Academic financial exclusions 'must end'

2012-02-02 14:12

Cape Town - No university should exclude academically deserving students on financial grounds, the National Assembly's higher education and training committee said on Thursday.

Otherwise, the denial of education to children from historically disadvantaged families would be perpetuated, committee chairperson Ishmael Malale said.

"Our committee maintains zero tolerance on financial exclusions."

The committee visited the Cape Peninsula University of Technology's (CPUT) Bellville campus after January registrations were disrupted by protesting students due to disagreements on 2012 fee increments.

Tuition fees

Malale said it emerged during a meeting with CPUT management and student leadership that the university council took a decision on November 26, 2011 to increase 2012 tuition and residence fees, despite the objection of student leadership.

According to management, student leadership argued for zero percent increases on both tuition and residence fees.

The committee noted there had been discussions on fee increments between the university management and student leadership, but no "meaningful engagements".

The committee reiterated its unhappiness over mass action that included burning tyres and financial exclusions.

"Please eliminate protests, engage each other meaningfully, and call the department of higher education and training when there is deadlock; this university is a public institution," Malale said.

He urged CPUT's management to ensure students were part of the financial exclusions committee due to meet on Thursday. He appealed to the management for the cancellation of court interdicts against students.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-02-02 14:18

    I wonder who will be expected to pay for the "learners" who can't pay for themselves........?

      Citizen - 2012-02-02 14:37

      Us of course, the much maligned taxpayer, why not, lets sponsor the first years to party and drink and live on us after all only 70% of first year students fail...if at first you dont succeed try ..actually working for a change!

      Annelise - 2012-02-02 15:16

      Should the Youth Development Fund not pay towards these students. Doing something good with all the hundreds of millions given to them for developing the youth, and by that I mean developing a future for the youth.

      Nosiphom - 2012-02-02 15:24

      And what is "academically deserving" Is that an all encompassing term or only those who who excell in their studies ? Then maybe we should just have free varsity education, otherwise the not so poor parent who has a child at varsity pays twice - once for his child and then for the "academically deserving child" who cannot afford to pay!

      werner.smidt - 2012-02-02 15:26

      Nyda is geld daarvoor, we promise :) Also . . . "academically deserving" learners are usually spotted out and offered bursaries. Note by academic deserving I don't mean "meet the minimum requirements". My girlfriend's dad has this pond with guppies . . . due to overcrowding, most of them survived lest for two. I say treasure those two guppies.

      methedex - 2012-02-02 15:56

      I would much rather my tax go for poor students to study, than for the ANC to drive nice BIG BMW's... Take the money you are already stealing from us and lets these students study for free. Or even better, fire non performing politicians and use their salaries to pay for these studies! Useless government!!

      proafrikaans - 2012-02-02 15:57

      Academically deserving students? mean like the white students who achieve 7 A's but who are victims of racism at e.g. Tuks' Veterinary Faculty because they are white? Why are THEY excluded??? Answer: Because the Azanian Native Cancer is by far the most racist regime where it comes to minorities since Nazi Germany.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-02-02 16:04

      If Academic records mean that a student qualifies for free study then that's great. If, however, it's a free-for-all then this cannot be.

      Peter - 2012-02-02 22:05

      Notice they said financial exclusion. No reference to exclusion on basis of lack of pigmentation.

  • Jomah - 2012-02-02 14:26

    Another burden to the tax paying public.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 22:52

      ja but has to happen to alleviate the skills shortage

  • Karabo - 2012-02-02 14:27

    I have an exclusion because of tuition fees I still need to pay, so I could not register at TUT. Am Paying them monthly hoping to register for the 2nd semester.

      Bibi - 2012-02-02 15:05

      Get yourself an evening job - I worked two jobs to put myself through varsity. Good luck.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 22:52


  • Vicker - 2012-02-02 14:27

    I think the term "academically deserving" needs to be defined here first.

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-02 15:03

      good point! with the current pass mark, that term shouldnt be thrown around too much!

      skootzie - 2012-02-02 15:25

      Final Year Mark: 70% or higher ... oh wait.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 22:53

      its not that difficult to figure out mos

  • pws69 - 2012-02-02 14:30

    Then why did the ANCYL run NSFAS REFUSE to grant loans to the tune of R58 MILLION last year? Money they had allocated to them?

