Angry residents threaten SPCA

2012-11-14 22:19

Johannesburg - Members of the SPCA in Vereeniging were threatened by a group of residents from Tshepiso, south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday after confiscating several dogs.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said in a statement it had a warrant from the Vereeniging Magistrate's Court to take the animals.

SPCA inspectors were threatened by about 30 residents. Police were sent to help them.

"Five Greyhound dogs were confiscated after they were found to live in poor living conditions. The dogs had multiple injuries and were confined in a very small cage," the SPCA said.

"Remains of a guinea fowl was also found on the property. It is alleged that the dogs were being used for illegal hunting."

On Wednesday morning, an inspector tried to issue a warning to one of the residents, but the resident grabbed the warning book and tore it up.

"The owner of the dogs was violent and deliberately obstructed our inspectors... [in] perform[ing] their duties," Vereeniging SPCA manager Marlien Pieterse said.

A case of animal cruelty and obstruction would be opened against the owner in terms of the Animals Protection Act.

  • hitting.thefan - 2012-11-14 22:25

    Please let this person pay through the justice system as these people need to be taught the rule of law!!!

      landie.davel - 2012-11-14 22:47

      I have to agree with you. If you cannot take care of animals you should not have the privilege to own a gift that God gave us to protect. My dogs are like children to me and I feel that everyone that abuses and neglect animals should receive hard time in prison.

      NickvanGraan - 2012-11-15 08:16

      They should find a cage at the SPCA for the owner of these dogs as well.

      kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 11:23

      Wont work Nick the SPCANC will release them.

  • Cameron - 2012-11-14 22:42

    Pure anarchy in SA!! If we dnt like it, well we will just turn violent! makes me sick!

      devon.riley.52 - 2012-11-15 04:47

      Yup seems like violence has now become the rule, not the exception.

  • wade.johnson.58726 - 2012-11-15 00:31

    We really need to discuss harsher punishment for people who mistreat animals.

      brian.connell.18 - 2012-11-15 07:32

      We also need harsher punishment for those who mistreat their fellow human beings.

  • FeebleGastro - 2012-11-15 04:03


  • brionyl.french - 2012-11-15 05:10

    WHen will these Squatter camp people realise they cant afford to eat so they cant afford a dog

  • John - 2012-11-15 05:39

    How can we expect "cavemen" to live by modern norms??

  • Erna - 2012-11-15 05:54

    There is something seriously wrong with the mentality of the SA people and their violent reaction to any form of authority. Many seem to think that rules and laws are not meant for them. From the blatant lack of respect for the rules of the road to the most violent crimes, people in SA have lost the plot. Even children in primary schools have no respect for authority. And till that ill discipline of the people is addressed this country is doomed. We may have the best constitution in the world but with rights come responsibilities. I am unfortunately one of the old guard who finds it difficult to go through a orange robot and would like to be able to respect our police, and other leaders in society but find it more and more difficult every day.

      sharon.hamilton.737001 - 2012-11-15 06:35

      hear hear Erna. Heaven forbid this type of mentality attains power and authority, wait a minute.....

  • godesha - 2012-11-15 06:07

    Quote by Ghandi sums it up very nicely: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated."

  • RhysandEllenor - 2012-11-15 06:54

    Well Done to the Vereeniging SPCA! You guys are doing a wonderful job....I am sure the 5 Greyhounds you rescued from poor living conditions and refined to living in a small cage are very grateful for your hard word in getting them out! Hopefully justice will be served on the owner!

  • henk.vorster - 2012-11-15 07:07

    Idiots like this shouldn't have animals.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-11-15 07:16

    Why keep animals if you cannot take care of them.

      brian.connell.18 - 2012-11-15 07:34

      The dogs are used as mobile garbage-disposal units. You seldom see cats - they're a food source.

  • sukhoipakfa - 2012-11-15 07:18

    These people cant look after themselves,how the hell can they take care of animals.They should not be allowed to own animals period.

  • kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 07:34

    cANCer will set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the treatment of the squatters by the SPCA. Remember the squatters are the voters.

