Air force admits shadow plane was in US

2012-01-20 22:30

Johannesburg - The SA Air Force has admitted a plane that shadowed President Jacob Zuma on his recent visit to the United States did so all the way to New York.

"The aircraft was there because there was a time-critical engagement on the way back," air force chief Lieutenant General Carlo Gagiano told reporters in Johannesburg.

A standby aircraft was vital to ensure the president did not miss this appointment.

"I decided if we had to guarantee time sensitive flights we had to do it. [We must be] 99.9% sure we get our principal there on time."

He was responding to reports earlier this week that a second jet had landed at John F Kennedy International Airport where Zuma was attending a United Nations meeting.

The defence ministry however said on Thursday the Bombardier Global Express only flew halfway and landed in the Canary Islands.

It remained there until Zuma flew back to South Africa, the ministry said.

Media reported that the plane was seen in US airspace and that audio of it landing at JFK airport last week, confirmed it flew using an SA Air Force call sign.

Defence ministry spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya denied that the plane had followed Zuma into the US.

Gagiano blamed the conflicting reports on a breakdown in communication between himself and Mabaya.

Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone.

"The funfair about the president's plane must come to an end," he said.

Gagiano said the military had a responsibility to help uphold South Africa's prestige by transporting the president safely and on time to international engagements.

"[VIP transport is] extremely complex and important to the international image of the country.

"Who will make the speech if the president [Jacob Zuma] can't make it?"

Gagiano said it was a "huge embarrassment" when Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe had to cancel an official visit to Finland due to a problem with his aircraft.

Transporting VIPs was "extremely complex".

Media reports about problems with the air force's aircraft was also making its passengers uneasy.

"My passengers are now nervous because they read in the papers how unsafe our planes are," said Gagiano.

"They stress because they think when is this aircraft going to fall apart."

  • Boer - 2012-01-20 22:47

    Did they not purchase a brand new Presidential plane a couple of years ago?. What the hell is going on that it now takes two planes to get 1 so called President to its appointment. Another thing is if the 1 plane goes down with the President in it whats the use of having the other plane. The First plane with the President and antorage will be on its way to the crash site I mean literally.

      Sedick - 2012-01-21 01:50

      I don't know what is worse? A country being run by a bunch of incompetents or criminals or liars. Yes, I do! A country run into the ground by a bunch of incompetent lying criminals.........

      Sean - 2012-01-21 01:57

      Gagiano blamed the conflicting reports on a breakdown in communication between himself and Mabaya. ``Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone.```It says it all , bunch of f@cken buffoons !!!!!!!!!!

      Juan - 2012-01-21 02:23

      @sean that entitlement syndrome of course comes with a blue light.

      John - 2012-01-21 03:54

      The backup plane was used like a Venter on a carry all the shiny trinkets that idiot Zoomer bought with our money to satisfy his troop of wives and the bunch of snotnosed kids waiting in his multi million rand pondok

      Squeegee - 2012-01-21 06:58

      Ndivhuwo Mabaya should get national colours for lying! How do we believe anything this dweeb evers says again?

      mariuskowie - 2012-01-21 07:15

      The core issue here is not the second aircraft any more. The core issue is the calculated and willful lying to the public. They were caught out!!!! Irrespective of the excuses, we were told a bunch of lies. How much of what we are told by the government can we believe?

      Ray - 2012-01-21 07:37

      "The defence ministry doesn't have to "justify" itself to anyone". Aren't they supposed to be public servants?Or are they admitting we live in an ANC dictatorship?

      Pierre - 2012-01-21 08:26

      No surprise when glancing through the comments as all the usual suspects are there spitting their irrational and uninformed venom. This 2de plane story is not an issue, it is not even a worthwhile story. It is this kind of non-sense that I hate about the opposition parties in South Africa. There are so many worthwhile causes to pursue, but they pick a non-event like this, because they know all their light headed followers will fall for it. News24 is exploiting cheap sensationalism by continuing with this sorry story.

      John - 2012-01-21 08:35

      @Pierre. Please explain as from where I am sitting, wastage on this scale warrants an investigation......

      Alva - 2012-01-21 08:58

      This is exactly why the ANC lead government want the secrecy bill. All flights by governments officials will be classified so they will be able to do as they please.

      colin.dovey - 2012-01-21 09:16

      @Pierre - you are indeed an interesting fellow. A "non-event" you say? Then why are YOU even bothering to have a look at it? It now turns out that there were THREE planes involved. That is YOUR tax money.....over R2 million.....for what?

