Anni's family: We've been denied justice

2012-03-30 12:17

Cape Town - The British justice system has denied closure to Anni Dewani's family by halting the extradition to South Africa of her murder-accused husband, Shrien, says her uncle.

Speaking to eNews, Anni’s uncle, Ashok Hindocha said that the family are “hoping to get closure” but a British high court decision to put Dewani’s extradition on hold “took that away from us”.

The court said in its ruling on Friday that it would be "unjust" and "oppressive" to order Dewani to be extradited, given his mental health.


However, the court added that "it is plainly in the interests of justice that the appellant be tried in South Africa as soon as he is fit to be tried".

Hindocha said the decision had left the family “shocked and disappointed” and said it was “torture” for them.

He also said that he was especially concerned for the health of Anni parents.

Meanwhile, a BBC journalist quoted Dewani’s family as saying: "The Dewani family are grateful that the high court has ... blocked any attempt to extradite Shrien to South Africa now.

"Shrien is innocent and is determined to return to South Africa to clear his name and seek justice for his wife Anni.

"Shrien can only return to South Africa when he is well enough and when his personal safety can be guaranteed."

The National Prosecuting Authority’s Mthunzi Mhaga told eNews the NPA was still confident that they could get Dewani to a South Africa court to face the charges.

The case has now been referred back to a British magistrate's court for a preliminary hearing within the next six weeks. A full hearing will be held later this year.

  • Patrick - 2012-03-30 12:26

    WTF?! If he's so innocent and adamant on illustrating that, why on Earth is still a suicide risk almost 2 years later?! Personally, I feel he's guilty, where there's smoke there's fire!

      Peter - 2012-03-30 12:30

      EXACTLY!!! I say ... Get Executive Outcomes ... go and FETCH the bast@rd!!!

      IAnon - 2012-03-30 13:10


      rsteelegray - 2012-03-30 14:22

      unjust and unfair to try someone suspected of murdering his wife... seriously, because he's depressed he can't be tried for murder... that's disgusting

      Seja - 2012-03-30 14:27

      If you have lots of money you can buy time out of jail!

      sachasea - 2012-03-30 19:30

      Time for some extraordinary rendition perhaps?

  • radlegend - 2012-03-30 12:27

    Not denied. Just delayed.

      NrGx - 2012-03-30 12:29

      In delaying...they have been denied. LOGICAL HEY!

      Peter - 2012-03-30 12:31

      What Bob said radlegend. This is a denial in light of his resources.

      Howard - 2012-03-30 13:14

      Justice delayed is justice denied

      Junebugg - 2012-03-30 16:39

      They worried about his saftey, what about Anni's saftey??? anyways they should not bring his trial in South Africa...or he will get a slap on the wrist for a murder... I mean the waterkloof 4 got 12 years for taking a life, The men who killed a girl for satanic rituals got 17 years for taking a life..The taxi driver got 2 years for each of the children he killed crossing the railway.. I think Diwani is better off in England than this Mickey Mouse judicial system in SA

  • Marion - 2012-03-30 12:32

    I thought it was only in SA, but seems like throughout the world the accused has more rights than the deceased. Hope the court also ordered for him to receive the best medical attention that taxpayer's money can buy in order to restore him to full health in as short a time possible.

  • Lynda - 2012-03-30 12:33

    This is absurd.....does Anni's family's mental health not matter? It is the trend for murderers to get very light sentences in this country anyway so he might as well come here and be tried.

  • Danie - 2012-03-30 12:33


      hoyingomane - 2012-03-30 13:34

      Lol lol!

  • amanda - 2012-03-30 12:34

    Oh yes indeed. Dewani's legal team have played the system for all its worth. First they told the court that there was no press freedom in SA and that Dewani was at risk of being raped whilst in Jail. Then they resorted to the Mental Health aspect. Disingenious conjecture to avoid extradition at all costs. But that is how the system works in the U.K. My sympathies to the Hindocha family.

  • alvin.botes - 2012-03-30 12:40

    This chap is playing games, suddenly mad as a cow, but have sober mind when he does push ups and sit ups, in the awaiting prison cells. His time will come !

