ANC concerned over Nkandla backlash

2014-01-12 10:05

Durban - With many ANC party leaders concerned about a possible public backlash when public protector Thuli Madonsela releases her report on Nkandla this month, the big question remains as to whether Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa did in fact inform President Jacob Zuma in advance about the upgrades to his KwaZulu-Natal home.

According to the Sunday Times, Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile raised concerns over Nkandla during a national executive committee meeting in Mpumalanga last week.

Members attending the meeting said that Mashatile pointed out that cabinet policy on presidential security upgrades states that the minister of police has to inform the president on costs involving any such project.

To date, Zuma and the ANC have said that the president had few details of the upgrade and that he did not know what the costs would be.

This comes as fears mount within the party that support is waning ahead of elections on the back of a number of issues, including the Nkandla scandal.

Charge the corrupt

Earlier in the week ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said that those who benefited corruptly from the security upgrades at President Jacob Zuma's homestead in Nkandla must be criminally pursued.

"Those who will believe they are scapegoats because... they acted on directions of certain political principals have the responsibility to disclose who those political principals are," Mantashe said.

He was briefing the media in Mpumalanga following a three-day meeting with members of the party's national executive committee (NEC).

Mantashe said the committee had accepted the inter-ministerial task team's report on Nkandla, but had concerns about the amount spent on the security upgrades at Zuma's homestead.

He said the NEC was "keen to read" Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's report on the matter.

"We are comfortable with the facts that are stated in the report of the inter-ministerial task team. We would be surprised if there is another set of facts that the Public Protector will depend on.

"Our understanding is that, throughout that investigation, the Public Protector herself was interacting with those ministers that are involved. So the set of facts will be the same," he said.

Any delay in the release of the report by Madonsela would be viewed as politically motivated.

"The Public Protector has been working on that report for a long period of time. She has released the preliminary report and we are not expecting her to sit for another six months to release the report," Mantashe said.

The Mail&Guardian reported in November that Madonsela had found in her preliminary report that Zuma had misled Parliament and had benefited substantially from a R206m upgrade to his homestead.

A parliamentary committee's findings on the report indicated that it had cleared Zuma, finding no evidence that taxpayers' money had been used to pay for his private home - as he has insisted in statements to the National Assembly.

  • Terry Warren - 2014-01-12 10:13

    Zumas lapdogs are slowly turning into Hyena's...... Jacob they are going to turn on you!! Stop worrying about the other parties and start looking at your own party. You my fat friend are going to be eaten by your own kind. The other senior members of your party are starting to realise you are a liability and will have to take you down if the party is to keep its support..... So funny how the wheels turns.. You screwed Mbeki over and its going to happen to you..... I LOVE IT!!!!

      Herrie Dielandst Roper - 2014-01-12 10:26

      Mbeki deserved to be screwed over.

      Terry Warren - 2014-01-12 10:31

      I think you missing the point...... Politics is a dirty business played by two timing, self serving scumbags!!

      Armand Horn - 2014-01-12 10:35

      Terry, support for the party means how strong is the ANC business or how long will ANC politicians be able to receive advantages from the State

      Lesedi Afrika - 2014-01-12 10:39

      Msizi, the anc is the ruling party, which means whatever it does affects every citizen irrespective of political persuasion. Besides, the anc is in the news right now if you haven't noticed.

      Terry Warren - 2014-01-12 10:52

      @ Msizi, nowhere do I make reference or pledge allegiance to any political party.... Perhaps you should be more concerned with improving your reading skills and spend less time on worrying about you beloved party?

      The Philosopher's Stone - 2014-01-12 12:15

      Poetry isn't it!!!

      pmalungana - 2014-01-12 13:58

      Zuma is not ready to trim his appetite for riches, he will amass more and more wealth from the state using the same excuse Modise is trying to pull in her defense for luxury vehicle. The lying security cluster and spokes person will continue to feed the public with lies. The tricky politicians will continue to promise and promise the gullible voters until the coffers run dry. The leaders have a fiduciary duty over the organizations which they run , the president equal has a fiduciary duty towards his department and the public demands an explanation direct from him for maladministration , not from his surbodinates lying ministry.

      Bullet Proof - 2014-01-12 16:04

      THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. Carry your responsibilities and STOP blaming the past or any other ghosts.

      Bullet Proof - 2014-01-12 16:06

      They shouldn't be worry about the report but about the abuse of public moneys which belongs to all South Africans.

