Alarm raised on cross-border stock theft

2012-11-28 17:45

Pretoria - Cases of livestock theft across South Africa's borders are increasing, the SA National Defence Force said on Wednesday.

Chief joint operations officer Lieutenant Derrick Mgwebi was briefing the media in Pretoria on operations the army was involved in, internally and externally.

"If you look at the areas we must cover, in total of land border you are looking at 4471km²... You can then understand that we will never have a force to cover [that area] in terms of men on the ground," Mgwebi said.

He highlighted the defence force's successes in securing the country's borders.

The country was currently involved in operations as part of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Troops were also deployed in the Kruger National Park to combat rhino poaching.

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2012-11-28 17:55

    The great wall of china rings a bell.

      stirer.kathray - 2012-11-29 06:09

      or the iron curtain?

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-11-29 09:05

      more like 'the bull fire smoke illusion'.

      john.loveland.9 - 2012-11-29 10:34

      If they weren't on the borders they'd be lying on there backs in bases doing bugger-all.

  • Desilusionada - 2012-11-28 18:08

    Funny that a bunch whiteys, (consisting of 12% of the then total population), and conscripted nogal, did it effectively against several armies (we are told). Far back in the bad old days.....

      jimmy.byron.5 - 2012-11-29 03:15

      you can believe those stories

      pws69 - 2012-11-29 07:53

      Yes, those stories are true.

  • johnwilliam.roberts - 2012-11-28 18:38

    so what happened pre 1994 ?? or were all the sheep locked up ??

      kobie.nel1 - 2012-11-28 19:21

      We can ask a lot of questions about pre 1994 compared to now. I'm thinking about crime, the safety in the white areas, and why it changed, and and and....

  • hendrik.oosthuizen.37 - 2012-11-28 20:46

    Grow a spine first, then tackle the problem face on and start protecting South Africa not selling it out.

  • ian.robertreid - 2012-11-28 20:48

    Stocktheft~ hang them! Rhino poachers~ shoot them on site!

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-11-28 21:02

    I'm glad that the defense force are in Kruger protecting the Rhinos. So far only 362 have been killed in Kruger so far this year. More than 1 Rhino hacked to death per day, thanks defense force.

  • johand.dutoit - 2012-11-28 22:15

    Eish News24! You better publish an excuse for calling Lieutenant General Derrick Mgwebi a Lieutenant!

      rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-11-29 00:27

      Lol. I was wondering about that.

  • arlene.daly.3 - 2012-11-29 07:16

    i wonder why our soldiers and fighting somebody elses war in another country. Bring all our people back here to secure our own country and make a difference here..

  • pws69 - 2012-11-29 07:53

    "If you look at the areas we must cover, in total of land border you are looking at 4471km²... You can then understand that we will never have a force to cover [that area] in terms of men on the ground," Mgwebi said. BBUUUUUULLLLLLLSSSSHHHHYYYYYYTTTTTTEEEEE, you ANC lackey. We HAD a force to control this, over 80,000 strong (over 20,000 of which were blacks - just nipping that "it was racist" knee jerk response in the bud) commando unit, which YOUR master chose to disband. What the average ANC voter fails to realise, is that ANC policies, or lack thereof, directly translate into food price increases. Reduced farming = more expensive maize. Stock theft = more expensive meat. eTolls = more expensive everything I can afford price increases due to ANC incompetence corruption, and theft ANC voters. Since 75% of you are unemployed, can you? Think about it.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-11-29 08:23

    Slowly, and gaining momentum, SA society is being primitivised. The direction of this aspect is towards dismantling private property rights in favour of 'big-man'compounds and tribal structures. Stealing your neighbours livestock is not that important because in the new world order the lifestock will either become the tribal leaders property or you will steal it back. THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE SPREAD OF LIVESTOCK DISEASES that can wipe out, or at least drastically reduce utility through poor yields and export bans. One more slippery slope back to the TRUE AFRICA, unfettered by Euro-Western ideas and inventions. BUT the big men will not feel it hidden in their compounds!

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