Afghan blast waste of life - ANC

2012-09-19 22:16

Johannesburg - The suicide bomb attack that killed eight South Africans in Kabul, Afghanistan was described as "an unwarranted waste of life" by the African National Congress on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu in a statement: "These wanton and indiscriminate killings are not helping to defuse tensions in Afghanistan."

The South Africans were killed on Tuesday morning.

Mthembu said the party was calling for the parties at war to "give peace a chance".

It also extended condolences to the victims' families.

"We extend our heartfelt condolence to the families of our fellow South Africans and call on all South Africans to keep them in their prayers," he said.

Cosatu also condemned the attack, saying there was no justification for the random killing of the South Africans and others, whatever the complaint may have been.

The motive for the attack was reportedly a film, made in the United States, about the Prophet Muhammad.

"We demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice," Cosatu said in a statement.

Beeld newspaper reported that the victims worked for the Johannesburg company ACS/Balmoral.

The suicide bomber, thought to be a woman, also died in the attack, as did the Afghan minibus driver, a ground crew member from Kyrgyzstan, and a pedestrian.

Airline Pilots' Association president Captain Fanie Coetzee said the bomb had been a deliberate attack on innocent civilians.

"This abhorrent and senseless tragedy is viewed by the Association as not only a direct threat to civil society and global peace, but a blatant and deliberate attack on innocent civilians."

Members of the ALPA-SA were among those killed.

The African Christian Democratic Party was also aggrieved by the deaths.

"We strongly condemn the practice of suicide bombing and those responsible for it. There can be no justification for so heartlessly and cruelly taking these and other lives," its chief whip Cheryllyn Dudley said in a statement.

The ACDP called on "Media for Christ" to either refute accusations that they were involved in the production of the anti-Islam film, or take responsibility for their actions.

  • frederikrudolph.vandyk - 2012-09-19 22:28

    O, and I guess you have the same opinion of the indiscriminate farm murders and terror?

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-09-19 23:45

      Because unfortunately the ANC through its youth wing has openly promoted the murder of farmers.

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-20 00:53

      Not just farm murders. ANC doesn't have a leg to stand on when it's own front yard is littered with suffering South Africans of all colours and creeds. They have failed this nation as a whole and do not deserve to lead us, we are all suffering while they feed at the trough.

      hein.huyser - 2012-09-20 06:43

      @lerato, drawing a parralel between these cases is reverse argument and you know it well. In your words the one killing now is JUSTIFIED because another unrelated murder happened. Sies man, I trust you will be happy when the masses and you start to pay R50.00 for a bread. Think man, your racism will cause your children to go hungry. I hope that day you will tell your kids that YOU had an opportunity to say and do something about it, but you did not and that is why they are suffering. Africa stays its own worst enemy

      JamesBothaThisBookWillChangeYourLife - 2012-09-20 06:53

      Every man's work shall be tested, so your true character is revealed. This is just a test from God to reveal the characteristics of Muslims. The world's eyes are on the Muslims to see how they act....

      mattewis.kat - 2012-09-20 07:08

      No, Frederik! He has the same opinion about these terror acts as he and his ANC chums have about the Church Street- and the Magoo's Bar bombings. Aboobaker Ismail and Robert McBride are "struggle heroes" with senior government positions today! You will further see that Zuma did not condemn this barbaric cowardly act. If the ANC really want to see what a waste of life is, they need go no further than the closest mirror!

      sekalf.nroc - 2012-09-20 07:36

      My guess is that over 90% of Parliament doesn't even understand the complex situation in Afghanistan - they dob't even understand communal politics! This is underlined by comments such as 'Give Peace a chance'... 'We demand the perpetuators brought to justice'... '...No justification for Random killings' ---- Cheeze, check with your communication manager before you open your senseless mouth.

      mike.dufham.7 - 2012-09-20 07:41

      It seems that the ANC cadres memories are very short and/or selective. What about the atrocities they carried out? Magoos bombing comes to mind, to mention but one.

