Another suspension at troubled department

2012-09-22 16:06

Johannesburg - The department of agriculture's chief director of communications Selby Bokaba has been suspended, it was reported on Saturday.

Beeld reported that the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries would not confirm the reason for his suspension on Friday.

It is believed, however that Bokaba was suspended for speaking to the media "without permission".

An investigation was underway.

Bokaba's suspension was the latest in a string at the department, according to the report.

Director general Langa Zita was suspended in June.

Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersen at the time said Zita's suspension was over an "administrative issue".

Shortly after Zita's suspension, Mono Mashaba head of operational support for the DG's office resigned, apparently for personal reasons.

In May senior department of fisheries official Sue Middelton was suspended, but returned to her post two months later when the suspension was lifted.

She was found guilty of financial misconduct, receiving a final warning

It was unclear when a new DG would be appointed.

Bokaba previously worked as a spokesperson for the SAPS and former police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

  • kim.buren - 2012-09-22 16:13

    One by one they dropping. Just not quick enough !!

      danny.levin.351 - 2012-09-22 16:24

      Kim, Sadly they are "suspended" with full pay and benefits for an "investigation" that takes years AND they are replaced with scum that is just as bad.

      RudiErnst - 2012-09-22 22:11

      This is an excellent example of looting of the coffers. It is a mystery why this looting by the coffers is accepted by their poephols. I hope I spelt that correctly.

  • fanie.brink.5 - 2012-09-22 16:30

    This department is more than just a sircus and should be closed down!! What an useless minister!!!!

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:09

      Could not have said it better than you have Fanie. Its NOT just about the Minister as much as she is the so called "BOSS".

      Desilusionada - 2012-09-22 17:48

      "chief director of communications" Anyone tell me why that department need a chief director of communications? To do what? And whom do they communicate to? And if the madam fancy agricultural shoes does say something, I have yet to hear anything logical. Except to announce another failure or other. Why not use the communications department and tell all of us how our fishing resources are plundered? And how many farms gone bust............

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-09-22 16:32

    A chief director of communications needs permission to speak to the media! This is absolutely absurd. No wonder that department is in such a mess as it appears now that even the tea girls will need permission to go to the loo.

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:07

      Hermann,, If only you knew how dysfunctional, evil, corrupt, immoral and unethical the DAFF was and remains you will be mortified, not just horrified.

      slick.hounder - 2012-09-23 11:03

      @Hermann...Hopefully this person will subpoenaed to the port folio committee on agriculture or to a court of law and expose the DAFF for what it was and is. Likewise expose the truth as to whom in DAFF is the collective inner circle that are hiding the truth about the DAFF and just how corrupt,dysfunctional and despicable the DAFF has been and remains.

  • shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 16:59

    Trying to hide so many truths from the unsuspecting public are you Madam Minister, by suspending dismissing, or forcing senior staff to leave. Alas YOU and ALL your other senior colleagues like the Executive Officer DAFF and Director Inspection Services DAFF are soon going to be exposed to the public for who and what you ALL are. Especially when the Public are advised about many non compliant and or incorrectly labelled and or non compliant and incorrectly labelled food and beverage products that fall expressly under the mandate of DAFF in the first instance. That have been and remain on shelves of Retailers and others in South Africa for so so many years. Not only what has been and is available as on/off the shelf products. But those which are NOT available to the unsuspecting public, which are purchased consumed unsuspectingly as they have been ILLEGALLY INCORRECTLY LABELLED AND MARKED etc AND the DAFF knew/knows this. Now wonder and without doubt people get so ill and many direly with food borne illnesses in the country in the first instance. Due to lack of or interest and or concern by DAFF but not limited to DAFF but also the DoH and others. The clock has ticked up for you Madam Minister and those you keep within DAFF that support the nothing but the EVIL, HEINOUS, UNETHICAL, IMMORAL business mannerisms of DAFF and the the equally evil, heinous, unethical, immoral and fraudulent Food and Beverage Industry as a whole! YOU WILL BE EXPOSED AND YOU KNOW IT!