  • meredith.r.pollock - 2012-03-30 12:42

    Oh come on lets be realistic here, he is an idiot, he would have gotten off here with a slap on the wrist, after all that's what happens to murderers here, our justice system is a joke, they should try him in Britain or wherever else at least then he will get a proper punishment.

      Booswig - 2012-03-30 13:27

      Agree. Kebble killers case in point.

  • odupreez - 2012-03-30 12:43

    It is so starnge that the "innocents" always say that they want their day in court and then put any obstacale possible in the way to avoid it ala Jacob and now this killer !

  • Tanya - 2012-03-30 12:44

    Anni's poor family!!!! The court arent thinking of them and their health when making their decision in favour of a murderer!!!

  • Klipkop - 2012-03-30 12:44

    April fools? real joke this. I feel sorry for her fam.

  • Thabo - 2012-03-30 12:47

    His day will come. He is guilty and he knows it. We will get his here. He doesn't know South Africans; we are very patient. That is how we defeated the evils of apartheid.

  • Freddie - 2012-03-30 12:48

    Thank you ANC. Your inefficiency and corruption is to blame for this. Cadre deployment consequences are growing daily.

  • Sazi - 2012-03-30 12:49

    Once a criminal wins... very very saddening indeed. He's a real actor for sure. He deserves an Oscar for 'best criminal actor'

  • Alex - 2012-03-30 12:49

    I watched a bbc documentary on this whole saga last night. It looked to me like saps stuffed badly. There were so many inconsistencies and the investigation was amateur at its best. All you calling for this guys blood maybe need to look at the facts a bit closer. He could very well be innocent.

      Johan - 2012-03-30 13:27

      We don't do facts in this country. Emotions have spoken and he is guilty!!!

      Amanda - 2012-03-30 13:31

      I tend to agree with you that the police stuffed up, he should never have been allowed to leave the country after the murder.But there is already one accused that admitted it was a hit, he is serving a 18 year sentence For his part in the murder. He should be extradited irrespective of his PTSD, he is threatening suicide, maybe that would be poetic justice. Besides there is no death penalty in South Africa, who can REALLY diagnose his state of mind, easy to fake instability!

      meredith.r.pollock - 2012-03-30 13:42

      Alex if he is so innocent then why won't he come back and face the music, if he's innocent he wouldn't be pretending to be a mental case right now. No I am sorry, whatever stuff ups were made he is guilty and by him refusing to come back and doing whatever it takes not to come back proves his guilt!!!!

      Justice - 2012-03-30 15:57

      big deal... we all watched cctv footage of him paying his hired hitman for his wife's murder... you imply we're all missing the facts yet conveniently ignore the evidence of the sms trail of him discussing his wife's murder while she sat next to him... what innocent newlywed leaves his wife's body behind and skedaddles away...?

  • Grant - 2012-03-30 12:54

    It seems as if Shrien's rights (and it seems like he is a criminal, especially after the video footage) take higher priority than Anni's parents who are innocent - once again the justice system favours the criminals!!

  • amanda - 2012-03-30 12:56

    What a sleaze ball this Dewani is. He even employed the help of Max Clifford the publicist also known as the spin doctor!

  • Ringo - 2012-03-30 12:57

    He can go play golf now....with u know who!!!

  • Hermann - 2012-03-30 13:00

    Colonialism at its best. Justice denied.

  • Mimi - 2012-03-30 13:00

    Will he e ver act okay...! Its a so unfair for the victims family....!

  • Eeny Meeny Miney Mo - 2012-03-30 13:04

    I saw the footage of Shrien and the taxi driver at the hotel. If he is giving the man money owed to him for driving them around, why do it in secret. Why does The driver hide the package under his shirt and then take it out when he leaves the hotel. Shrien hardly looked distraught went meeting with the driver. The documentary says that Anni was shot thru her hand and the bullet travelled thru her chest and lodged in her neck, claiming that she wasnt shot point blank in the neck. Well if anyone pulls out a gun my natural reaction will be to hold up my hands. I'm sorry but hijackers don't hijack a car and leave two ppl just to shoot the last occupant and dump the car. Cars are hijacked for a reason. If they let the two men go why not leave Anni as well? While the BBC the shows reasons he may be innocent, there are just as many reasons why he may be guilty.