  • tommy.rinrin - 2012-09-19 22:45

    maybe the special task force should go there and teach them a lesson, and show the rest of the world the best task force in the world. And my prayers go to the families of those who lost their lives

      hein.huyser - 2012-09-20 06:49

      Tommy, what task force? We cant even protect our citizens at home, now you want them to go outside the borders. Forget

  • Gorden Park - 2012-09-19 23:39

    No need for Taakies just send the Marikana cops there they will shoot the sh-t out of everything

  • bernpm - 2012-09-19 23:53

    Afghanistan has not really been a holiday destination for some time. The pay might have been worth the risk. Sometimes the risk strikes. Feeling sorry for the families and wish them well. Can do without the so-called official comments.

  • rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-09-20 03:08

    I still see no official condemnation of the attack, of course it was a waste of life. Try condemning it now, you may just get a few votes for the attempt.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-20 04:13

      I agree, we do not want a statement from the ANC, we want a statement from the Government.

  • Johannes Bothma - 2012-09-20 05:21

    killing a 14 year old boy, very bad! poaching fish now, 2 morrow rhinos etc!

  • Johannes Bothma - 2012-09-20 05:25

    because the white farmers u hate make the food u eat, also they provide jobs!

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-09-20 05:34

    Says the ANC who bombed Wimpy Bars and detonated car bombs !!

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-20 08:35

      As oopsed to your apartheid government who have never done anything atrociuos right?

  • lionel.defrontignac - 2012-09-20 05:52

    Food for thought; I'm wondering how they justified the Magoos and 'Toti bombings? from Wikipedia: "Robert McBride (born 6 July 1963 in Durban, South Africa) is the former chief of the Metropolitan Police for Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. During the apartheid era he was a member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the South African Liberation Struggle, and was convicted for the bombing of Magoo's Bar / "Why Not" Restaurant in Durban, which killed 3 and injured 69 in 1986. He applied for and was granted amnesty for this and other militant actions taken during his time with MK by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission." and from sahistory: "Five civilians were killed and forty injured in a bomb explosion in the Sanlam shopping centre in Amanzimtoti, Natal South Coast.Umkhonto we Siswe (MK) cadre Andrew Sibusiso Zondo, who detonated the explosive in a rubbish bin, was executed by hanging in 1986. In a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the African National Congress (ANC) later stated that Zondo acted in anger at a South African Defence Force (SADF) raid in Lesotho. The bomb attack was part of Operation Butterfly, conducted by MK, mainly from Swaziland. The aim of the Operation was to integrate the ANC's political and military machinery. To achieve this, it planned to establish strong and viable underground structures of MK in the Durban area and to launch guerrilla activities against apartheid targets in Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal)."

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-20 08:47

      Food for thought,the justification is found in your very own sentence "During the apartheid era he was a member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the South African Liberation Struggle". You people killed far more black people in this country during that time than Robert Mcbride did,or was it more of a crime because the victims were white?

  • daan.phalaborwa - 2012-09-20 05:57

    Huh? And when you lot blew up the Nedbank building in Pta, the Carlton Centre in Jhb, and a couple of Wimpys an Magoo's, it was all A for OK?

      john.ferreira.1213 - 2012-09-20 07:10

      Nou praat jy Daan,die moere vergeet gou omdat hulle nie verstand het nie. En daar loop die bliksemse Robert McBride nog lekker op vrye voet asof hy die wereld besit. Jy het vergeet om die Buiteklub by King Williamstown te noem.

  • denver.maart.1 - 2012-09-20 06:13

    people this is not about black or white my sympathy to the families of the victims from some of the comments i read people really have a misconception of the real thing talking from expierence those pilots helped to fly in medical supplies and humanitarian aids like food clothes for the suffering people of afghanistan they was not part of the war /it senseless to think they tried to help people and got the ulimate prize to pay the person who said south africa cannot win a war here think again. S A got one of the best army although it does not look that way think why we not involve in this because we will end it quicker than you think with casualities from afghanistan

      hein.huyser - 2012-09-20 06:56

      @Denver, you believe propaganda ne'? Our army have been reduced to a bunch of lazy striking soldiers that have not proven themselves in any combat situation.