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 22:55

      NSFAS is not run by the ANCYL

  • justin.pretorius - 2012-02-02 14:31

    Who is going to pay for this? And will this only apply to previously disadvantaged people?

  • chiepner - 2012-02-02 14:33

    Another reason why if corruption is rooted out this should not be an issue in the first place!

  • Shirley - 2012-02-02 14:39

    What is "Academically deserving"? Why only previously disadvantaged? In other words if you are white and dirt poor,have the I.Q. of Einstein you dont qualify! Another BEE,AA racial devide being applied!

      ubhejane - 2012-02-02 14:54

      I fully agree with you Shirley. What should happen is all university tuition should be free for everybody and if you fail your first year, you get booted out and if you really want a degree then you get it at Unisa at normal tuition fees. I would far rather see the stolen R25.4 Billion of last year channelled towards education than in corrupt pockets. None of this racially divided laws any more. The whites pay tax (almost all of the tax) and there is no reason why their kids shouldn't also study for free.

      Shirley - 2012-02-02 15:07

      My question is how long are they going to perpetuate the devide? If we are ALL equal then why should this only apply for some? If you have the marks and ability then colour,race,religion should not be in the quotiant.

      ubhejane - 2012-02-02 15:32

      Shirley I believe we have reached the end of this unequal road. Reform will come from within the ANC. I know this sounds absurd to you this very minute, but they have seen they are on a road of self destruction. The legacy that was so richly flaunted at the centennial celebration is fast fading. To correct the mistakes of the past you don't reverse the past into the future. There are a lot more educated black people today than there was in 1994 and slowly you will see our future together improving. There is a brilliant article on My News24 today about our current issues. Here is the link. Read it and you will see what I mean.

      Mya - 2012-02-02 15:43

      Ubhejane, you are absolutely correct. If Im being operated on the person can be blue for all I care. But what freaks me out completely is that the person who is operating on me, could have passed with 30% That is not even close to HALF of the required knowledge. The bar needs to be raised!

      Jeffrey - 2012-02-02 15:49

      @Ubhejane, I agree. I got a free university education in the UK, paid for by the local government. However, you had to pass all your exams at the end of the first year, if you didn't, then your grant was withdrawn.

      ubhejane - 2012-02-02 15:49

      I agree Mya. We need technical colleges so the learners can learn a trade in order to make living. What is this big deal with having a BA degree and then you end up unemployed anyway? Not everybody can go to university and look what the plumbers earn? But I think we are having a problem getting the Department of education to move because I wrote them a letter 3 weeks ago about these issues and haven't heard a word. Next is I'll write to a newspaper and create some noise here on Internet and who knows, if we all make enough noise we might get somewhere.

      Wendy - 2012-02-02 16:56

      re ubhejane "Not everybody can go to university and look what the plumbers earn?" And the plumber can be self-employed, and will probably also hire at least one assistant.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 22:59

      Shirley, a people means test is the ONLY criterion(outside of academic considerations) used to determine eligibility to funding.So yes you can be dirt poor,brilliant and white and Qualify for funding wholly or partially,stop feeding people junk!

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-02-02 14:41

    The academic situation in SA is totally dysfunctional. Firstly you have this issue of fees, and then you have the notorious quota system where "previously disadvantaged" students are allowed to register for courses at the expense of students who are academically superior. After one semester they drop out like flies, just to allow the previously denied students their rightful place to study. And we are dreadfully short of universities and technikons; 75% of students with exemption in the E/Cape were turned away. Shake a leg Blade!

      ubhejane - 2012-02-02 14:55

      I fully agree. We need doctors and engineers. Would you care if you are dying what colour the doctor is?

      skootzie - 2012-02-02 15:38

      I had an operation on my knee 10 years ago, the doctor was an African fellow with a charming personality and you know what? The colour of his skin didn't (and still doesn't) mean jack-sh*t to me. "If you prick me, do I not bleed?"

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:00

      Ubhejane,you will have your doctors and engineers,persevere

  • SeeVeeDeeEl - 2012-02-02 14:41

    Academically deserving students should not be excluded on grounds of race as well.

      Marius - 2012-02-02 14:51

      THANK you! Its okay to exclude "academically deserving" students on their race but just don't exclude the "disadvantaged" ones.

