Angler bitten by shark in E Cape

2014-04-12 19:00

Johannesburg - An angler was bitten by a shark in Port Alfred, in the Eastern Cape, on Saturday morning, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said.

Lionel McDougall, 42, from Port Elizabeth, was bitten on his left knee, ankle and hand by a ragged-tooth shark that he had caught near Rufane's River, said NSRI station commander Juan Pretorius.

He was in a stable condition in hospital after receiving treatment from fellow anglers and the NSRI.

Pretorius said McDougall was taking part in a rock and surf angling competition at the time of the incident.

McDougall had foul-hooked (hooked on a side fin) a male ragged-tooth shark that measured more than two metres in length.

"While attempting to recover the shark, by grabbing it by the tail...the shark had turned around and bitten his left leg," said Pretorius.

"While attempting to pry the shark's jaw open, to prevent it from doing further damage to his leg, he sustained lacerations and puncture wound bites to his left hand and puncture wounds to two fingers."

Fellow anglers came to his assistance and bandaged and applied a tourniquet to the bite wounds.

The NSRI crew were alerted and when they arrived, McDougall was found in a stable condition. The crew redressed some of the wounds and took McDougall to a hospital in Port Alfred for further treatment.

A shark tooth found embedded in his left knee was to be surgically removed, Pretorius said.

"The shark was measured and safely released back to the ocean," he said.

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 19:16

    Next time Angler must swim with red beef,throw at Shark and speed whence.

      Ted Bug - 2014-04-12 19:19

      Or they should let you throw grammar bombs at the shark...

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-12 20:14

      Tawengwa. If you two are still together...please look after him

      Phillys Winterbottom - 2014-04-14 09:14

      you should be fed to that shark for making absolutely no sense whatsoever!!

  • Gary Hufton - 2014-04-12 19:22

    I love this tag and release by the shark

      Justin Odendaal - 2014-04-12 19:33


  • Omn Basso - 2014-04-12 19:30

    ''The shark was measured and safely released back to the ocean''..................the angler was measured and safely released back home...........THE END

      Ted Bug - 2014-04-12 19:43

      After they removed the shark's tag from his knee...

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-12 21:32

      who now? the shark?

  • Nico de Jongh - 2014-04-12 19:53

    That shark tooth is a priceless trophy to any angler for this does not happen..only in fishing tales. lol.. had a whale foaled on my line bull.

      Ted Bug - 2014-04-12 20:58

      It would have been difficult to hook a bull in the ocean so I'm not surprised...

      Piete Koo - 2014-04-13 07:47

      Do you mean a whale gave birth to a horse on your line? Or did you mean 'fouled'?

      Phillys Winterbottom - 2014-04-14 09:16

      or maybe you hooked a seagull and it was 'fowled" ???

      Ian Forsyth - 2014-06-16 05:16

      Thought that only horses foaled but not usually on lines - maybe IN lines ??

  • rice.safari - 2014-04-12 20:30

    Love at first bite..

      Ted Bug - 2014-04-12 20:58

      It was a knee jerk reaction...

  • Mthembeni Mathe - 2014-04-12 21:13

    This guy has bholls must say hey!...a round of a bells is on my tab....

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:21

    Uncle Basso will u do fishing this weekend?

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-12 21:28


      Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:34

      The Shark wil get red lipstick from your leg.You are very generous.

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-12 21:42

      Tawengwa, lets say together SPEEDY RECOVERY, McDougall ! and good nite .

      Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:54

      Yes indeed,i imagine the pain an inconvenience.Speedy recovery.Stay away from candid waters except if its tea or a careful shower.

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:25

    Ted Bug lets go TAME some wild lions in the Kruger,then we bring them to Town for a Circus!

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:39

    I advise Uncle Basso to do some embroidery and knead flour for school buns.Blind Pig u make me chuckle be4 Easter,yes i got black lables and one Easter egg.

  • Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini - 2014-04-12 21:43

    For me i haven't smelt my fart for quiet a while,i want to play it safe like that.

  • ruanlotter - 2014-04-12 23:03

    The shark should have bitten his head off!!!

  • Hlax Hlalele Mahlaela - 2014-04-12 23:52

    "The shark was measured and safely released back to the ocean," he said. Like really..... Ddnt they have to kill it because it tasted the blood of the Human.......????? It will be back........????? With full force, Attacking only Humans.......

      Grant Montgomery - 2014-04-13 02:49

      I;ve read that in most shark attacks the shark has a taste and then is not interested but sadly the victim dies of loss of blood. In this case the shark was just pulling the angler's leg and his hand got in the way. I bet he keeps the tooth removed from his knee as a necklace.

      Trevor Whitehead - 2014-04-13 07:47

      Not only with full force,he's gonna bring his buddies with next time!

      Piete Koo - 2014-04-13 07:51

      Grant, but having a shark pulling one's leg is no joke.

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-13 20:24

      Piete, we are happy he survived!

  • Grant Montgomery - 2014-04-13 02:53

    The photo shown here is not of a ragged tooth shark.

  • ntai.victor - 2014-04-13 03:24

    Dangerous sport this one.Never take chances with these creatures, Stop it !

  • Wikus Schalkwyk - 2014-04-13 03:39

    so now it's the sharks fault? shame.... stay out of the water...

      Grant Montgomery - 2014-04-13 04:00

      Wikus, read the report. The victim was an angler, he wasn't in the water and none of the comments here have blamed the shark.

      Piete Koo - 2014-04-13 07:56

      If the sharks could, they would have swum up the N2 and ate themselves trommeldik.

  • Hibiscus Coast Seconds Crew - 2014-04-13 06:35

    That's why they have a mouthful of teeth.

      Piete Koo - 2014-04-13 08:25

      Because they have nothing to say, but a lot to 'proe'.

  • Michael Ndalama Mwale - 2014-04-13 07:27

    Fishing for trouble! That's why I never venture into those scary waters unless I am in a large secure ship with life boats.

  • David Stevenson - 2014-04-13 07:47

    Last time I went fishing I did not get a single bite

      Piete Koo - 2014-04-13 08:00

      Maybe you were legless on that occasion.

  • Trevor Whitehead - 2014-04-13 07:49

    Shark 1..Human 0

  • jacques.vandenbergh.39 - 2014-04-13 09:27

    I wish media outlets didn't use great white pics when the incident is related to a ragged tooth shark. Also it would be nice if the attempt to sensationalize what is a minor if interesting fishing incident into a shark attack was less obvious.

  • S'busiso Z TShabalala - 2014-04-13 13:12

    Watch them blame zuma and anc for ths

      Omn Basso - 2014-04-13 20:27

      You suggest zooma is some kind of shark ?

  • Frans H van Niekerk - 2014-04-17 10:58

    Lekker tjom!

  • Johan Enever - 2014-04-17 11:13

    very nice, a real angler.... clearly this gentleman holds no grudge as he respects the waters belong to all sorts of creatures well done buddy, hope u dont suffer any serious injuries in the future and once again, well done and thank u for respecting the rules of nature

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