  • Deksta.lud - 2012-09-20 06:25

    Our politicians are so embarrassingly stupid and very uninformed about many world affairs..did i hear this ninja say the wrongdoers must be brought to book!!!. BLIMEY has this guy ever heard Taliban,Al Qaeda or suicide bombing..

  • mlondozi - 2012-09-20 06:26

    Jackson my darling... Do you have any idea what the word "wanton" means? Dearest Cosatu... The "perpetrator" died... it was a suicide bomb you fools! My heartfelt condolences to those of you that have lost loved ones. It is a huge pity that the ANC and Cosatu are trying to score brownie points from this tragedy by jumping on the bandwagon and talking nonsense... I mean really??? Have you ever heard of a "warranted waste of life". ANC... you are busy wasting the lives of 48 million people!!!

      beki.khumalo - 2012-09-20 07:48

      An extremist movement has claimed responsibity for the bombing, those are perpetrators that should be brought to book. Very rarely do you get a lone suicide bomber, there's always a group behind the suicide bomber. You have a very simplistic understanding of these matters. Warranted waste of life: do you honestly not believe that there instances where it's justified to end life? Such as in defence of your own life etc? Wanton: the adjective of this word means '(of a cruel and violent act)deliberate and unprovoked'. In this context how is Mthembu incorrect by using this word? Scoring political points: the movement passes condolences to families and condemns the senseless killings, and you ridicule the movement for this. A few days ago some were complaining that nothing has been said by the ruling party and government about this tragic event. When they do, it's never good enoung!

  • hein.huyser - 2012-09-20 06:30

    Are there "warranted wastes of lives"?

      beki.khumalo - 2012-09-20 07:34

      Yes Hein, they are instances where ending another's life is justifiable. We all know that! The ANC condemns the brutal killing of South Africans and passes words of condolences to the affected families, however you still find it in you to criticise and ridicule us. Typical!

  • Phelamanga - 2012-09-20 06:31

    The ANC along with its Tripartite partners must also accept that this senseless and tragic waste of life would have been totally unnecessary if it weren't for their preoccupation with race based discriminatory practices in the workplace. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans are living and working abroad because of this. This has recently been highlighted by the SAA and Woolworth's incidents that affirm that whites are to be discriminated against, overtly and covertly. The incessant calls for nationalisation, the talk about revolutions led by socialist forces and cadre deployment, which promotes corruption, have led to a shrinking economy and a reluctance by big corporations to invest. In order to satisfy the demands of their dwindling support base the ANC, through further legislation, is ensuring that it can buy votes with jobs. Whites in general do not support the ANC,even less so now, so by ridding the country of whites, opposition to it is also decimated.Fortunately there are black who are seeing the light and many are joining the opposition.Will the next AA/EE be that people must produce their ANC membership cards at an interview? These young people who died could have been contributing to the development of the country, but had to seek work elsewhere in order to support their families and make a decent living. Their deaths, and those of the thousands of farmers should be a wake-up call to the ANC. The rest of the world benefits from these exiles, why not SA?

  • graeme.stockwell - 2012-09-20 06:35

    Strange 20 years ago the ANC would have called the bomber a hero of the struggle by the liberation fighters to free the oppressed.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-20 08:37

      Yes Graeme 20 years ago you people gave the ANC no choice because you used to kill young black children for the fun of it. The ANC didnt bomb anyone for making a film,but your apartheid government did.

