Anti-hijacking tips

2002-11-20 14:45

Cape Town - Here are a few anti-hijacking tips.

1. Always leave your window approx. 5cm open - if the window is totally closed, it is easier for them to break!

2. Always put your bag under the passenger seat or in the boot - never grab for it when you are getting out the car when being hijacked he will think you are reaching for a gun and shoot you.

3. Don't use petrol stations after 9pm - they are now hijacking there too.

4. Always keep your cell clipped to your belt - thus when you are out of the car you can call for help.

5. Be more aware - count the number of cars around you, the number of people in groups etc. then you will know exactly when one is missing!

6. Don't race to the robot if it is red - you get hijacked only when the car is stationary - thus glide to the red robot, so there is only a short time until the robot turns green.

7. Be very aware when going under bridges - they drop stones onto your windscreen etc. forcing you to stop.

8. When the gun is put to your window - put both hands up facing him - always allow him to see your hands otherwise he thinks you are looking around for a gun and will shoot you.

9. Be aware of where the police station is in your work /home area. If a "cop" wants to pull you over drive to the police station first - maybe he is not a cop.

10.The human body takes 21 days to kick into a habit -therefore, don't give up on being aware, persist for at least 21 days.

11.They are after BMW's, Golfs and Toyotas - be very aware if you have one.

12. Of course - keep your doors locked.

13. If you have a kid, always put their car seat behind the driver's seat, it is easier to get him out the car if he is behind you than having to lean over and take him out the passenger side or walk around the car to take him out the back seat behind the passenger seat.

14. When driving up to your house, never park in your driveway facing the gate, they can park behind you and park you in - making it easier to get what they want. Always stop in the road until the gate is open before you turn into your driveway. That way, should anything look suppositious, you can drive off.