Ammunition, handcuffs found in Cape Town

2011-08-23 14:39

Johannesburg - Two men dropped a package containing ammunition and police handcuffs during a chase in Pinelands, a City of Cape Town spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officers were helping at an accident scene on Jan Smuts Drive on Sunday when they saw two men acting suspiciously near Langa Cemetery, said spokesperson Neil Arendse.

They ran after the men and a chase ensued in which one of the men dropped a package.

Inside it, wrapped in newspaper were 29 rounds of 9mm ammunition, a magazine and cleaning kit for an R-5 rifle, and police handcuffs and a key.

The two men got away.

Arendse said the contents of the package were handed in to the Pinelands police station.

Further investigations would be handled by the police, he said.

  • Zak - 2011-08-23 16:18

    I am deeply saddened to hear the public speak so badly of the SAPS and their services. Being a student constable, i joined to make a difference and will die trying. Unfortunately as with any organisation, there are always the cops that bring us down, but where is the support for the ones doing good? I don't condone such bad behaviour from police but nor do i expect public members to act similarly. Lets start working together as a team and focus on the positives - even if it is difficult. I am sure you have all seen recently how many of us in blue have died necessarily. . . Please, some of us are still trying. We go through many hells and back to be part of SAPS - especially the ones on ground level. I pray you all stay safe and make use of the police services available to you. Regards Stu/con Zak Marais

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