Abortion fails, so baby thrown in toilet

2011-08-31 15:06

Mahikeng - Three women have been arrested after a baby boy was thrown into a pit toilet in Matlabeng Village, North West police said on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lesego Metsi said the three Zimbabwean women, including the murdered baby's mother, were arrested on Tuesday.

Metsi said the mother was taken to an illegal clinic by the two women for an abortion on Saturday.

"She was given something to drink that was meant to abort the baby. Instead she gave birth to a healthy baby boy," he said.

The mother then went to work, leaving the baby with the two women, and told her employer about their intentions to kill her baby.

"She was told by her boss to go home and take her baby before they did anything to it, but it was too late," said Metsi.

The employer reported the matter to the police after she was told the baby had died. The three women were arrested and charged with murder. Metsi said they would appear in the Mmabatho Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Foetus found

In a separate incident, a foetus was found near a sewage plant in Mmabatho, North West, on Monday.

Metsi said a passerby saw a flock of birds near the sewage plant and went to look at what they were feeding on. "On a closer look he noticed the remains of a little body," he said.

Police were called to the scene and found that parts of the foetus had been eaten, including both eyes.

No arrests have been made.

  • The Mighty Stassen - 2011-08-31 15:14

    We live in such a civil and humane society. Viva South Africa! Viva!

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 15:25

      @legens, your nazi terminology was cute the first 1000 times, don't you know any other words

      TheMagician - 2011-08-31 15:25

      government should really consider making abortion free in all hospitals private and public to avoid these things....

      legens - 2011-08-31 15:27

      @ daemos nein

      bling bling - 2011-08-31 15:33

      @the magician...good words.....i agree 100%

      suzy - 2011-08-31 15:34

      @Magician. It is free in all state hospitals, so why dear G*d why, are we still seeing these atrocities?

      Werner - 2011-08-31 15:40

      @TheMagician I do not know if abortions are free in hospitals/clinics. All I know is if they are/were...that just worsens things. Breed without consequence! Sigh.

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 15:43

      @legens thanks :)

      tigertank - 2011-08-31 15:48

      @suzy...I'm genuinely curious now, not being argumentative. I speak as one who opposes abortion absolutely. I think it is one of the single most barbaric practices ever invented my man. On a par with the Holocaust or worse. I know the arguments about the gestational age are sometimes brought to bear about when a child is a child. But late term abortions happen legally. And pre-mature babies often survive. Therefore, I am trying to understand the pro-choice logic here. If it's okay to kill afore mentioned baby boy in the womb by barbaric methods (slicing, sucking, poisoning etc)....why is it unacceptable to kill him a few moments afterwards in a toilet?

      realist - 2011-08-31 15:58

      And they call themselves human. Not even the lowest animal does that to its offspring. If they act subhuman they will be treated as such.

      drmsa - 2011-08-31 16:13

      @TheMagician - the pill AND rubbers are also BOTH FREE from GOVERNMENT clinics - yet people still abort!!!

      Hope - 2011-08-31 16:24

      @ TheMagician abortions are provided free by Government Hospitals, many GPs prescribe the drugs and they cost less than R500. This is for abortions done up to 14 weeks! Abortions can only be performed after this period in cases where the foetus or the mother are at risk. The problem as in this case is when mothers decide to abort in their 3rd trimester which is illegal.... especially illegal abortion clinics!

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 17:22

      @Orcanda I try to keep myself informed, it's a term that means sub-human, it was a favoured by the nazis to describe anyone who wasn't aryan, or didn't fit their idealized version of a human being. It's a word loaded with historical significance. I would expect anyone who uses it or defends it's use to know that.

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 17:32

      It's basically hate speech, because the term was not in use befor the Nazi era

      RACINGCAT - 2011-09-20 10:20

      The culture of Screwing irresponsibly...Have more babies he said....

      April - 2011-10-16 09:00

      Make abortion clinics free to all people? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME? How about make Birth control free? That way the pregnancy never happens and we don't have to take away an innocent life? Way more logical if you ask me. I'm a mother a 2 and could NEVER imagine where I would be with out my children. If you don't want a baby, DON'T.MAKE.A.BABY!

  • Viparo - 2011-08-31 15:15

    Obviously abortion clinics are not implemented everywhere they should be?

      Tolerant - 2011-08-31 15:32

      It is only allowed up to 12 weeks, not full term.

      Viparo - 2011-08-31 16:46

      Fair enough Tolerant, I do get that, but maybe she would have terminated the pregnancy earlier had the facilities been more accessible?

      umhlopo - 2011-08-31 19:07

      you saw how these things behaved at mal lemmers hearing(like raving lunatics)they probably behave the same way when they feel the need to mate,I have often seen this behaviour in the canine species,this is why condoms and the pill will never work with them

  • Fedup - 2011-08-31 15:15

    If you didn't want the pregnancy why not have a legal abortion, why wait until your at full term and then try and abort. This is sic and happening far too often.

