American saved, search on for friend

2012-03-22 14:42

Port St Johns - Police are still searching for a woman who was swept off rocks at Port St John’s after her American friend was found struggling in the water, the National Sea Rescue Institute said.

The two women were washed off rocks by a wave at the Gap, near Second Beach, Port St Johns early on Thursday.

The skipper of a local shark diving charter found Abby Sullee,24, struggling in the water after returning from a charter.

“She has minor cuts and scrapes and was in the water for a maximum of ten minutes” NSRI Port St John’s station commander John Costello told News24.

Sullee, 24, from Kansas, and her husband are staying with the family of the missing woman while in Port St Johns.

"We believe they are Evangelists from America and have recently opened a church or a mission in Alexandria, Johannesburg", Costello said.

It is believed that the two were sitting on rocks close to the sea when a wave swept them off the rocks and into the sea.

"Today being a beautiful day and sea being flat they went down [to the rocks]," Costello told News24.

Police are continuing with the search.

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  • stephen.alongi - 2012-03-25 22:34

    Sallee, not Sullee.

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