      Bibi - 2012-02-02 15:11

      Exactly - then they cannot exclude any deserving student. Black/coloured or white. Why study your butt off to get 93% average and you cannot get medical school acceptance, but 70% is okay for others for the same course. If you are white you have to get 90% plus for residence acceptance at US, 80% if you are coloured and 70% if you are black. If I only had to get 70 bacause I am black, I'll feel insulted.

  • AntiThesis - 2012-02-02 14:53

    I actually think it is a good thing - this country seriously need more skilled labor and educated people - but of course the government, i.e. us will have to pay. It should be dependent on performance though - if you don't pass enough subjects in your first year, you lose this privilege, if you do pass, your next year is paid etc. This country need constructive solutions to its problems, and education should be at the top of the list.

  • Kirsty - 2012-02-02 14:58

    People need to understand that tertiary education is a privilege and not a right. If the students are "academically deserving, they can apply for the countless bursaries and/or student loans that are available. Alternatively, the students can get a job to pay for their tuition and work part time while studying.

      ChaosPixy - 2012-02-02 15:15

      Not everyone qualifies for those bursaries. I would also like to know how a is a 19 year old with no work experience going to find a part time job that pays enough to cover their university fees? Do you expect them to strip?

  • E=MC2 - 2012-02-02 15:03

    here we go, everything for nothing!

  • Bibi - 2012-02-02 15:04

    In my day I had to work two jobs to put myself through varsity.

      Andre Viljoen Joubert - 2012-02-02 15:44

      And we walked away with papers and the added experiance from the jobs. A double win.

      Andre Viljoen Joubert - 2012-02-02 15:44

      And we walked away with papers and the added experiance from the jobs. A double win.

      Andre Viljoen Joubert - 2012-02-02 15:44

      And we walked away with papers and the added experiance from the jobs. A double win.

  • Luke - 2012-02-02 15:04

    take take take, and take some more!!!! FFS

  • bernpm - 2012-02-02 15:09

    Right..drop financial exclusions (when proper checks and balances, such as:repay on loans has been established) In exchange..drop exclusions on race so all academic material has equal chances!!

  • jeremy002 - 2012-02-02 15:18

    New euphanism - "financial exclusion". Nice. Well I think I really deserve that new car that I cannot afford, but for some reason they are financially excluding me down at the Merc sales floor. I think they should stop financially excluding me and find the money from "somewhere else". How about the already overburdened taxpayers?

  • Craig - 2012-02-02 15:19

    No university should exclude academically deserving students on their skin colour, this is racism, a human rights violation and unconstitutional, lets start abiding by the law before dishing out freebies to kids who are to damn lazy to go out and get themselves a busary.

  • Phumi - 2012-02-02 15:22

    Education in this country is a human rights issue and everychild deserves to get it be it primary or higher learning institution! This should apply to Africans in general and blacks in particular. We must not reduce it to only academically deserving students!

      lindz.kok - 2012-02-02 15:39

      that was a very uneducated statement.

      skootzie - 2012-02-02 16:32

      "This should apply to Africans in general and blacks in particular. " <- Please, justify. Why are Africans more deserving than someone of Chinese decent who was born in SA? Why are Africans more deserving than someone of English decent who was born in SA? Why are Africans more deserving in general to others born in Africa? When I look at you, I don't see Black, I don't see White. I see a fellow human being just trying to survive as best he can. Why can't you do the same? Education (and the access to it) is a basic human right. ANC should provide, if not free, then drastically reduced education fees for primary and secondary schooling (if you want Private Schooling: you pay that schools rates, finished and klaar) and free university education for the first year (if you pass, you continue with free education for your course, if you fail, you pay. Again, finished and klaar). However, having said that, academically deserving students should only be accepted. Riddle me this (1): if a student BARELY manages to pass matric, how the hell are they going to pass university? Riddle me this (2): if you are about to undergo a serious operation (like a brain transplant), which of the two would you prefer; 1) A fully qualified doctor that not only finished high school with A's but University with honours, or 2) a doctor who barely scraped through his matric and only received a marginal passing rate at University? - I know which I would choose.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:04

      'Riddle me this (2): if you are about to undergo a serious operation (like a brain transplant), which of the two would you prefer; 1) A fully qualified doctor that not only finished high school with A's but University with honours, or 2) a doctor who barely scraped through his matric and only received a marginal passing rate at University? - I know which I would choose.' you are less likely to know how they perfomed at matric and vars

      skootzie - 2012-02-04 08:21

      Hugo: Really not the point at all. It was a rhetorical question written with the intent to impress the gravity of a situation upon an individual. Of course you are less likely to know how they performed at school/uni, but, what if (for arguments sake) you did know? Or could find out?