      Scouter - 2012-03-30 14:20

      Good points EMMO - I think he is as guilty as all hell, too. I would think the defence attorney however would argue that she was taken with the vehicle for the purpose of rape. Disgusting a defence as that might be - not to mention being untrue.

  • robqb - 2012-03-30 13:05

    It's "lekka" when you have money for top class lawyers. He can fight this until the end. How many doctors are in their pocket, saying he's unfit to travel and stand trial? We have two crims in this country who are as guilty as hell and not in prison, not because of what they know but because of WHO they know. If you are rich you are not guilty enough to "push time". Sickening!!!

  • Gaofenngwe - 2012-03-30 13:10

    Gives SA a taste of her own medicine, but sadly at the expense of Anni's family. It wasn't long ago when SA refused to extradite a murder accused to a neighbouring country...

      robqb - 2012-03-30 13:16

      I was taught from very young, sorry, not taught, it was dondered into my head that two wrongs do not make a right. He alledgedly had his wife murdered so he should face up to it. Stand up in court and prove he is innocent. If he is!

      Johan - 2012-03-30 13:32

      @robqb Thank you for demonstrating why he should not be tried here. There is a concept in law that you are innocent until proven guilty. Something that we have forgotten a long time ago. There are questions to be answered, I just do not think that South African courts are the best place to get those answers

      Scouter - 2012-03-30 14:26

      Quite right Johan - a court of law should never be a platform for emotional deliberation.

  • Singatha - 2012-03-30 13:12


  • Angelique Nel - 2012-03-30 13:15

    Utter rubbish. Having said this he will get off scot free period.

  • Bloodyamazing - 2012-03-30 13:18

    I bet money changed hands to have this outcome!!

  • brand0nbradley - 2012-03-30 13:24

    I see a new industry popping up as a result - Murder Tourism. Just imagine the jobs and foreign capital it will reap. Sign.

      brand0nbradley - 2012-03-30 13:24

      Sign = SIGH!

  • Lloyd De Raay - 2012-03-30 13:26

    Who paid for the documentary? Who was behind the production? I think the BBC program raises more questions than answers.

  • Sazi - 2012-03-30 13:28

    So according to international law if one murders his/her partner, you won't face justice? That's what they are literally implying!

  • mokgokoharry - 2012-03-30 13:32

    He should not have been allowed to go back to the UK in the first place.Our South African justice system is to blame for this. Our prayers are with Anni's family and justice will be served in the name of God.

      Humphrey - 2012-03-30 14:24

      He have to come to S A to face the music and is going to be the lesson even for those who want do the same thing in the country of our birth.

  • Jackie - 2012-03-30 13:36

    To be honest I dont give a damn about his mental health! I know he isnt guilty till hes been tried but this is reall BS! We have good doctors here and if he really has a problem he can be treated. The poms saying he will be sent here when he recovers is a cop out. He may never recover. As for his personal safety well I think thats crap too!

  • hoyingomane - 2012-03-30 13:38

    Lord have mercy

  • cindy.vanvuuren1 - 2012-03-30 13:47

    Bring him to SA he will deserve the punishment and treatment he gets here!

  • Shaun - 2012-03-30 13:49

    An absolute travesty of justice.

  • justin.schonegevel - 2012-03-30 13:50


  • Rashida - 2012-03-30 13:52


  • Scouter - 2012-03-30 13:53

    Sorry to burst everyones' bubble - his guilt is not the issue here(and I happen to believe he is guilty and deserves punishment). The harsh reality is that the UK and other nations do not trust the SA Judicial or Penal system. Sorry folks - you can thank the ANC for this miscarriage of justice. I don't think the average South African realises just how bad the national image is internationally. Unfortunately, SA is seen as another Zimbabwe rapidly unfolding. Watch the value of the Rand over the next few months as a measure of this distrust.

      Emille - 2012-03-30 14:15

      Not a popular point of view, but an interesting one.

