ANC supporters serenade Madiba

2013-06-27 18:24

Pretoria - A large number of people wearing ANC attire sang struggle songs outside the hospital in Pretoria where former president Nelson Mandela remained in a critical condition on Thursday.

Hundreds of African National Congress Youth League and Women's League supporters sang and danced, marching up and down Celliers Street, as the sun started to set over the country's capital.

The group of supporters, who were bussed in, were on their way to a prayer meeting not far from the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital.

"Nelson Mandela, haona ya tshwanang leyena [there is no other like him]," they sang.

Elizabeth Lipule, 77, an ANCWL member from Hammanskraal, said the louder she sang the more her prayers for Mandela would be heard.

"We came here to pray for him. We are hurting for our father. He has done a lot for us old people who can no longer work," she said.

"We pray that God gives him many years, we still need him."

One woman, Nontokozo Mahlangu, who came from Soshanguve said: "Madiba is a fighter. He should come back and be better for all of us."

Still critical

People walking past the hospital, some with their dogs and others with children, stopped and watched the group. Some took photos on their cellphones.

Earlier, Mandela's granddaughter Ndileka Mandela kept up the stream of family visitors to the critically-ill former president.

Another grandchild, Mandla Mandela, left a little while earlier, his vehicle nosing through the swell of well-wishers arriving to drop off get-well cards, flowers, and balloons.

The presidency's announcement mid-afternoon that Mandela's condition had improved during the course of the night eased the tension brought on by no new information earlier.

According to the presidency's statement: "President Jacob Zuma visited former president Nelson Mandela in hospital in Pretoria today, 27 June, and was informed by the medical team that Madiba's condition has improved during the course of the night.

"He remains critical, but is now stable," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said.

  • Democrazy - 2013-06-27 18:40

    Most of the "new" leadership has rubbished Mandelas South African dream! Many anc members should hanf their heads in shame as a jesture to Tatas memory!

      LAVOLPE-ZN - 2013-06-28 09:06

      Not to mention the fact that its nothing more than a cheap attempt to garner votes

  • Thabo Masaswivona Rossouw Shabangu - 2013-06-27 18:41

    Zuma said we should leave mandela in peace, but he sends anc members to make noice around the hospital.

  • Jamie Lee Meyer - 2013-06-27 19:26

    Bussed in! Um!! How very convenient. Media circus as usual, worst part is the tax payer is paying for these brainwashed poo slinging caveman. Let Madiba have his privacy the lot of you deserve to be jailed or shot. But zuma is there saying in one instance give him peace, respect etc... Then he busses a load of them in to do election campaigning. Sickening Need change need government overthrown

  • Dubula Ibhunu - 2013-06-27 19:27

    *singing* hamba kahle mkhonto...mkhonto we mkhonto mkhonto we Sizwe..(thina bantu' bomkhonto sizimisele ukuwabulala wona lama bhunu) x3

      Nico Eksteen - 2013-06-27 20:06

      What does that mean? Fairwell spear of the nation?

      Na-aem Williams - 2013-06-28 09:57

      It means that we can't wait for you to leave so that Zuma can be taken out of the shadows.As long as Mandela is Alive, Zuma will never be seen as an idividual.

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-06-27 19:30

    How low can you go? Campaigning at a hospital where Mandela lays on his death bed.. Sick opportunists (anc)

      Ann Mathews - 2013-06-29 08:52

      Exactly. And saying "We pray that God gives him many years, we still need him." How selfish asking a sick man of 94 to live longer for your own benefit. How about doing something constructive instead of uncivilized jumping around outside a hospital ! Embarrassing yourselves.

  • Jamie Lee Meyer - 2013-06-27 19:31

    EFF is something you would support! Honestly? You want the country plundered even further into despair. He has raped the country already of it's potential for our youth to become normal citizens, instead he brainwashed them and turns them into hate machines, (zombies ) I would consider Agang, but still early days.

      Amanda Matthews - 2013-06-27 19:48

      Well said Jamie Lee Meyer. All the political scumbags are out in full force. No respect.

  • Dejavu Dlamini - 2013-06-27 19:55

    Some pple are really doff Mandela is an ANC product like it or not that's the bottom line.....

      Kementhia Barron - 2013-06-27 20:06

      Nobody is denying that! But don't play on the country's love for him and use his illness for the benefit of the ANC!! Its ridiculous and the ANC has stooped lower than the dirt under my shoe! I'm actually glad Madiba is not awake to see how low the ANC has stooped!