      J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-09-22 17:05

      I think I know what you are trying to say. Kathy

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:15

      @ JS...erm Kathy?? damn last time I looked in the mirror, I sure did not see a Kathy...

  • Andre - 2012-09-22 17:03

    They are slowly realizing that it is easier to be a "struggle" organisation (terrorist) and to protest and strike than to rule a country efficiently!

  • TawwaTienie - 2012-09-22 17:04

    Look who is talking. Start investigation at Minister's office.

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:12

      It HAS started Tawwa, know this and there WILL be outcomes. A investigation has already been officially requested to be done by the SAPS CCU for starters!

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:18

      For those that don't know what SAPS CCU is/are. It is the Commercial Crime Unit aka Hawks.

  • Hendrik JJ Kruger - 2012-09-22 17:20

    She will be replaced by another corrupt, incompetent politician. That is how things work with ANC leadership... Everyone knows that by now.

  • tobydt - 2012-09-22 17:21

    "She was found guilty of financial misconduct, receiving a final warning" Typical.

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-22 17:56

      There will be mere NO WARNINGS for putting unsuspecting customers and consumers lives open to abuse and threat any longer. Especially mine and I am sure I talk for a over whelming percentage of the population when I say this. The DAFF never had and never will have the legal right to allow what they have allowed and continue to allow. She and her puppets keep blaming everything on OLD and ARCHAIC LEGISLATION AND REGULATION to to why there are so many NON compliance's. That the DAFF is sooooooooo under resourced. Human and otherwise. They have NO budget to adequately monitor and enforce legislation and regulation. Excuse me, but this current Government has been the Government of the day in South Africa for 18 years and they still have OLD AND ARCHAIC LEGISLATION AND REGULATION etc. What is mortifying that more and more non compliance's are found daily and when officially reported, the response is simply. WE will change Legislation and Regulation to address your complaints. However, this may take YEARS to implement. YEARS?? Yet she squandered and or squanders financial resources on herself? and the SHE and DAFF state what they do continuously. WHAT! NO Madam Minister, NO, you will be answerable Her day to answer to the Public of South Africa in a Court of LAW. WILL happen. She knows it and I know it and I don't give a damn if she resigns prior to this or not. The saying, "you can run but you cannot hide" being so true in this regard.

  • Tim Elliott - 2012-09-22 20:10

    Joemat Peterson...everything she does or touches is tainted and yet she blunders on.Anywhere else on this planet she would have been fired!Not in SA..incompetence and failure are OK!

      shadho.storm - 2012-09-23 00:22

      touche, tim

  • Hendrik JJ Kruger - 2012-09-22 20:35

    Bet the money she stole were used on Botox to get those lips in such shape! Bhahahaha!!!

      slick.hounder - 2012-09-23 10:53

      @ Hendrik..Probably used the imitation dairy cream substance (Fake) that she and her executive directer and director inspection Services continues to allow to be advertised, marketed,distributed,sold and or afforded for sale as Genuine Bovine Dairy products for so so many years in South Africa!

  • Johnson - 2012-10-08 18:58

    Common sense, the one attribute lacking in the so-called leadership of a country like its airline loosing its momentum due to the populist believe that ruling a country is rather getting something in return than showing strength to lead us to the dream nation everybody had on their lips not so long ago. One failure after another, one more newspaper reporting on corruption, where ever they are deployed in the name of affirmative action. Killings day by day like we saw in Libya and recently in Syria, Africans employ the one the simplest rule they know best - even if you are an employee not participating in their strike action or to simply remove a political opponent. The country has become a leader in the world of statistic's, not for our ability to govern or educate, but for our ability to kill and destroy, to the extend that even foreigners come here if they want somebody removed. After all you don't have to look hard to find a killer, here we do it over a pay dispute.

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