      John - 2012-01-21 09:44

      Gagiano: The Country is already falling apart, of course the new jet should also fall apart. It is maintained by affirmative action maintenance crews, is it not? Just like the planes WE FLY IN?

      John - 2012-01-21 09:45

      Gagiano: The Country is already falling apart, of course the new jet should also fall apart. It is maintained by affirmative action maintenance crews, is it not? Just like the planes WE FLY IN?

      John - 2012-01-21 09:49

      I remember Thabo Genocide Mbeki and his plane flying to rescue Aristides in Haiti. What was in the second plane? Who was in the second plane? Shaik? Aglioti? Mengistu? Mugabe? Mbeki?

      George - 2012-01-21 10:16

      @ Xavier7034 Was the third plane towing the other 2 planes

      Anthony - 2012-01-21 11:52

      It,s not the aircraft thats falling apart, it,s your government(anc)

      Theuns - 2012-01-21 11:55

      @squeegee, dont u have a job or a husband or wife. whenever i look at the comments on news24, there u r, excreting verbal diarhoea !!!!!

      Piet - 2012-01-21 16:54

      Even if Zuums and his 49 wifes flew first class in a A380 it would be cheaper. Disgusting shine heads

      Denise - 2012-01-21 17:56

      Zuma's trip cost taxpayers R6.3 million. Government paid R6.3 million to fly Zuma to the US. The aircraft and crew cost R3 731 174.67 to charter. The fuel as well as handling costs added another estimated R2.6 million, giving a total of R6 331 174.67. The government spent more than R20-million on 11 charter flights for Mbeki's Sudan missions between April 2009 and October 2010. The defence department is to cough up R1.6 billion to acquire two new aircraft for the use of Zuma and his deputy, Motlanthe. The list of unnecessary indulgent splurges goes on and on... At last count, the Zuma administration has wasted R5.3 billion since 2009. More than 70,000 RDP houses could have been built with the amount of money wasted.

      Nurse - 2012-01-21 20:56

      Alicia is a TROLL

      Deon - 2012-01-25 15:28

      Well the first shadow plane is there to observe the presidential plane and follow it closely, in the event of a crash(presidential plane), the second shadow plane is there to observe the first shadow plane following the presidential plane that is if can manage not to crash either! How else are we going to know about it! What about this do you not understand? My suggestion is to perhaps have another shadow plane to observe everthing in case the first three all crash!

  • TheWatcher - 2012-01-20 22:51

    1) 'Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone' actually the defense ministry is funded by tax money and we have a right to know where this money goes. In addition I'm getting really worried at the 'we don't have to justify ourselves to anybody' attitude that seems to be quite prevalent now in govt. 2) 'Transporting VIPs was "extremely complex".' Not really. Most VIPs use commercial airlines these days and then PLAN AHEAD to make sure they can make all their appointments. 3) Why lie about whether the plane went into US airspace or not? What do they have to gain by hiding this information?

      Grant - 2012-01-20 23:03

      As I've posted before every ANC official and deployed cadre will lie even if it's better to tell the truth it is their psyche.

      Mike - 2012-01-20 23:10

      OK, with my next "time-critical-engagement" I am allowed to have a "blue light estcort???????? Oh, with a "shadow BMW X5"!!!!! I do not have to "justify myself to anyone", as this may be just a "huge embarrassment" to everyone!! I must be living in Lalalworld!?!?! The only thing that falls apart is this flipping country!

      Tuner - 2012-01-21 04:15

      Just shows you how arrogant the foot soldiers are becoming. They get it from their boss.

      Max - 2012-01-21 05:54

      You can blame apartheid, colonialism, slavery or anything else but the facts speak for them selves...there is something seriously wrong with the psyche of the majority of African people who seems to be programmed for self-destruction.

      Garth - 2012-01-21 06:41

      @sannie - The worrying things about your comment are: Your stupidity. If you are a tax payer, if, then you should also be worried about where your money is going to. Your stupidity. In a democracy the government works for the people and is therefore accountable to the people. Your stupidity. It is typical of an anc ignorant to assume that there are non-Africans engaged in comment on this forum, merely because there are comments criticising the ineptocrats. The true to form racism of the anc ignorant, is always apparent in stupid defence of their lying, thieving, racist masters.

