Activist able to protest at Chappies

2012-02-23 11:35

Cape Town - Activist Fiona Hinds will be able to protest at the construction site of the controversial toll plaza on Chapman's Peak, in Cape Town, again after the removal of her bail conditions, according to a report on Thursday.

The Wynberg Magistrate's Court removed the bail conditions during her appearance on Wednesday for alleged malicious damage to property, the Cape Times newspaper reported.

Hinds, who occupied the site for five days, allegedly spray-painted "Murray and Robbers" on netting attached to fences. She was removed by order of the court on Monday.

Hinds's attorney, Graham Taylor, said he would make representations to the prosecuting authorities to have the charge against his client dropped.

"It is a long shot to prosecute people for graffiti on a construction site," he said.

"The agenda appears to be to use the criminal justice system to keep her off site."

Construction was set to resume on Thursday after rain kept workers away.

The case against Hinds was postponed was to March 23.

  • Stan - 2012-02-23 12:00

    looks like the DA is going the ANC route... bloody hypocrites!

      Angle - 2012-02-23 12:12

      Uh Stan it was the ANC who signed the deal for tolling Chapman's Peak. The DA's is finally concluding the messy situation. And cheaply too, this costs the taxpayer 12 million andall of this will be reclaimed. Very much unlike ANC activities...... ever heard of SAA?

      djmain1 - 2012-02-23 12:35

      Agree with you Stan - politicians are all the same - they can't be trusted - EVER! The DA are hypocrites because they lambasted the ANC over the Gauteng tolling (and still do) and yet they are doing exactly the same in Cape Town. Outright hypocrites!

      Angle - 2012-02-23 12:40

      @Djman1 - ignorance much? The tolling started under an ANC provincial government. The DA has just approved decent working facilities for the 20 people who work there. And how the hell can you compare one toll booth on a 9km tourist road to the tolling of every arterial road connecting Jozi, The East rand and Pretoria?

      timothy.spring - 2012-02-23 12:51

      @Angie - this has got nothing to do with having a toll system on chappies, that is disingenuous spin; all us Hout Bayesians have accepted that Chappies willl be tolled. What we do not accept is that national park land will be given to Enteleni, that R25 million rand of public funds will be used to build a private building, that the toll plaza will be massively expanded and that emergency vehicles - ambulances and police - will be charged tolls to use Chappies. And this has got NOTHING to do with providing "decent working environment" for the people working there - it is entirely about creating a swank, executive retreat in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, on the cheap, at the expense of everybody else.

      djmain1 - 2012-02-23 13:08

      @Angle - hoodwinked much? Tolling is tolling - the DA specifically said (when commenting on the Gauteng toll roads) that they are opposed to all urban tolling. Yet here in Cape Town, they are doing exactly that! In my book that is hypocritical. Your blind faith in the DA (much like the blinkered approach of ANC supporters) does not do us any favours. ALL politicians need to be held to account - else they will run rough-shod over us. In any event, as Timothy said, the real issue here is that a private company has been given permission to build an unnecassary and environmentally unfriendly party-pad on a world heritage site. Scandalous!! I blame the DA for allowing this and it proves that they are in the pocket of big business. They will not get my vote again - I'll be voting for the Cape Party or the Ursary Party next time around. The DA can go to hell!

      Angle - 2012-02-23 14:22

      @timothy.spring: You have been very miss-informed: 1) When you go to work is it in a shipping container? When you use the toilet at work is it in a porta-loo? The workers have been doing this for years now - is this acceptable? 2) The tax payers are going to get their money back through the revenue and when the 30 year contract is over the province owns the building NOT Eteleni. 3) Emergency vehicles are allowed free access through Chapman's Peak. These are the facts ?

      Annette - 2012-02-23 15:28

      @angle, u are really stupid, There are toilets all along the way up Chappies. So they can build a couple of new toilets, what do they need offices for? a restaurant, and conference centre, they can do that in hout bay central. Like many workers they bring their own lunch to work. And the transport is provided to the venue. They don't need a restaurant. I am pissed at the DA for allowing this. And Timothy.spring, if there is anything we can do to help, let me know. Can we not get a petition going. I cycle Chappies at least 3-4 times a week. We can't let them get away with it.

