-moaning the poor pay.????? Eish Meme.!!!!

      attie.stone.3 - 2013-01-13 07:00

      Ya, but here they hate us wit ous sakkie & blame all of us for what some maders did many years ago.

  • amanda.strydom.5 - 2013-01-13 13:14

    Down down graded. Strikes only promote "stay away from RSA" if our farmers can not export other countries will.More poverty. Higher crime,murder and no JOBS...

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