  • modernmetaphysicist.modern - 2012-11-15 08:19

    Cruelty to animals is a total disgrace

  • delish7564 - 2012-11-15 08:23

    Given the level of cruelty in many of these areas (see African Tails for details in Cape Town area) I'm delighted the SPCA stood their ground. They do a very difficult job without much support from the law and face aggression and threatening behavior on a regular basis. I sincerely hope this man is punished and his dogs never returned to him - I have 2 Rescue greyhound crosses and what they most enjoy is lazing on a bed or sofa preferably with a human pillow :). They have the most gentle natures, however, I would agree these dogs were probably being used for either hunting or racing. Given the level of cruelty metered out in other more "first world" countries towards these beautiful creatures, I guess it's not really surprising it is also happening here, despicable though it is :(

      kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 08:42

      No problem with the breed. Its the dogs who own them that are the problem.

      delish7564 - 2012-11-15 09:27

      Couldn't agree more ken, I love them and would rescue them all if I could. I just hate cruelty of any kind!!!!

  • liz.rudy.3 - 2012-11-15 08:59

    Just a question: ceryain breeds of dogs are really expensive, I would think that the Grey Hound would fall into this category? If so, how the hell can you afford 5 of them if you living in an informal settlement?

      delish7564 - 2012-11-15 09:35

      Liz, not sure about SA but Greyhounds are not usually expensive and you would only need 2 to increase your numbers cheaply. They can be highly strung and will usually chase anything that moves, it's in their DNA, but as they get older, they can't really be bothered chasing, it's just too much effort :( Unfortunately in some countries like Ireland they are treated very badly and disgarded around the age of 5 or when they are no longer "useful".

      LanfearM - 2012-11-15 10:35

      Probably stolen. Pedigree dogs, especially pups, are often stolen. The guy was probably using them for illegal hunting, and illegal dog racing as well.

  • liz.rudy.3 - 2012-11-15 09:01

    Sorry for the typo - should read "certain breed of dogs"

  • theMichaelHawthorne - 2012-11-15 09:20


  • misstee.langhein - 2012-11-15 10:25

    Well done SPCA! Now these wonderful animals just need loving homes and people who will CARE for them. Why keep a pet if you cant take care of him/her. They deserve wonderful loving homes!! "People" that abuse or mistreat animals make me sick!!

  • Hemlock - 2012-11-15 10:40

    These folks cannot look after their own on earth can they care for and properly nourish these animals who lead a totally miserable life.These poor animals are never spaid or neutered and are left to breed and breed and breed. Good for you SPCA.....hats off to your inspectors.

  • patsy.smith.125 - 2012-11-15 10:42

    Ler the punishment fit the crime. Lock them up in very small cells to start with....

      kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-15 11:21

      If they lock up the voters then the SPCANC will free them.

  • LanfearM - 2012-11-15 10:52

    I am sick and tired of this culture of violence in our country! WTF is going on? Why the knee-jerk violent response to everything? This evil jerk should, as punishment, be kept in a tiny cage just as he did the dogs, for the same duration and with the same treatment. Perhaps THEN he just may "get it"! Probably not, but one can hope that with such a punishment he will eventually get there. But of course he will either get a R500 fine, or nothing will happen to him. Sick how animal abuse is freely tolerated in this country, despite all the laws and bylaws against it.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-11-15 10:54

    Bloody savages. They shouldn't be allowed to have animals.

  • flysouth - 2012-11-15 11:02

    The owners probably wanted to eat them.

  • siphobongohead - 2012-11-15 11:32

    We are more concerned about the dogs. Stuff the owner.

  • leslene.dunn - 2012-11-15 12:26

    My motto - don't prosecute - execute!!!!

  • sarecen.smith - 2012-11-15 13:40


  • marc.hugo.75 - 2012-12-18 23:08

    They were violent? They can try that on me. When it comes to cruelty to animals, they will not know violence till they meet me. I have rampaged many, many times through Thaba Nchu, Selosesha, Ratlou, Ga-Rapulana, Botshabelo, Ratau and the Zones in the Free State on just this sort of mission and have had my way at every turn. I don’t put up with any c—p from so-called animal owners. And I don’t wait for so-called authorities. Amazing what you can achieve with a simple pair of bolt-cutters and a baseball ball bat. POS deluxe.

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