      Pierre - 2012-01-21 08:41

      Look Garth. The far majority of people on this forum are blatantly blinded by ideology and utter complete irrational nonsense; and you did not say anything. Don’t pick now on one individual and try to get all technical just because you don’t like what she said. Trying to show you know anything about that big word “democracy”, is not working. Burtfred I cannot say what I think of you because the comment will be censored.

      colin.dovey - 2012-01-21 09:20

      Gosh @Pierre...YOU still here? Thought you had decided THIS was a "non-event" - now really, you can't seem to stay away from all the thumbs down you are getting. Bit obsessive are you not?

      Pierre - 2012-01-21 09:51

      Yes it is a non-event, you guys non-sense are not. Escalating and wasting time on these kinds of non-issues cost so much in resources and time and just hurt SA unnecessary. I thought that was obvious, but it seems nothing is obvious here.

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 11:44

      Pierre Your 4th profile picture at your facebook page explains why you post such tripe.

      Albert - 2012-01-21 11:49

      Piere,if you are happy to use 3 planes to get squadronleader Zum-Zum to the states ,than you must be one of the overpaid ,unneccesary pilots or just a plain gravytrainAH.

      Mike - 2012-01-21 16:00

      @Albert: So our COMPLETE air-force were commissioned to the US?

      mike.clery - 2012-01-21 17:14

      @Pierre - Although it's difficult and unpleasant accepting reality, you have to do it eventually. You can't keep living in your own world - that bubble will finally burst.

      Merven - 2012-01-23 07:23

      The only obvious thing here is your stupidity Pierre.

  • Murray - 2012-01-20 22:54

    Why don't they just use the backup plane until the other one is 100% ready?

      Mike - 2012-01-20 23:56

      Now come on Murray!! You ask them to think too?

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 10:18

      Leonard. Your warning is received only by those who read what you said. It will fly harmlessly by the millions who should take note and respond. This is even more scary than it looks. The PIB must be stopped. We must find a way of communicating information to the millions of voters not in the loop of how the country is being run as a fiefdom of the ANC.

  • Gollum - 2012-01-20 22:57

    Gagiano said it was a "huge embarrassment" when Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe had to cancel an official visit to Finland due to a problem with his aircraft. It was only an embarressment because we have entire planes dedicated to getting a couple people around and still can't pull it off. If the prez was using normal airlines (like many presidents) then delays would be no embarressment at all.

      Phillie - 2012-01-20 23:57

      They need two planes because the servicing of the aircraft is done by unskilled aircraft fitters and therefore the aircraft are unreliable in the extreme One of these days they will be using four or hire aircraft from foreign countries to ensure they arrive.

      Sharp - 2012-01-21 01:54

      It's true that some presidents do use normal airlines for instance the Scandanavian presidents. I think Zuma's jet has more to do with bling in the air than security issues. If presidents in first world countries can use regular airlines, surely a president of a half impoverished nation can do the same! [But then again South Africa is a hegemonic power in Africa and therefore SA needs the image of a hegemony. Zuma's jet has to be better than Goodluck Jonathan's it has to be the best!!!] --- sarcasm in parentheses! Most African leaders drive me insane!!!

      Jerhone - 2012-01-21 13:14

      why did clown no2 go to Finland? has he got a salmon fetish?

  • Gollum - 2012-01-20 22:58

    Who will make the speech if the president [Jacob Zuma] can't make it? Since Zuma reads all his speeches and probably writes none then I reckon any other idiot will do.

      Juan - 2012-01-21 02:27

      A homeless poor sod picked up from the curb would have been more impressive giving the speech

      Pierre - 2012-01-21 08:45

      If all that is needed is an idiot, then why don't you two apply?

      colin.dovey - 2012-01-21 09:22

      Still here @Pierre- now we are ALL convinced!

      Gollum - 2012-01-21 21:08

      @ Pierre AA and having an education would immediately disqualify me from the job

      George - 2012-01-23 07:41

      Pierre if brains were made of chocolate you wouldnt have enough to fill a smartie now bugg off.

  • Hotkop - 2012-01-20 22:59

    Ok. In the previous article, defence spokesperson Ndhivuwo Mabaya said the second plane turned back. He is a liar and he is distributing false information. Spreading rumours is a serious offence in the SANDF. He should be charged for lying to the country.

