Anti-rat campaign moves to Soweto

2011-08-12 20:49

Johannesburg - The City of Johannesburg's rodent eradication campaign is moving to Soweto, a spokesperson said on Friday.

"[The city] is taking the battle against rodents to Orlando East, Soweto from Monday to Friday," spokesperson Nkosinathi Nkabinde said.

The 90-day campaign, known as Impi yamagundwane, or "rodents' eradication" began in Alexandra on August 2.

It was targetting rats and "other pests" in four areas, namely Orange Farm, Ivory Park, Alexandra and Orlando East.

"Community meetings have currently been taking place to mobilise support for the pest control operations, and provide information on how to eliminate rodents.

"Pest control operators from the city's environmental health services have been also surveying the areas and identifying rodent hotspots that will receive priority attention during the campaign."

People should stop illegal dumping and improper disposal of food to stop attracting rats.

Household waste should be wrapped in plastic bags and placed in closed dustbins.

Dirty dishwater containing food scraps should also not be poured into catch pits or open spaces.

  • Beam me up - 2011-08-12 20:55

    and when will the campaign move to Parliment?

      stefaans.blaauw - 2012-05-03 14:34

      Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha, Beam me up.........Spyker op die kop, en vinnig ook hahahahaha Skerp

  • ProudofPink - 2011-08-12 20:55

    They need to go to Sandown where the biggest rat of all lives, one Julius Sello Malema. Please pest controllers, go get him.

      Komasa - 2011-08-12 21:07

      I am sure Neil, Creeky and Obama are so Proud of Pink. Can you never comment on the article at hand without bringing JM into it. Is this the measure of acceptabilty amongst the 'anti's'.

      OZNOB - 2011-08-12 22:21


      nndavhe - 2011-08-13 09:44


  • derkus - 2011-08-12 21:14

    king Rat JACOB ZUMA

  • Jaja - 2011-08-12 21:18

    Please educate our unlearnered friends no to dump crap everywhere.

  • Bill - 2011-08-12 21:45

    Why they moving to Soweto??? I thought Malenema stays in Sandton now! I'm confused...!

  • Dave50 - 2011-08-13 06:29

    Government rats are immune to poisons and the responsabilities of serving the people of South Africa, but why are they returned to power to take more and give less to the countries poor people, toll the goverment on their "perks" if someone dare

  • Mercenary - 2011-08-13 09:47

    The Rats are not the problem, it is the people that don't know how to live "civilized". But again, I am sure a contract to some nephew or grandson is in the mix again.

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