  • lindz.kok - 2012-02-02 15:25

    wow wish it was like that when i finnished highschool, study 7+ years to become a professor or 2 years to become a teacher it wont matter soon, you will still be earning on the same level lol. "its called study loans and part time work you fools if i could do it so can you!!!!"

  • Johnathon - 2012-02-02 15:28

    As previously expressed the blacks want free education, free 1st world medical attention, free houses, free electricity, free water, free farms, free mines, poverty grants for 45 million people so they can all sit in the shade under trees talking and drinking local beer. How about free transport and cars, free clothes and food, free holiday accomodation each year - all to be provided by the approximately 4.5 million people who are met with ever increasing methods of taxation each year. Even in the old Russia, a communist state, only the brightest were allowed to go to university. When are the majority going to get real on their never ending expectations and demands.

      Nosiphom - 2012-02-02 15:32

      @Johnathon, I take offence to your generalisation. I am black and belong to the 4.5 million taxpayers too. Please don't insult all blacks. I pay my bond and may rates and taxes and my transport. Please refrain from generalisations, they lead us nowhere. Are you telling me that where you work there are no hardworking blacks?

  • Merven - 2012-02-02 15:37

    But racial exclusion is OK?

  • Sav.Demetriou - 2012-02-02 15:42

    And then we can smoke dope and pick flowers and have picnics in the poppy fields. Who's going to pay for the resources required to educate people, you idiots!

  • Barbara - 2012-02-02 15:43

    Amazing - the student leadership that paragon of academic excellence and learning - argues for zero tuition fee increases. What, don't they have anyone from commerce on their committee to explain to these geniuses that if prices and the cost of living goes up, salaries need to go up as well. No fee increase means take in less students which will have a spiral effect downward. Soon the lecturers will leave and then who will educate the morons? But then with declining pass rate acceptances to university, should we wonder at the logic? Maybe the student leadership should spend more time on their studies and less time on trying to run the universities for which they patently are not employed to do or qualified to do

  • Lucy Van Heerden - 2012-02-02 15:44


  • Tc - 2012-02-02 15:47

    But acedemically deserving students get excluded because they are not Black. Is that OK?

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:30


  • Brett - 2012-02-02 15:49

    People that cannot afford to pay for their chidrens education should not procreate. Why expect somebody else to give your kids a start in life? That is a parents responsibility.

      lindz.kok - 2012-02-02 16:10

      my parents could not pay for my education, so i went out got work saved up and then started studying. i paid for my studies and worked part time while doing so, if theyre parents cant pay for theyre studies then they should. i know a guy who started studying to become a docter at age 30 and finnished at 38 he now has his own practice

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:09

      @Lindz, two of my high school teachers did the same,one is a medical doctor the other a civil engineer,just saying

  • Wendy - 2012-02-02 15:51

    but ... are they academically deserving .. with 30% pass?

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:12

      they probably got more than that , you see Wendy there are entry requirements you should meet(and these are nominally way above 30%, mostly 60% and above with the new certificate)so to think that black students arent capable of meeting the minimum requirements is quite bigoted,what do you think

  • kellyann.karna - 2012-02-02 15:52

    I had to study hard to get bursaries to finish varsity. I did not have rich parent that could pay all my fees, my father is a teacher. People must learn to be respobsible for themselves and their futures and stop looking for handouts. If you are academically deserving, why dont you use your head and apply for bursaries ahead of time?

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:14

      too many people applying , it is NOT POSSIBLE that every one will get a bursary,why dont you use your head to figure that one out

  • Johnathon - 2012-02-02 16:06

    Reply to Nosiphon - Hi Nosiphon, nowhere did I mention any reference to the color of the countries tax payers. Of course the 4.5 million tax payers are not only white. There are an ever increasing number of blacks in this country who are ambitious, hard working, intelligent, entrepreneurial, and self made very successful citizens. I just hope on hope, that when it is time to vote, you will not put a cross next to the most corrupt, ineffectual, individuals whose only ambition is to steal from the tax payers, and make themselves instantly rich with no meaningful input on their side. My opinion is that this country now has the worst Government in the 500 years of this countries existence.

