Acting magistrates in court for stolen cars

2012-08-22 12:46

Johannesburg - Two former acting magistrates accused of being in possession of a stolen car have appeared in the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court, according to a report on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the case involving Rhodes Thuwe and Tiragalo Sejwane - who were arrested on April 4 and were acting magistrates at the time - was postponed to November 21, the Sowetan reported.

The car was allegedly stolen from a Roodepoort scrapyard.

Both men are out on bail of R5 000 each.

  • blignault.michaele - 2012-08-22 12:57

    Charming...hope I never get to court and they are presiding...what a prescedence to set

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-22 13:53

      I wonder how many times they were bribed to give a verdict in favour of the criminal?I also hope that they shared a cell with the criminals they put away.

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-08-22 12:58

    From acting Magistrates to real life criminals.

      jo.barton.92 - 2012-08-22 13:54

      No you are incorrect.They were always criminals, then became magistrates and now exposed for what they always were.

      ari.potah - 2012-08-22 15:47

      . . . and then into politics. Its a natural progression in the anc.

  • deon.louw.7505 - 2012-08-22 13:03

    Affirmative shopping?

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-22 13:10

      I wonder if the car was a scrap vehicle, and if so how did they get it out of a scrap yard. Or was the vehicle just one of the staff or customers.

      shelley.vorster.9 - 2012-08-22 13:11


  • Desilusionada - 2012-08-22 13:09

    And some commenters want us to believe that if we dig deeper then we will find that this can be blamed on apartheid? These guys had the perfect opportunity to set an example for society, the perfect opportunity to be leaders. They are supposed to be the future government, set the rules for society. And they did not shoulder that responsibility, but rather squandered it away on the back of avarice and greed. And meanwhile there are other kids (read white) who did not get bursaries or the opportunity to study (AND to do what these guys were supposed to have done in terms of leadership), because of racist laws. Which in my book makes their transgressions double as bad..........

      kala.bafazi - 2012-08-22 13:23

      It would be interesting to see who paid for their education. Or should I rather say studies because they are clearly not educated.

      luke.dekoker - 2012-08-22 14:17

      kala, they must have been students of the recent CancER political school who passed with flying colours!!

  • andre.vandeventer.16 - 2012-08-22 13:09

    Theft in SA in not necessarily about poverty, it is a genetic thing.

      BulletProof. - 2012-08-22 14:00

      The idiots that give you thumbs down might be on the thieving trade as well.

      harold.parsons.37 - 2012-08-22 14:07

      I agree. I bet when they stole van Riebeecks cattle he would have said the same. Thats why he built the castle so he could have a place to lock things up

      desmond.leaner.5 - 2012-08-22 14:20

      @Andre...Did van Riebeeck come here with cattle on his ship? lol

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-22 13:11

    Does the criminality stop anywhere within this administration ?

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-08-22 13:22

    Real nice! South African Justice at work and Play.

  • mantothieve.missingman - 2012-08-22 13:45

    ANC criminals as always

  • sharon.truebodyvice - 2012-08-22 13:46

    What the F>U>C>K...damn who is beyond stealing, raping,corruption, etc etc who can we trust in this country?????? DA is the only way

  • george.vandermerwe3 - 2012-08-22 13:49

    These guys are dedicated to rehabilitation! They don't hijack a driver of an expensive German car. They don't fraudulently buy one with a Government cheque, nor do they dream up a tenderpreneur scam. No, they get a piece of scrap and try to rehabilitate it! They probably planned to pay for it as soon as the scrap car could get them back to the scrapyard! They deserve a metal...

  • BulletProof. - 2012-08-22 13:56

    Pffffffffff!!!!!! No Coments.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-08-22 15:32

    at least you have learnt what the "honorable" means when addressing court officials, no wonder the judiciary doesn't want to be forced to declare holdings and interests, they are human and therefor as prone to human failings like the rest of us no matter how much they pretend to be above the normal man.

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