      Travis Vermaak - 2014-01-13 09:06

      Watch them make Nathi Mthethwa scapegoat so that Pres the can get off scot free. Nathi will be slipped money under the table to hold him, and then rehired in a year or 2 Robert McBride style.

      William Minges - 2014-01-13 09:44

      "the big question remains as to whether Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa did in fact inform President Jacob Zuma in advance about the upgrades to his KwaZulu-Natal home." Looks like Zuma is throwing people under the bus as the elections draw near. How can you not know what is happening to your home and what it costs? What does the minister of police have to do with the luxury upgrades to your home that you insist were necessary and you stated you had paid for out of your own pocket?????

  • Jurie Nel - 2014-01-12 10:21

    The backlash will be there, and there will be a measure of loss of support. The question is, what will the anc (lower case intended) do about it? My guess is nothing. I base this on the high level of incompetence and the dismal quality of leadership within the anc. May this be the beginning of the end for them. Terry Warren -- I do so hope your scenario becomes reality!

      The Philosopher's Stone - 2014-01-12 12:19

      anc WILL die! It is consuming itself from the inside.

      Jo Barton - 2014-01-13 10:38

      The Philosopher's Stone - the anc will not die. As long as there are uneducated people and people that are afraid of their ancestors, or people that are racist and hate the White man, then the anc will continue to thrive.

  • Martin Bekker - 2014-01-12 10:22

    ANC should have been concerned over Nkandla Two years ago when the rest of South Africans where concerned,

  • Lums Zindela - 2014-01-12 10:24

    wonder if it will get enough publicity

      Martin Makhene - 2014-01-12 15:01

      not enough my brother. for the first time in years I watched SABC news and I can assure you it is pure propaganda. why do you think the ANC protected the guy who runs SABC with a fake matric certificate? To influence his decision making whenever it pleases them.

  • Frank Drebben - 2014-01-12 10:29


  • Shoaib Patel - 2014-01-12 10:30

    After the Nkandla report, things will be critical but stable.

      Nic Mechanic - 2014-01-12 11:07

      Mac is very quiet....

      Andrew Terr - 2014-01-12 12:30

      Nic,Mac is curing his barby with some Mainstay and beer.

  • Bongeka Gwalisa - 2014-01-12 10:31

    Mnxmm. Why Zuma's home was upgraded. Mandela n Bheki's were never upgraded. What s so special bout Zuma

      Msizi Nyalungu - 2014-01-12 10:45

      do yourself a favor and don't comment about things you know nothing about, people like you are a reason why people of color are labeling us as stupid... Learn please ASAP

      Henning Kruger - 2014-01-12 12:15

      B/S*@t Makua: de Klerk-R32 000, Mandela-R160 000, Mbeki-R310 000, Zumpie-R320 000 000

      Tony van Niekerk - 2014-01-12 17:55

      Talk about doing your homework. If you were to Google the issue. Adjusted for inflation, yes, guys, taking inflation into account, Mandela's house cost R32m and Mbeki's cost R12m to upgrade. Just for interest, FW De Klerk's house cost R236 000 to upgrade. These are figure that Government did not argue with when the report was released. They merely said we should not compare because they actually wanted to spend only R70m and the project ran over budget. The above is straight from what was said in Parliament and is not my interpretation.

  • Jacky Malatji - 2014-01-12 10:32

    Tjo this game is on fire now for us is to sit back and watch what the ANC will do after Thuli's findings and corruption exposed

  • Grace Andtruth - 2014-01-12 10:35

    They should be concerned and their concerns should be far more than just the Nkandla saga. There's e-tolls, Guptas, arms deal, the president's lack of concern and discipline over his overspending, underachieving cadres he's put in place! Its a disgrace!

  • Koonradie Steyn - 2014-01-12 10:36

    Its getting hot,i wonder this time what will be the excuse the thieves are being exposed.

  • Albertus Lombaard - 2014-01-12 10:37

    Well, any president with a voter base of largely very poor people should be able to see the upgrades at his personel residence like nkandla must run into hundreds of millions. Then such president, who is so concerned about his poor voter base, should personally fire the idiots who splashed all this money on his personel lodgings, for he would think that all that money should be invested into uplifment projects, which will also please tax payers who in general are not from his voter base

      The Philosopher's Stone - 2014-01-12 12:24

      And seeing the upgrades cannot be undone, said caring president will donate the facility to the country to use positively to uplift the community.

