Alleged violent criminal re-arrested

2012-06-12 17:37

Johannesburg - A man linked to 13 violent crimes has been re-arrested after he escaped from the Protea Glen police cells in Soweto, police said on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said police cornered Sifiso Kunene at Nancefield hostel on Monday.
He tried to run away after police spotted his car at the hostel.

"He was shot and wounded in the leg during the arrest, and is under police guard at a local hospital," Dlamini said.

Kunene escaped from police cells on April 22, after he appeared in the Protea Magistrate's Court on April 19.

He was scheduled to be taken to Paulpietersburg in KwaZulu-Natal to face two murder and several armed robbery charges.

Dlamini said Kunene was accused of murdering a policewoman during an ATM bombing in Kliptown, of six ATM bombings in Gauteng between September and October 2011, and of murder and an ATM bombing in Mondlo, KwaZulu-Natal.

He would now also be charged with escaping from custody.

Investigations were continuing as police believed Kunene might have been involved in other crimes after his escape, said Dlamini.

  • gee.raaf - 2012-06-12 17:45

    Pity he was only shot in the leg!

      ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-12 17:51

      Clearly u like killing nhe

      gee.raaf - 2012-06-12 18:30

      Clearly you like killers...NHE?

  • fdalana - 2012-06-12 17:50

    why didn't they kill him during the chase?

      ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-12 18:08

      U love killing I see

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-12 17:50

    Great then, how careless of them to let a prisoner escape in front of them just like that.

  • dave.kofang - 2012-06-12 18:21

    They must diregard his rights and torture him severely so that he can point out his accomplices because he surely not alone.

      alansmartSnr - 2012-06-12 19:11

      @ dave.kofang.. you so very very right!

  • WitWolf - 2012-06-12 18:47

    Looks like he's imagining himself as a warrior.... Hope he got life behind bars....

  • Tankiso Mogoje - 2012-06-12 19:31

    This one was supposed to have been taken in a body bag.He deserves it really.But i don't believe in killing though.

  • Charnelle - 2012-06-12 19:42

    Is this the same guy who killed that couple who was supposed to get 30 years? Unbelievable.

  • ThaboShakuNews24 - 2012-06-12 23:08

    Well done SAPS! This is clearly one dangerous career criminal!

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