      Angle - 2012-02-23 16:07

      @Annette: Stupid am I? Known me long to make that judgement? Any how I believe you to be inconsiderate. Where you work is there a place where you can make a meal? Got a room with a windows for you to have lunch? Got a flush loo at your work? I'm thinking yes... This is going to be where some of these workers spend a great deal of their lives why can't they be afforded these basic ammenities. There are hundreds of buildings in Table National Reserve, this new building is mostly on the provincial road property. These complaints are totally NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard - and really fail to compreheand the impossible reality of the situation. The objection too should have been raised when the ANC signed the deal years ago.

  • Cindy - 2012-02-23 12:13

    the DA.[ Black Sash ]and ANC were bed buddies

      RobertKeeling - 2012-02-23 13:08

      What a load of nonsense you managed to spout there in 9 words!

      Andrew - 2012-02-23 14:20

      well said Cindy....da anc.....all the same...don't trust the lot!!

  • Hallo - 2012-02-23 12:39

    This hippie should be flogged.

  • timothy.spring - 2012-02-23 12:54

    @Angie You claim it's going to cost the tax payer 12 million rand? Please at least get your facts straight before mindlessly supporting your chosen political party. The public will be, at the very minimum, contributing R25 million rand to the R54 million building.

      Angle - 2012-02-23 14:29

      @Timothy.Spring: The tax payer is realy not paying anything because the money will be recouped through tolls.

  • Angle - 2012-02-23 14:28

    @djman1 Congratulations on throwing your vote away and thanks for helping the ANC continue their abuse of this country. Being in government requires tough choices and here it is: Either toll Chapman's Peak or see it close. That simple. The 9km stretch of tar is more expensive than any other in the province in upkeep it has alternative routes and is mostly used for recreation - it needs to pay for itself - and this is totally incomparable to Gauteng.

      djmain1 - 2012-02-23 14:46

      DA, ANC - same thing - neither can be trusted. Congratulations to you for being cannon-fodder for the DA. Is this urban tolling - yes or no? You try explaining to someone who lives in Noordhoek and works in Hout Bay that there are viable alternative routes. If they HAVE to build on a world heritage site (that in itself is outrageous), why could they not build a less obtrusive building? Surely if it is to be used for what you suggest it is to be used, they do not need panoramic views and decks? They could tuck the whole structure away out of sight (except for the toll gates) - tells me that the purpose is not what they claim it is. Death to the DA!

      Angle - 2012-02-23 15:17

      @djman1: Death to the DA, how elequantly put. Didn't put much thought into the figures either: The last upgrade of this very pretty 9km road cost R160 million - this is 10% of the entire road budget of the Western Cape: Population 5.2 million. The population of Nordhoek is 3100 and how many work in Hout Bay is much less (and they are working on a deal for frequent users to pay less). We need to build and fix roads throughout this country to improve our economy especially roads that have large commercial significance perhaps the taxpayers money is better spent elsewhere (George - Mossel Bay road could do with an upgrade for eg.) The majority of the building is not on SAN Parks land and no matter what anything that is built there is going to have a view. I have no idea what you have against decks

      djmain1 - 2012-02-23 15:29

      Yes - after this fiasco, that is exactly what I wish for the DA. I voted for them and now feel cheated. I do hope this episode spells the death knell for them - they have proven they do not have our interests at heart. I would prefer that the building not be visible at all - if it could be built underground, so much the better. I do not have anything against decks per se but to me this just shows that the true intention of this building is not what is claimed. As for the roads figures, my attitude is that ALL road maintenance should be paid for through the national fiscus - there should be no tolling at all. Ideally, it should be paid from the fuel levy that we were lead to belive would be used for exactly that! But as I've said before - you can never trust what politicians say - they are scum!

      Hallo - 2012-02-23 15:31

      Death to all political parties! Including the DUH-UH

      Angle - 2012-02-23 15:50

      I agree that the fuel levy should pay for roads and if it was ring fenced for only this purpose the roads would be paid for too bas the ANC in National Government (where the levy goes) won't do this. But in everything in life there has to be exceptions and some roads are too expensive like de Toits tunnel and Chapman's Peak and they need to be tolled. Here is a figure that you should notice in your judgement: Chapman's Peak is 0.032% of the Western Cape's road length yet the last upgrade would have cost 10% of the entire road budget if it wasn't for the tolling agreement. The DA is doing the best job at governing in South Africa. That's why I vote fo them

      djmain1 - 2012-02-24 08:21

      I've seen what the DA can do and how they treat the 99% with disdain. I'm hapy to let someone else have a go now.

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