      Sean - 2012-02-02 16:56

      @Johnathon - ``My opinion is that this country now has the worst Government in the 500 years of this countries existence.`` You aint seen nothing yet , it will become even worse ! All they can do is talk big and steal !!

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:15

      SA is quite old hey

  • ChaosPixy - 2012-02-02 16:55

    So all of you are saying that an individual who excels at school, someone with the potential to make a lasting effect in his/her community. Should be denied access university because they don't have the money to pay for it, and let me point out that no where did they say previously disadvantaged and academically deserving. They base it on whether you are academically deserving. I matriculated with five distinctions and an 87% aggregate, was very involved with the community, was a prefect and all that nonsense. I did not qualify for a bursary, and my parents couldn’t afford the payments on a student loan. I had to go one of those crummy IT colleges, and only ten years later, do I now have the funds to study part time through UNISA, I will be 38 (if I am lucky)when I complete my studies, effectively putting me 18 years behind my peers who had the money to go to varsity. Some say find a job or two and pay for your own studies, to study effectively you need to put at least 30 to 40 hours a week in. The average job available to a nineteen year old with a matric are in the retail and hospitality sectors the minimum wage in those sectors range from R2300 to R3000 per month.

      Hugo - 2012-02-02 23:16

      Dankie Chaos,but what a misnomer,you should be OrderPixy,lol

  • ChaosPixy - 2012-02-02 16:56

    ...Say Bongani has two jobs as a shop assistant so that’s a total of R6000. Average cost of university per month R3500, text books each semester R2500 works out to R420 per month. If your very frugal and can stay with a family member your living expenses work out to minimum R1500. That leaves R580 left over. Bongani is at work from 8:00am to 5:00pm and he is such a dedicated student he studies while he eats his lunch in the store room. He then changes gets, some supper and goes to his second job from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. He travels by taxi to get home as the busses and trains don’t run that late. It’s a bit noisy but he manages to get some study time in during his hour trip home. Let’s say Bongani is one of those lucky people who only need four hours sleep so he studies until 2:00am and wakes at 6:00am. Leaves for work and gets another hour to study on the train. He gets every second weekend off and studies straight through the weekend 7:00am to 18:00pm for every 45miniutes of study you should take 15min break, Bongani is a machine and takes ten minutes every 50. This works out to 9 hours a day. In total Bongani studies on average 14hours a week. How would you feel after six months at that pace .Oops I didn’t even put time aside for Bongani to go to class, let’s assume his boss gives him two hours a day to attend lectures.

  • ChaosPixy - 2012-02-02 16:56

    ...I earn a reasonable salary now, and to be quite honest I would rather my tax money go to educating the academically deserving. Hell, they can even put my tax up, all you well educated people here should know that a good education is everything, and the sooner we can get the poor educated the better.

  • Johnathon - 2012-02-02 17:45

    The only solution to this country's problems is education followed by skills development. If this Government had and conscious or feeling of accountability, it would do something to stop the 25.4 billion bleed, and divert this towards education. Should introduce a minimum 10 year jail sentence for corruption. Let the country just dream on, as nothing will happen at all. They say I fish rots from the head. The Government never has to be accountable for any of its actions as its powerbase is the unfortunate poorest and least literate of this country. Few read newspapers, magazines or periodicals. All they do is watch all the Government propaganda and brainwashing on the Government controlled SABC. At election time a T Shirt, Cap, braai followed by rousing rubbish lying speech followed by frantic dancing, and the cross will go in the right place every time. After all they have the history of being the liberation party. All present trough guzzlers never ever lived in the bush, saw action, risked their lives, or went hungry. They all lived in the lap of luxury in exile somewhere. After education what the country should do is surround each and every township with a mass of government supported small entrepreneurial businesses. Provide business advisers and capital to blow the roof off job creation. Nothing is more valuable to a countries economy than small entrepreneurial business. Anyway let’s just dream on while the politicians continue stealing our tax money.

  • Eduard - 2012-02-03 07:12

    Malema needs to pay for that

  • kwenam - 2012-02-03 08:44

    Its Simple we should have Educational Tax. I will be happy to pay it as long as education will be provided to all people of South Africa Equally without Discrimination

  • JC - 2012-02-03 09:06

    I must be on the wrong planet Hugo

      Hugo - 2012-02-03 11:22


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