  • Sean Lock - 2014-01-12 10:37

    Hey just like Dingaan killed his own brother. Do you not think Mr JZ is killing the entire nation. This is really not a colour or religious debate this is pure GREED !!!!!!!!

  • pws69 - 2014-01-12 10:39

    Is it clever to have a person who has no clue what is happening at his own home, and who has no clue of what things cost, in charge of our country and our taxes?

      Tersia Louw - 2014-01-12 10:46

      No. All Zuma had to do was look out a window.

  • Tiyiselani Maluleke - 2014-01-12 10:44

    They have got all the reasons to be concerned. elections are just around the corner.

      Stephen Debete - 2014-01-12 10:50

      It's not only the elections that they are concerned about, their salaries too!!

  • Tshiniki Makgene - 2014-01-12 10:46

    Ao today he doese"t know last time HE took loan, his wives and friend built it for him. Guys please dont ever try to play with our minds here we are fed up about thi junk, if corruption like this is not a crime, i call to those who can do corruption to joint this man let us all be corrupt, BUT where is MALEMA property today?

  • Lukhele George - 2014-01-12 10:46

    I'm also concerned about their concern after so many year but what makes me happy is that the report is on its way out to the public. May you all join me in praying: May God bless our food as we are about to eat, Amen. Bring it on Adv Thuli Madonsela.........

  • Fannie Mashilo - 2014-01-12 10:47

    Let's hope nathi informed zumaki about the upgrade so that the ANC leaders can have enough reason to toss him away like they did with Mbeki.

      Tshiniki Makgene - 2014-01-12 11:04

      he knows very well they thought this will be the same as ARMS DEAL,WATERKLOOF AND SHOWER story he alway escpaes he thinks he is untouchable.His cronies *THULAS & NATHI, KZN BRASS.

      Shades - 2014-01-12 13:44

      Of nathi didn't inform him, he should be fired for incompetence followed by zooma for being a stupid!!

  • Sphesh Nondumiso Hlatshwayo - 2014-01-12 10:51

    I hope it is a blacklash so that the real truth will come out

      Kenny Williams - 2014-01-13 12:15

      Makua van Wilkel. Now that you have woken up I suggest you get hold of the newspapers for the last 20 years and read up on what has been going on in SA while you have been sleeping or smoking your socks.

  • Karabo Juniour - 2014-01-12 10:52

    eish i am afraid ANC is going to bribe madonzela to change her report and lie to us lyk they do!!!!

  • Livvi Krige - 2014-01-12 10:54

    So another scapegoat is put in place to cover this excuse of a president's ass. The lengths they will go to to protect him and ultimately keep their jobs!!

  • Adrianh - 2014-01-12 11:03

    All those fools who vote for the cANCer are going to end up working in zoom zooms cattle kraal, tending his sheep, cleaning his chickenrun and pulling beer bottles from his eeeeeeee-fire-pool kreeapy krauly's gullet.

      Skeyi Denilson - 2014-01-12 11:14

      fools lol what rong to you ? you want people to folow you brainless ?no man please this is a democratic country ANC was fight for this every 1 have a right to choose any paty please stupid doomkop

  • Ding Bat - 2014-01-12 11:09

    Did it not concern Zuma when he saw the work work being done on his kraal about the costs. Was it just fine bcos we were paying for it.

  • Richard - 2014-01-12 11:10

    IF they are worried then they know something is wrong. Please they do not need a report to tell them this. Just ask JZ, he lives there and saw it going up. This idiotic pretense of ignorance is getting tedious.

  • John ScreenEnigma - 2014-01-12 11:16

    There is absolutely no way that Zoomer did not know any of the details concerning finances.

  • Ben Spreeth - 2014-01-12 11:16

    You have reason to be concerned. I hope this is going to be the mother of all the backlashes.

  • Andrew M - 2014-01-12 11:19

    The real question really is. How is it possible for massive upgrades taking place on the property and no questions being asked by Jacob Zuma as to why and the cost thereof. If he states he was ignorant of these changes how is it possible that he appointed his own architect to oversee, and the architect must have known on the costs of such a large undertaking. Did he convey this data to the President?

      Heidi Ngoetjana - 2014-01-12 15:31

      Makua did you just ask that question?