      Tuner - 2012-01-21 04:11

      Charged by who and what for? You can say any rubbish if you represent this government and who cares if it is not true? Ninety nine percent of what they say is normally lies.

  • Gollum - 2012-01-20 23:01

    Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone. How exactly does this make the Defence Ministry" different from any other department? Why not just insert "ANC" for "defence ministry" and save us all a lot of time.

  • mundu.olewega - 2012-01-20 23:05

    ANC mantra is lie, lie lie. They wouldn't know where to look if they told the truth.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-01-20 23:12

    Lol. Thank goodness he had a spare plane. If the one he was in fell apart in mid flight . Thank goodness he could just hop into the other. Would hate him to miss his glorious speech.

  • billxhosa - 2012-01-20 23:17

    Since it is taxpayer money paying for both flights you should ask for a passenger list for both planes. My guess is it would be very enlightening and explain two planes.

      Ben - 2012-01-21 01:29

      This was my question when this 'Tale of two planes' came up the first time and we still want to know more about the passengers. If someone wants any information on state spending and Mabaya talks about justifying one wonders if he thinks funds allocated to this department should actually be deposited to his private banking account. Someone should remind the A.N.C. that, unlike in Mogabe' case, no government in the world owns the country. They are merely there to do a job and are accountable for their deeds as they are employees of the tax payer.

      Juan - 2012-01-21 02:29

      Something like 1 for the wifes and children and another for him

  • Sylvia - 2012-01-20 23:32

    Lying seems to come very naturally to these spokespeople. It's only when they get found out that they then backtrack and admit, but then we still only get 10% of the facts. This is taxpayers' money they're frittering away. We need to know exactly where it's going to.

  • Paul - 2012-01-21 00:13

    The rule of thumb is - the more spare aircraft you deploy, themore reliable the primary machine will be. We're lucky they only deployed TWO!!!!

      Paul - 2012-01-21 09:40

      NOW they are adding an Aircraft Carrier ... the reliability factor goes up by infinity! Simple engineering, Folks!

      Albert - 2012-01-21 11:55

      They say one can confuse a Stinger missile by using three targets at the same time.

  • Ronald - 2012-01-21 00:30

    The statements made by government officials are starting to really push the boundaries of reality, otherwise read as lies. "The aircraft was there because there was a time-critical engagement on the way back". A whole week was available during Zuma's UN sojourn to ensure the readiness of his aircraft, shame on you Gagiano, expected better from you. No meeting attended by Zuma on the way back could be found on the ANC website or any other. Another fabrication to cover the lies? The change in story was only because the government and its entities had been caught lying, AGAIN!!! "Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone. The funfair about the president's plane must come to an end". This statement is the most worrying, because, Mr Mabaya, you are in my and each and every taxpayer's employ, you moron. Clearly you have already assumed that the ANC has completed its plans to become a dictatorship and does not need to answer to anyone. WRONG AGAIN. As long as you misuse tax funds, you better have a creative truthful explanation. Clearly you have missed that the average rate paying SA citizen has become "gatvol" of the likes of you. Last point, I wonder how the story will change if we could get a peek at the passenger manifest lodged with customs where the second aircraft landed? The manifest on the SA side would be useless as this can be withheld stating "security concerns affecting the presidents travel plans".

      Sedick - 2012-01-21 01:51

      The second plane was hired from Zuma's nephew.....someone has to pay for his food and cows........

      mariuskowie - 2012-01-21 07:35

      "Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone." Most liars get very aggressive when caught out. The ANC is no different.

  • paul.vermeulen3 - 2012-01-21 00:49

    Soon we will have a "Blue Light Brigade" in the air, a couple of fighter jets leading and following the presidential plane with total disregard to the rules of aviation!!

      Sedick - 2012-01-21 01:52

      Paul, please do not give these moronic criminals ideas.......

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 09:44

      Mmm - a Grippen with ablue light and a siren? I wonder if that will work?

      John - 2012-01-21 10:06

      Don't forget the roof-rack on the Zoomer plane to compensate for the overloaded interior!

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 11:36

      What about a Venter trailer at the back to take his fat wives mieliepap and driepoot?