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 15:25

      El-Shammah in Primrose (GP) has a policy that if you don't want your unborn child, they will take care of him/her for you. No need for such barbarism

      Someone - 2011-08-31 15:34

      Agreed. If you don't want the pregnancy don't have unprotected intercourse. Why must the unborn child (who never asked to be here in the first place) suffer?

      jowza - 2011-08-31 16:08

      REALIST.lots of white men wil suffer if they do that

      Orcanda - 2011-08-31 17:31

      Have you people ever stop and think that this girl might have been pregnant as a result of rape? Pleas do not judge her if you dont know her circumstances. Loads of young girls get raped they get pregnant and live in fear of telling anyone. Not all just have unprotected sex left right and centre. Dont get me wrong I dont agree with the murder of the baby, that was so inhuman to do that to the poor innocent little boy.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-31 19:08

      @matt - they are looking to the future,creating staff for their garden service

  • Felix - 2011-08-31 15:18


      werner.smidt - 2011-08-31 15:55

      It's true .. whatever the moral authorities say, you can always trust a pornstar.

  • jowza - 2011-08-31 15:18

    zimbos again

      drmsa - 2011-08-31 16:13


      Hope - 2011-08-31 16:26

      It's not just Zimbabweans doing this! It happens soo soo often in the rural areas of South Africa...

  • Someone - 2011-08-31 15:19

    No man. This is just sick!!!!!

  • Wacko - 2011-08-31 15:20

    They are barbarians , scum of the earth , send them back to the bushes......

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-31 15:21

      I have no doubt that this is what happened to Juliearse which is why he is what he is.

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 15:27

      they can just go back to Zim

  • Johnny - 2011-08-31 15:22


  • Ian Engelbrecht - 2011-08-31 15:22

    Barbaric, not even pigs do that to their young. Need I say more

      buzz - 2011-08-31 15:33

      Sorry Ian, but pigs do regularly eat their newborns... But I get your point

  • bling bling - 2011-08-31 15:23

    *grabs bucket*......and vomits.............aarrrgghhhhh!!!!!...

  • GTA_Lad - 2011-08-31 15:25

    It's a culture thing

      Fairy.Queen - 2011-08-31 15:46

      where ever did you get your information??

      FV De Wet - 2011-08-31 16:01

      It is cultural, ever wonder why you see so little twins in African Cultures??

  • Alan - 2011-08-31 15:29

    This just proves that babies are the same as excrement, to be disposed of in a relevant manner. If only this trend was more wide spread, we could save ourselves from the population problem. I give birth about once a day, and flush my baby down the toilet, but now a woman does it and everybody is up in arms. Mandatory abortion is the only way.

      Johnny - 2011-08-31 15:33

      you are seriously screwed in the head

      gekko - 2011-08-31 15:38

      I'd rather say mandatory sterilisation.

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 15:44

      Can't decide if troll or just sick

      bar-one - 2011-08-31 15:49

      you make good nazi material

  • Fanie - 2011-08-31 15:32


      realist - 2011-08-31 16:03


  • estee.mente - 2011-08-31 15:34

    This is disgusting, and you hear feminists saying, there would be world peace if all positions of power were given to women...

  • mbaliegh gcwensa - 2011-08-31 15:36

    lord forgive them even though they KNOW what they are doing...if you don't want the baby give it to somebody else!

      RonJeremy - 2011-08-31 15:43

      it's the reason why Africa is so cursed with violence. centuries of devil-worship and witchcraft. bloodthirsty stuff. Murderer take lives at will without conscience. No value for human life. You cannot reason with this bloodthirsty mentality. Just not possible ...

      motsokwi - 2011-08-31 17:55

      Maybe a curse but for devil worshipers and witchcraft more clients are found outside Africa.

      anfield - 2011-08-31 20:04

      you've had 5 dissenters. Obviously they agree that throwing a new born baby into a toilet is ok. that goes for anyone of these comments were people disagree that this act is horrendous. Now is that not scary!

  • LadyJJ - 2011-08-31 15:40

    This people is just sick...why do they get pregnant if they don't want the baby...lock them up and threw away the key

  • tennilleg - 2011-08-31 15:45

    Instead of free abortions how about free sterilizations rather? Or instead of teaching women that they are born to breed, why not teach them to read and think for themselves but in Africa it seems that a woman's worth is determined by her fertility and ability to provide a man with an heir? African woman will never gain independence or liberation if they keep this up.

      anfield - 2011-08-31 20:07

      By the dissenters of comments against this atrocity, strengthens the opinion of many that there should have been forced mass sterilizations years ago.