      Reality - 2014-01-13 09:50

      > was he supposed to stop the building? how, please explain!!!!!!!!!! By using his mouth and saying STOP

  • Richard Young - 2014-01-12 11:24

    Forget the backlash. They should have thought about that in the first place, then again, they should not have put themselves in such a position where they should have to think about that at all.

  • Zuko Goldstein - 2014-01-12 11:34

    How can anyone trust a man who can't even keep his own house in order let alone an entire country!

  • Louis Eloff Jnr - 2014-01-12 11:48

    "cabinet policy on presidential security upgrades states that the minister of police has to inform the president on costs involving any such project." Does that mean Nathi Mthetwa is going to take the fall for "not notifying" Zuma? Who wants to take a bet? Zuma is ALWAYS innocent!

  • Eugene Mader - 2014-01-12 11:51

    The fact that he says he wasn't aware of the extent and costs of the 'upgrade' means he wasn't paying for the cost thereof in the first place. Any person funding such costs would have queried this immediately. Your time is up d*ckhead. This will sink you and I hope you rot in prison. Well done Thuli in sticking to your guns, I hope your investigations will uncover more corrupt dealings this man and his cANCer have perpetrated.

  • Samu Choe - 2014-01-12 12:00

    Is this their way of shifting the blame? I bet Nathi is going to be sacrificed 4 zu.... Scandal.

  • Imelda Sue Carpyde - 2014-01-12 12:04

    What else is he going to get away with, step down your time is up.

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2014-01-12 12:10

    Look if someone come and start upgrading my security gate, I am going to ask what he is doing. I will never believe that Zuma wasn't informed about the security. The very fact that he engaged the architect shows his involvement from beginning to end. That he and the ANC want us to believe he knew nothing about it just shows that they are under the assumption we all lack brains.

  • The Philosopher's Stone - 2014-01-12 12:13

    Found him: scapegoat!!!!! Nathi Mthethwa nicely lighned up to take a bullet!!!

  • jungleboy - 2014-01-12 12:17

    No getting arround it, Nkandla will be the big nail that will slam the ANC's coffin shut. The more the president and his henchmen lie, the more fantastic and unbelievable the lies become.

  • Solomon Repeant - 2014-01-12 12:24

    who to vote for ,,,malema a brand of youth chased by being corrupt and money laundry ..da a fake freedom patry which is inheriting anc policy????

      Alon Fisher - 2014-01-13 10:02

      uhm Agang????????or why not UDM, ACDP etc give these other parties a chance you cant expect change if you not willing to chance it???

  • Solomon Repeant - 2014-01-12 12:27

    lets take out zuma and put ramaphosa as anc presdent ..easy as that

      Sivuyile Sotondoshe - 2014-01-12 14:58

      Not Ramaphosa @ all.

      Robert Mashau - 2014-02-09 15:54

      He doesn't have the ability to run the country,he lead us through Mac Maharaj and the rest of the indians in the cabinet corrupt to the core sies

  • Solomon Repeant - 2014-01-12 12:30

    take nkandla and make it anc head 3/4 s of nkandla

  • Johannes Ramara - 2014-01-12 12:34

    Feel it , it is here idiots.

  • Monwabisi Ntamnani - 2014-01-12 12:39

    I can't wait for Thuli madonsela to realise the report about musium of corruption in nkandla.

  • Johan Botes - 2014-01-12 12:43

    ANC supporters give new meaning to the word stupid! Vote ANC again and start throwing stone the next day to protest against a lack of service delivery!! Stupid par excellance!!

  • asantedieudt - 2014-01-12 12:51

    Nkandla: The Museum of corruption.

      louis.elst - 2014-01-12 12:53

      Shows you how stupid Zuma is that he could not see the cost involved in constructing such a residence wow and he had to make decisions about the country please not another term

      asantedieudt - 2014-01-12 12:57

      Hehehe! But when he was asked in parliament, he said d government did not contribute anything to build Nkandla, he n his family paid for everything. He is caught in his own webs of lies.

  • Ramulondi Nthambeleni Combrick - 2014-01-12 12:59

    I saw Bheki Cele In so many occasion so it means if you can find Nathi Mthetwa guilty they will do the same # John chapter 10:10

  • Stephen Michaels - 2014-01-12 13:04

    do they care?? this cANCer is eating away the body(tax payers money) and there is no cure till the body is rotten.....sies..mxm...