  • Chris - 2012-01-21 02:06

    Ag please, it's not like the world was going to come to an end if zuma is late for an appointment. secondly, i could have read that speech cause that is all he does, read pre written speeches. I am yet to see him make a speech without reading it. . thirdly: motlanthe should rather be embarrassed about the way the limpopo goverment steals our money, embarrassed about the shi$e in the rivers, embarrassed about the poor municipalities.

      mariuskowie - 2012-01-21 07:39

      Do you actually believe the story we were told about Zuma'a appointment?

  • Heinrich - 2012-01-21 02:31

    O.K. so where was this speech delivered? What results did it bring forth? Can we see the contents? What does it mean for the people of South Africa? We overestimate the importance of politicians. There are thousands of speeches every day that contribute absolutely nothing to the advancement of humanity. Most speeches, to my mind, are just political ego trips, which we are better off without. Who is fooling who? We spend millions of Rand for Mr. Zuma to be on time so the "image" is upheld. Meantime at home Zuma does not care if he keeps our people waiting for three hours. He doesn't care if his ANC cadres steal billions of Rand which should have been used for the development of our people. He doesn't care if they are fed sub-standard education and health services. He doesn't care if millions are unemployed. He doesn't care if his blue light thugs maim the people. He doesn't care if children die of hunger while government officials gorge themselves on delicacies and submerge themselves in luxury. This is the real image,a rotten image. No wonder Zuma spends so much time running away from it. Just like Mbeki did. The Millions don't matter. Just get me to my speech on time.

  • Michael Woody Wood - 2012-01-21 02:47

    Pity they did not shoot them down.

  • Herman - 2012-01-21 02:52

    Carlo, you are a pathetic puppet!

  • piet.strydom - 2012-01-21 04:17

    Dear genl Gagiano. If you wanted to be 99.9% certain that the Prez be there on time, you should have just booked hom on a normal commercial flight. They would have made it. Secondly, compare the embarrassment of the Prez not being able to do his speech, with some of the following: Several wives, 20+ children, some of them out of wedlock. Being in a corrupt relationship with his financial advisor. Doubling the size of his cabinet, and halving the work that gets done. Presiding over an increasingly corrupt and inept government - ministers on 6 months sick leave, fired for corruption. Limpopo bancrupt to the tune of a R2bn "challenge". etc etc. And you are concerned about being on time for a meeting....

  • Kevin - 2012-01-21 04:47

    The protection of information act is wanted to protect them from disclosing this sort of news... nothing more nothing less. It really is time for the majority to vote with their heads and not some idealistic promises that got them into power in the first place. unfortunately the majority don't get to read this news as they have not been empowered with housing, electricity, computers etc! They rely on news from corrupt representatives... SA needs to wake up! Having someone like JZ representing this Country is a embarrassment to all intelligent thinking people. We voted for change in 94... its time to vote for change again!

      Travis Vermaak - 2012-01-21 04:55

      Feeble excuses as usual, like somone said, book commercial flights as backup. ANC love unnecessary extravagance at the expense of tax payers...Again this is nothing new.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-01-21 04:50

    Two planes = one speech. Thank god it wasn't a debate.

      Jacqui - 2012-01-21 09:31

      This is funny, thanks for the laugh.

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 12:42

      It wasn't even a speech, it was rambling drivel.

  • Pietertjie - 2012-01-21 05:34


      Sannie - 2012-01-21 06:28

      Is this your other name?

      jannie.beirowski - 2012-01-21 08:43

      Just note, Sannie.s full name is Sannie Maseko. She apparently, or claims to have studied at Mabopane High school. Will everyone please be aware that you are not taught to think for yourself, or even just to think at this school, as proven by "Sannie", the name used by Ms Maseko as she apparently is ashamed of her real name.

  • Grimett - 2012-01-21 05:55

    Todays Headline: South Africa unveils latest invention - The Sparecraft.

      Garth - 2012-01-21 06:51

      Only one problem with your comment: you insult South Africa as a whole; it is an invention of the useless, thieving anc.

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 09:17

      Excellent,Grimet! Also known as the African Nefarious Craft

  • Pawel - 2012-01-21 06:04

    Thank god im not paying taxes in SA anymore...

      Pietertjie - 2012-01-21 06:14

      Ditsim, so moet 'n mond praat.

      Sannie - 2012-01-21 06:30

      Good for you then shut up.

  • Ryan - 2012-01-21 06:49

    Don't have to justify themselves to anyone? How about just to the 5% of tax payers in the country? Thanks for the fish all you liberal pukes!