      Na-aem Williams - 2013-06-28 09:59

      @Dejavu and you must be a product of KY Jelly.

  • Kementhia Barron - 2013-06-27 20:02

    The man is fighting for his life and instead of singing church hyms or cultural songs, the brainwashed morons are going at it with songs from the struggle? Really disgusted that in Madiba's time of need for our prayers the ANC is using it as a campaigning tool!!!!FREAKS!!!! Where's the respect? Where's the humanity? Where's their dignity? They have no shame!!!!

      Karabo Phetoane - 2013-06-27 20:31

      @Kemanthia Barron you are the biggest moron of them all if you don't know that Madiba was raised in the struggle and he can easily associate with all the struggle songs that are sung unlike those who are trying to hijack the revolutionary struggle.I'm quiet sure if he can hear those songs he'll feel better because thats what he knows better and that had been part of his life for a very long time.

      Kementhia Barron - 2013-06-27 20:41

      @ Karabo, if you can sit back and watch these people hijack a horrible time for most of world and make it all about the 2014 election, then one can safely say, your heart is not in the right place right now. Please refrain from calling me names as I generalized and did not single out anyone. Obviously you need to crawl back into the dark hole you came out of!

      Karabo Phetoane - 2013-06-27 21:29

      @Kementhia if you don't want to be labeled don't label anyone or collectively,Mandela deserves to be celebrated the way he know better and he doesn't need those hymns of yours maybe you could have sang those to PW Botha because he needed them the most.

  • Dejavu Dlamini - 2013-06-27 20:21

    Majority rules... do the maths

      Alton Johannes - 2013-06-27 20:42

      I just did the maths and=majority is stupid hahhahahahaaaa bwaaaaaa

      Amanda Matthews - 2013-06-27 21:20

      And as for the majority of ANC supporters theirs will be the struggle from here to eternity...

  • reggie.reginald.3110 - 2013-06-27 20:21

    Dumb natives

  • Dejavu Dlamini - 2013-06-27 20:27

    Aluta continua.......

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-06-27 20:34

    Screw your anc.

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-06-27 20:35

    Screw your anc and the dumba$$ majority that keeps on voting for them.

  • Dejavu Dlamini - 2013-06-27 20:36

    Viva Mkhonto wesizwe viva....

  • John Jackson - 2013-06-27 20:45

    All I can say is sick!

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-06-27 20:46

    Pffft mkhonto wesizwe is a joke

  • Ft Burhaak - 2013-06-27 20:51

    I pray that God makes it easy for you President Mandela.The life of this world compared to the Hereafter is like a droplet of water in the ocean

  • Patricia Dewet - 2013-06-27 21:14

    Sing struggle songs, what the hell for, it been over for 20 years. If this is the best the ANC can give, this is a joke.

  • Pieter Oosthuysen - 2013-06-27 21:25

    Serenade? BS You are demeaning Madiba by turning the vigil outside the hospital into a circus and a political campaign for votes - bought by a few cheap t-shirts.

  • Dean Berzen - 2013-06-27 21:27

    I wonder how many people got given free stuff of they went with this bunch of anc crooks ........ The great man is sick and they still use him for their own personal gain. Shameful

  • DezLee - 2013-06-27 23:04

    OMW, these comments make me cringe! You guys need to face some harsh truths: Most of the ppl whose freedom Madiba and the ANC fought for are NOT xtian. Their connection to him are the freedom songs that they and their forefathers sang for many years - so why shouldn't they sing it? What is the problem exactly with a political party of which he is a founding member, transporting HIS supporters, who are also their supporters to show respect? Would DA members not do the same for Helen Zille or Tony Leon? These PEOPLE are not demanding constant updates about his condition either, they have a bond with Madiba born out of common long-suffering and victory over oppression. Nelson Madiba Nelson's legacy is about reconciliation and mutual respect. And the average comment-leaver degenerates into insult touting "rashism" and trivializing other south africans' genuine sadness in this time. I think it says more bad about the average commenter here than the section of the public that has a common bond with Madiba

  • Wendy Williamson - 2013-06-28 08:34

    Surely there must be other people in that hospital and they are now subjected to all the singing and chanting outside I think it is very selfish,

      Ann Mathews - 2013-06-29 09:21

      Very good point. But they will still insist on the circus because they want to be heard irrespective of whether the sick (including Mandela) need peace. Inappropriate at a hospital.

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