  • Dawn Kilian - 2014-01-12 13:10

    Now bye to ANC

  • Owen Dell - 2014-01-12 13:31

    The CancER hyena and its fleas are eating the economy of this country ! Vote Nc and watch your children starve !

  • Bheka Makhathini - 2014-01-12 13:37

    This article is intended to appease those who were distraught by the events at Mbombela yesterday. Everyone is reveling that the ANC is history because of the supposed discussion on Nkandla in the NEC meeting. My guess is that as the PP's report is coming closer and closer, the opposition should leave space that the President may be absolved. I hope they won't turn their anger towards the PP for not finding Zuma guilty. According to most, Zuma is guilty and anything short will leave countless people (haters) distraught. I warn them: do not count the chickens until they are hatched. Do not put the cart before the horse. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.. The strategy of the opposition is to blemish the ANC President in order to make some dent in the election (obviously because the ANC will still win overwhelmingly). If you don't like Zuma, you still have to put up with him for the next 5 years. Whether you like it or not. Our people who happen to be in the majority love him. Nkandla debacle or not, they want the ANC to continue leading them out of (economic) bondage.

      Shades - 2014-01-12 13:46

      You ignorant fool I mean, how damn stupid can one get??

      Christoffel Bouwer Nel - 2014-01-12 14:46

      Njo wa mma wa gago zulu boy. Zuma is your king not mine

      Eish Wena - 2014-01-13 12:42

      You dumb silly zulu boy, you are obviously not very well educated, you are like a sheep you just follow, you cannot use your own common sense and see your own people are robbing you. I will pray for you my brother, pray that you one day see the light and that it will happen soon for you.

  • Teunis Rooseboom - 2014-01-12 13:39

    He could have ASKED. If someone came to my house and started building and changing i'll definately ask questions. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Bheka Makhathini - 2014-01-12 13:44

    This story has been twigged for all the wrong reasons. According to it, the ANC is worried that it is losing support in unprecedented ways. This is all a lie. The ANC is quietly confident of the overwhelming victory in the forthcoming elections. Not even the Nkandla debacle gives the ANC sleepless nights. The fact is that the opposition agrees that the ANC will win these next elections. They have nothing to offer. Even if they did, where would they use it because they will be sitting in opposition benches? Their manifestos are a fuss.

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-01-12 13:58

      I agree with you. However, the reason why the ANC do not loose sleep is because most rural blacks still vote according to racial lines. That is a fact and it will never be changed. So, again, I agree with you. The DA have other things to offer but, because they will never be in charge of ZA, they cannot implement their ideas. Potch being a point is case. I can go on and in and on...

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-01-12 13:58

      I agree with you. However, the reason why the ANC do not loose sleep is because most rural blacks still vote according to racial lines. That is a fact and it will never be changed. So, again, I agree with you. The DA have other things to offer but, because they will never be in charge of ZA, they cannot implement their ideas. Potch being a point is case. I can go on and in and on...

      Sivuyile Sotondoshe - 2014-01-12 14:50

      Bheka stop smoking dagga and follow ur name.Nkandla is gonna kill our organisation.

      Joel Mafolo - 2014-01-12 14:59

      Hey Bheka , it is nice to encourage yourself in the face of adversity but don't mistake your efforts for reality. The ANC is going down sir!

  • Bheka Makhathini - 2014-01-12 13:48

    My guess is that Thuli Madonsela is going to be one of the most hated people on this forum after he release of the report on Nkandla upgrades. Save this post, you might wanna refer back to it in a couple of weeks from now. Forget the vitriol spewed in the media.

      Christoffel Bouwer Nel - 2014-01-12 14:48

      Njo wa mma wa gago zulu boy. Zuma is your king not mine!

      Heidi Ngoetjana - 2014-01-12 15:24

      You can start by referring to Thuli as she.

      Patrick Mashaba - 2014-01-12 16:00

      We don't care whether Cyril Ramaphosa becomes next president in 2019 and we also don't care whether Zuma continues as a president in June . Our concern is good gorvenance that is clean from corruption . Anybody may rule South Africa as a president of any colour or language, but we don't condone corruption , because corruption leads poor people to suffer worse . Are you the beneficial of corruption ? If your answer is yes , it means you will continue to close a blind eye to corruption . President may do corruption direct or indirect as a head of state we 'll continue to blame him like the Nkandla saga .