  • Steve - 2012-01-21 06:53

    Why the cloak and dagger; give a believable reason - stupid South Africans; worse than the broederbond 'explainations'

  • Ian - 2012-01-21 06:54

    Mabaya said the defence ministry did not have to "justify" itself to anyone. And so it follows the rest of accountability!

  • Ian - 2012-01-21 06:54

    just another day in the association of national crappers

  • Xenswim1 - 2012-01-21 06:54

    Maybe that comes from firing or boarding Aircracft engineers that see avaiation as a calling not as a job. It just shows the state of the airforce if we cannot maintain one aircraft in peak condition. Have a standy by plan [Not Plane] by all means but let that be chartered in the event of a breakdown that should not happen.

      Mauritz Botha - 2012-01-21 07:18

      I do not like our president but there is always a plane shadowing his plane. Just like air force one always has surport in the air! It is actually logical! I do not think its right. If his plane breaks down he kan find his own way home for what I care!

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 09:31

      Very good, Xenswim. I can see the planning committee. "O.K. gentlemen. That finalizes our plan. If Plan A fails, plan B kicks in. Perhaps we should operate both plan A and plan B together. And if THAT fails, we introduce plan C". There was just a small communication error. Someone mistook Plan A for Plane A. And Plane B. To avoid future errors like this, a "plan" in the Air Force will henceforth be referred to as a four lettered word.

  • Dwaalw - 2012-01-21 07:11

    The question I want to ask is how much does it cost for one plane to fly to the US, who can tell us the price of one liter of jet fuel, and how many liters is used to fly 1 KM, and that is not all the cost, think about the taxes being paid to the airports.....

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 12:18

      And we hosted COP 17. All about CO2 emissions and climate change. So Zuma does not only steal from our people. He also steals from future generations.

  • Trevor - 2012-01-21 07:14

    See the arrogance of the ANC telling us, the taxpayers who fund their parties and happy golucky paychecks, that it's none of our concern and we must get over it...GO GET KNOTTED screwed up, blatantly LIED to the public now the Airforce must take the hit and lie on yr behalf...arrogant vermit. As for our President now making a SA a joke...oh that boat sailed ALONG time ago with his shower duty, Julius Mine grabbing, Selebi's we go on...

  • Larry - 2012-01-21 07:16

    What a wasteful lying bunch. They have no idea of the damage they are doing. Typical ANC and Zuma behaviour.

  • Steve - 2012-01-21 07:17

    THIS IS WHAT THE BROEDERBOND DID we the people need the truth

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 12:45

      A touch of "Tu Quoque" there Steve?

  • Calvyn - 2012-01-21 07:23

    Sannie, your stupidity offends me

      Jacqui - 2012-01-21 09:33

      Same here.

  • Burtfred - 2012-01-21 07:38

    Now I understand why Lindiwe Sisulu took flower to Gagiano in hospital, after he had a "nervous breakdown". He is one of them - the nomenklatura; he will say anything that Luthuli house tells him to say. And this "General" is defending our country?

  • Francois R Nel - 2012-01-21 07:44

    Why do YOU have to lie about it first, then cover up the first lie with a second. Its like a single duvet covering a double bed, you get idea. This is not hollywood

  • hendrik.voges - 2012-01-21 07:47

    And still the lies and deceit does not stop! Oh, Honesty, Trust and Truth! My three fickle friends. How we miss you.

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 09:50

      Sad. hendrik.voges. Dressed in black. Here lies the Truth.

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 13:50

      I thought it would never lie. Thought it would never die.

  • william - 2012-01-21 07:55

    Helderburg 295

      Jerhone - 2012-01-21 13:19

      if only

  • Michael Kleber - 2012-01-21 08:00

    it was not a big lie only half a lie so not so bad and they dont need to answer to the people its only their tax money they spending , so there you have it lets move on to the next bit of corruption and lies

  • Vegi - 2012-01-21 08:02

    News24 moderator, you are pathetic. You allow all and sundry to insult our government but when someone takes on your beloved rightwingers, you delete the comment. You are a pathetic excuse for a moderator.

      John - 2012-01-21 10:12

      Voetsek, you broccoli guzzling fool!

      Heinrich - 2012-01-21 10:37

      broccoli is good for you. It is better than foccoli.