      Scouter - 2012-03-30 15:00

      Certainly an unpopular view, but most often the truth hurts. I happen to know of two donors who were poised to place substantial money into SA philanthropic endeavour but have directed it elsewhere, less than a month ago. Reason? Lack of trust in SA governance and implementation. Simple as that and stated in their reports. Wake up SA.

      Naledi - 2012-03-31 08:23

      And u are talking about america where trayvon martin was shot dead and the alleged killer has not even been arrested yet!your point of view is a bit blind in that you don't seem to understand that its not about the south africa justice system(typical point that someone like u would make)but what Dewani is doing is a loophole that everyone who commits crime uses it,the norwegian killer_his lawyer has been trying to use mental un fitness as an excuse for him to not stand trial!and dewani is using the same loophole!what u should be doing is lookin ant how flawed the whole concept of the justice system is worldwide instead of being narrow minded and looking only at south africa!even Pinochet the chilean dictator was not triad fully because he had mental issues and was heart related issues and that was taken into consideration and there was big blow up about that either! What the question is that how fair is it for trials to be delayed because the accused claim ill health and mental illness should the justice system internationally not start to relook this kind of defence

  • Thandy Moupo - 2012-03-30 13:59

    This is BS! this Dewani dude must be jailed already.

  • Emille - 2012-03-30 14:02

    What ever happended to the concept of swift justice?

  • Barbara - 2012-03-30 14:03

    This story is infuriating ,Dewani will use every trick in the book to postpone his judgement day. His lawyers are manipulating the media to make him appear a victim...thats what money buys injustice..

  • Xzaviera - 2012-03-30 14:03

    NEWS24 ADMIN, GROW A BRAIN! IT IS VERY INSENSITIVE TO POST A PIC OF ANNI WITH THE MAN WHO ORCHESTRATED HER MURDER AND GOT AWAY WITH IT!!! Small things... small things! Start thinking! - Yes I know you're gonna remove my comment. Doesnt matter. Point made!

  • lsmkhwanaz - 2012-03-30 14:06

    His sins will catch up with him matter how long it takes!

      Emille - 2012-03-30 14:17

      What goes around ... Hopefully sooner rather than later. For her family's sake.

      Paul - 2012-03-30 14:41

      I reckon he will eventually pay, on earth or otherwise. However, if you saw the video of the main man at Pollsmoor saying he always screws newcomers face on so the newcomer can see who is boss, you might understand the reluctance of the authorities in the UK to release him into a 5th world system. To get this done, he should be tried here and, if guilty, imprisoned in the U.K? Logical? Practical?

  • Venet - 2012-03-30 14:10

    As long as he makes out that he is sick, he stays out of jail.

  • thapsta - 2012-03-30 14:12

    It's ok let him stall all he wants. When he gets in our prisons his a** is gonna be loose and on fire Cos they gonna r*** him

      Scouter - 2012-03-30 14:37

      And that type of comment is precisely why the international community does not trust the SA way of doing things of late. Well done for enforcing that belief further Thapsta.

      sachasea - 2012-03-30 19:37

      True - The UK have obviously used his mental breakdown as an excuse not to send him to SA to stand trial and face the unofficial but probably inevitable 'death penalty' given the endemic HIV/AIDS. A spineless coward like him probably wouldn't survive very long in the slammer anyway, which would be unpalatable to the UK administration and public.

  • Fanie - 2012-03-30 14:18

    to hel with him

      Scouter - 2012-03-30 14:39

      One L makes an L of a difference

  • Latiffa - 2012-03-30 14:19

    Am not saying he's guilty nor innocent but arnt we playing the Judges role (thou shal not judge)

  • Latiffa - 2012-03-30 14:20

    Am not saying he's guilty nor innocent but arnt we playing the Judges role (thou shal not judge)

  • Fanie - 2012-03-30 14:21

    what now

  • Den - 2012-03-30 14:32

    maby we lucky and annies family strangle the little rat.

  • tracey.rhodeshoughton - 2012-03-30 14:37

    No wonder the public turn to vigilanty killings!