  • hein.huyser - 2012-09-20 06:36

    @iwillemse. Let me tell you why this q is important. Your government will make the right noises when an international incident happens and they can be exposed for the racists they are, they make some "warranted" noise in the media, but when hundreds of attacks on local soil happens to the farmers, which some of them turns into the brutal murdering of the very people that puts affordable food on your table, the government is quiet. Now we know that in Southern African terms aka Mbeki, that to stay quiet about something is the same as to condone. That you chop, is what is wrong with this

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2012-09-20 06:58

    Maybe I missed it but was this a message from government or the ANC, surely it should be the government to condemn these acts but alas I see no such condemnation. I also recall when violent acts occur in Palestine our government is quick to voice their displeasure. Again double standards are practised. Surely our foreign affairs officers should respond not a spin doctor.

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-09-20 07:31

    Vavi you are in no position to made demands in regard to this matter. Do you think Taliban, Al-Qaeda,Afghan gov and even the USA care what you say? This in not is Afghanistan. Focus on domestic politics, Sir.

  • sekalf.nroc - 2012-09-20 07:34

    My guess is that over 90% of Parliament doesn't even understand the complex situation in Afghanistan - they dob't even understand communal politics! This is underlined by comments such as 'Give Peace a chance'... 'We demand the perpetuators brought to justice'... '...No justification for Random killings' ---- Cheeze, check with your communication manager before you open your senseless mouth.

  • rnortier - 2012-09-20 07:41

    "We demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice," Cosatu said in a statement. I agree fully...

  • pws69 - 2012-09-20 07:41

    The silence of the South African Muslim community is deafening.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-20 08:18

      @PWS69 - They are all working at Woolies, let them come home, they will make comments and I'm sure a vast majority are ANTI suicide bombers; because it is anti- Islamic.

      fatima.shaikjee - 2012-09-20 15:15

      @pws69..where were u the whole of last week when so many of us SA muslims commented... And we don't know these afghanis, my grandparents are. Born and bread SA muslims at 80 years of age and not once did SA have a suicide bomb attack, but about 2 months ago a muslim was killed and where was your mouth then... Its not about islam or muslims, these are extremists that are making their own rules of religion up...

  • Pete7930 - 2012-09-20 07:42

    Now thats what you call ' the Pot calling the Kettle BLACK ' !!!!!

  • derek.less.9 - 2012-09-20 07:44

    Why is everyone comparing this situation with the Anc's armed struggle to liberate south Africa? That's part of history,.... Can we also go back and then comment on the apartheid governments indiscriminate killing of black people, or even further back to the Boers' massacre the English, or even further back..... None of your forefathers are innocent..... Let he without sin throw the first stone. The comments here are sick..... This nation is sickly and all of you are contributing to that...

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-20 11:05

      Viva comrade Derek.

  • eric.martinsich - 2012-09-20 07:47

    Writers here go from this crazy bomber to talking about things far far removed from what happened. Stick to the topic and condemn those that have used cannon fodder (a woman) to have her pieces of flesh splattered al over the show. she certainly will not be getting seven male virgins or any of that tripe that extremist say will happen.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-20 11:52

      @Eric - Are you inviting people to insult you and your faith? Respond and I'm sure we'll think of something to add, you know their are many people that can say many things about you. Perhaps you should follow your own advice and stick to the topic.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-09-20 07:49

    Heaven and earth with be rent asunder the day man decides to give peace a chance.

  • beki.khumalo - 2012-09-20 08:02

    Some of the comments on this platform are heartbreaking. We have sick individuals in our society. This 'us and them' mentality will one day explode into a civil war at this rate.

      peter.grant.1023611 - 2012-09-20 14:48

      I couldnt agree more. how can we change that?

  • zaks2217 - 2012-09-20 09:15

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-20 11:47

      She is going on a long holiday to Cuba (Guantenemo Bay)

  • kebokosher - 2012-09-20 10:16

    I cant believe what i'm reading here. 8 of our South African compatriots have been innocently Bombed by Afgan extremists, and the first thing you people utter is "ANC this ANC that" like really WTF!! These were 8 fully trained pilots providing for their families, instead of sending condolences and directing your anger at AFgan, you'd rather find a way to somehow badmouth ANC as if Zuma has anything to do with this, YOU ARE ALL PATHETIC!!

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