      Jerhone - 2012-01-21 13:21

      stop complaining Vegi brain, my comments also get removed, man up and take it like our brave boy Pierre does

  • Vegi - 2012-01-21 08:04

    The planes do not belong to you, complainants, they belong to the state, so shut up. Even if the planes were hired, the money does not belong to you, it belongs to the state, so shut up.

      Osman Bux - 2012-01-21 08:56

      Yes, but who worked hard for it you turd. ...The same complainants.

      Kevin - 2012-01-21 09:01

      you to, are an idiot! If all the tax payers left the country then what? there would be nothing, no money, no hope! It is our money and it is our right to question where it gets spent!

      mike.clery - 2012-01-21 09:09

      "the money does not belong to you, it belongs to the state". That must one of the most idiotic comments I've read on these forums. Where do you think "the state" gets the money from? Hint: even poor people pay VAT, and taxi fares that include a fat fuel levy.

      Burtfred - 2012-01-21 09:10

      @ Vegi The "State" is made up of the nation's citizens. We own everything that the "State" owns. Government is merely chosen by the people of the State to do certain functions on behalf of the citizens. Government owns nothing, produces nothing and is transitory. So Vegi, if you would prefer to live in a country where government owns everything and the citizens own nothing, please move to North Korea, or Cuba, or Zimababwe, or Equitorial Guinea. Or keep voting for the ANC/SACP alliance.

      Jacqui - 2012-01-21 09:36

      The planes are paid by the tax payers of this country. Rightfully they belong to them. Where have you been?. Geez.

      gbbfg - 2012-01-22 22:30

      Vegi you moron. Of course they belong to us. Good grief. How clueless can you get. *shaking head

  • Charmaine - 2012-01-21 08:05

    Some thing fishy here, regardless of bad publicity, Zuma is still The President Of South Africa.

  • Johnnie - 2012-01-21 08:05

    For Mr. Mayaba's information: that aircraft is not 'the Presidents' aircraft and it belongs to the South African taxpayer.

  • frannaw - 2012-01-21 08:14

    Ah General - "breakdown in communications between you and mr Mabaya" Maybe you should revisit your notes from officers forming, senior command & staff course and joint command course presented at SAAF college. Hulle gee nogal baie aandag aan die KOMMUNIKASIE module in daai kursusse

  • Andries - 2012-01-21 08:14

    Carlo, ek en jy ken mekaar goed- Was daar in ons tyd ooit eenkeer so 'n situasie? Wanneer was dit 'n komplekse proses om BBPs te vervoer? Hoekom "val vliegtuie uitmekaar" in die Lugmag onder jou beheer? As die onderstaande werklike aanhalings is dan wonder ek wragtag.... "Tansporting VIPs was "extremely complex". "My passengers are now nervous because they read in the papers how unsafe our planes are," said Gagiano. "They stress because they think when is this aircraft going to fall apart." Dit klink amper of iemand totaal onbekend met die streng veiligheid-stelsel standaarde van vliegtuig-onderhoud hierdie amptelike aankondigings gemaak het.

      Albert - 2012-01-21 12:09

      Dis reg Andries.Vertel die gatkruiper.Dekotas was gerecycle om nog jare uit hulle te kry.En van hulle was ook VIP vliegtuie.Ons het hier te doen met swart egoiste.Kan ook nerens gaan sonder n entorage en n show nie.Tipies Afrika.

  • Comrade - 2012-01-21 08:18


      Johnson - 2012-01-21 09:10

      or was it to carry his family

  • Arthur - 2012-01-21 08:20

    Would anyone miss Zuma if he didn't attend meetings, ever??

      Johnson - 2012-01-21 09:10

      They would probably appreciate it

  • ian.rundle1 - 2012-01-21 08:26

    Service & maintain the bloody planes as we used to do AND it will get you there.Hogwash to the excuses; it is an absolute waste of money.

  • jannie.beirowski - 2012-01-21 08:27

    We know they (ANC) are liars, but if you look at the lies they got away with during election times, not once, but often, look at the lies of Malema being accepted as truth by lots of people, then you understand why they do whatever pleases them, lie about it as their support will believe it for the truth, and to the others just say they do not have to justify their actions. The more they lie, the more their support will grow as it is taken as "fooling" the opposotion.

  • Eric Schollar - 2012-01-21 08:33

    Good heavens - double the carbon footprint after that rousing speech at the Durban eco-fest? The polar bears must be SO disappointed!