  • SirSlothXCI - 2011-08-31 15:49

    what a f**cking disgrace!!!!

      ivory - 2011-09-27 21:53

      I'm really curious who would be so sick to give you a thumbs down.... Seriously! I tried but I could not give you 10 thumbs up LOL

  • FV De Wet - 2011-08-31 15:53

    Understand the African mind and you will know why so many babies are dying or being killed!! Enough Said!!!!!

      drmsa - 2011-08-31 16:16

      and you are saying that this sort of tragedy only happens in africa? if you hate africa so much why haven't you left yet?

      anfield - 2011-08-31 20:11

      drmsa - he didn't say he hated South Africa, probably nearer to the truth he hates (and he's not alone) the likes of you who apparently think its ok to throw new born babies into toilets. How did you survive?

      Andre - 2011-09-26 15:18

      Another example of the typical african mind, jumping at the first chance to tell people making the country better to leavem well done ... drmsa, maybe you should leave for a month or two and see how things work in a civalized country you might learn something.

  • GypseyAnn - 2011-08-31 15:57

    This is just heart-breaking and barbarous!

  • VELOCITY - 2011-08-31 16:01

    It's now reached the point where these "people" squat to give birth on every street corner and then just continue on walking without even looking back. The same as a dog would do after dropping a turd.

      anfield - 2011-08-31 20:16

      No, dogs in most cases, bury their turds and have cleaner habits all round. A canine bitch suckles its young, a human bitch, like the one in question doesn't have maternal instincts. Lay them and leav e them.

  • Andre - 2011-08-31 16:09

    they govern us and walk amongst us... and they have a vote?

  • pop101 - 2011-08-31 16:11

    An innocent little one, this makes me very sad. And don't even come with "the poor mother, how must she feel". She must burn in hell till for eternity.

  • James - 2011-08-31 16:18

    O so aborting a live baby is fine but aborting a live baby in the womb is not fine. People suck

      anfield - 2011-08-31 20:18

      getting off the subject jimmy boy. that's a different matter for another forum. stick to the facts of this story and how terrible it is.

      ivory - 2011-09-27 21:57

      I completely agree! Abortion is murder fullstop.

  • Da.Liva.Delvira - 2011-08-31 16:33

    Sizie Bling Bling and The Magician... If it's free then almost every women/female out there wouldn't care, they would just say "oh well, abortion is free, I might as well get rid of this thing inside me, so i can do it over and over". Think about it for a little while...

  • Mark - 2011-08-31 17:57

    When any people group choose to destroy another people group because of convenience, difference in philosophy or fear of strength we stand against ity and are horrified. The Nazis are seen as pure evil because of the holocaust, the apartheid regime is viewed as an abomination becasue of its policies. The 'ethnic cleansing' in Rwanda and Bosnia is viewed as a crime against humanity but when it comes to savagely murdering babies we pass it off as a human right. What we are saying is that children are an inconvenience so lets kill them. We claim to be a country that protects women and children but we provide legal murdering options rather than changing our own lifestyles. As for those who claim abortion for rape victims we may as well go to murdering anyone born out of wedlock. The same logic applies. Instead of abortion how about we promote adoption. Instead of women focusing so much on their careers at the expense of their babies, how about changing your priorities and instead of a nation of cowardly, immature boy, how about us men stand up and protect our women and children. And for all those who believe that the feotus is part of the mother because it cant survive outside of the womb and therefore the mother can choose to abort, I would ban you from all forms of medical life support equipment or assistance.

  • Bongzzy - 2011-08-31 18:26

    @Suzy i don't think it stop, maybe i'm too narrow minded. You can't solve a problem with a problem, whether you go legally about it or otherwise, you might as well have waited to give birth to the baby and feed it poisoned food or put a hole in the head. Wrong is wrong. We have to learn to take responsibility of our actions instead of trying to correct our wrongs

  • Bongzzy - 2011-08-31 18:34

    They must just... Learn to take responsibility that's all, we all do. We can't scratch our mistakes and start over. We like too much of shortcuts

  • umhlopo - 2011-08-31 19:00

    he must smell just like malema

  • Allison - 2011-09-02 13:16

  • bblgum - 2011-10-01 04:56

    @tigettank = ARE YOU INSANE! You would prefer that a baby that is BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD, that breathes in air, that CAN SEE THE WORLD - its dumped in a toilet or left to be eaten ALIVE by vermon? Where as an unborn child who has not yet taken a breath and FEELS NO PAIN by the abortion method ..You are sick.

  • Shey - 2011-10-12 07:07

    That is sick.. I Really wish people would learn better ways to protect them selves.. Or at least give the baby to someone who wants a child.. Seriously how sick can you be that you tried to kill the baby even after the child was born... Monster is what those women are MONSTERS!!! There is never an excuse for taking innocent life ever..

  • Danielle - 2011-10-14 00:23

    People need to stop having babys if they arent going to take care of their babyy, why do such a thing as neglect??? theres a reason why Social Service is in place.. why kill your child when someone will love and care for a child thats not their own.. All parents who kill theirs babys should burn in h*ll . . . God bless those babys who live through such crisis..

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